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Archive for April, 2012

Rescue Your Favourite Hair Brush

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

A recent study has revealed that one of the most bacteria laden household items in existence is your hairbrush. Yes, that’s right your hairbrush. The build up of hair, dead skin and residues of grooming products create the perfect environment for bacteria to grow in your hairbrush. Although this sounds worse than it actually is, bacteria in your brush can cause hair fall, irritation and even allergies. Don’t throw out your old brushes just yet, let me give you some tips on how to clean your brush and make them as good as new.

First step to rescuing your favourite hairbrush is getting out all the hair. And there is no getting away from this one. No matter how much painstaking or time consuming it is, you’ll have to do it. You can make use of a comb to do this quickly and efficiently. Now, make a sud out of some mild shampoo and lukewarm water. Using harsh soap can ruin your brush forever so make sure your soap is mild. Next dip your brush into the water and swirl it a couple of times.

You can also use your hand to remove all the dirt from the bristles and then rinse in clean lukewarm water. Now shake off excess moisture from your brush and let it dry. If you want it done just a little bit quicker, use a towel to dry it out. Heat can damage the bristles of your brush so make sure you do not dry it in any other way. So yes, a blow drier is definitely out of the picture. Once you have completed your cleaning, check for damage. Cleaning your brush will take some of your time but if it is your favourite brush, I am sure you wouldn’t mind spending a couple of minutes on this. This might just be the brush of good fortune your brush was waiting for :-) All those lazy girls out there, you can do the easy thing and buy a new brush but bear in mind that older brushes would be much softer on your hair so think twice before opting the easy way out. Cheers!

A Royal Party Planner

Friday, April 20th, 2012

I really don’t want to write about Pippa Middleton as all you people out there must be overloaded with Pippa info but I got nothing else to write about so bear with me. For people who don’t want to waste their time reading about her, there are lots of other posts here so got nuts :-)

Pippa Middleton, now where do I start…Let’s start from the royal wedding shall we? Pippa Middleton was relatively unknown to the world until the royal wedding where she almost stole her sister’s thunder. But the thunder of marrying a Prince can’t just be stolen right? But it certainly does look like she’s enjoying her celebrity status much more than her sister. In fact, I don’t think even the Duchess of Cambridge has been photographed this much after her wedding.

Pippa who rose to instant celebrity status has been headlining the news for weeks now. Last week she was the talk of the town after being photographed with a man holding a gun (which was apparently a toy gun or so they say). After the press took up the whole gun incident Pippa’s friend French aristocrat Arthur de Soultrait publically apologized for the incident. The fame or so called influence of this little sister has grown so much that she is now in the Time’s list of 100 most influential people in the world.

Pippa has apparently made it to the list shared by the elite ‘because she inspires women to be like her’. Now I don’t know what your take on this is, but I think Time editors have forgotten what the word ‘Inspires’ mean. The fact that she herself has admitted that she does not have any special skills is really showing how much Time’s list has become overrated. Whether you love her or hate her you cannot ignore Pippa Middleton. May be that’s why she made it to the list. Rumour has it that she is going to seriously take up a career as a party planner and already has many job offers. I’m guessing at present she’s undergoing training for the same in France. Here’s to wishing our would-be Queen’s 28-year old sister all the very best for her career :-)

By George, that was a lucky dial

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Its a known fact that animals love to play with wires, strings or anything that’ll they get tangled in. For them, just to get tangled and become free is right up there with eating. I guess that’s how cats and yarn balls grew so close. Enough with the chatter, this story is about a dog that got tangled in phone lines and amazingly dialled 999 to save himself. It is reported that the emergency call attendant received a call but there was no voice from the other end only heavy breathing and gasping. Sensing trouble the attendant dispatched a unit to find that the owner’s dog George was the one who made the call. George had gotten tangled in the landline cord and pressed 999 using his paws trying to free himself. Police were happy to save George and that the call was indeed from someone in distress rather than a prank call.

It seems pets everywhere are becoming smarter and putting the phone to better use than we ever did. Another report from the US says that a cat saved its owner’s life by punching in 911. May be I should buy my cat an iPad to respond to my mails and stuff. Sounds like a plan but she’ll have to wait until I win the lottery and am living in my own castle. So in this super feline story, when the police arrived at Gary Rosheisen’s residence after getting an emergency call, they found his cat waiting by the phone and him fallen down out of his wheelchair. Gary could not get up because of pain from osteoporosis and ministrokes but his cat wasn’t ready to let him go just yet. Gary says that he had trained his cat to hit 911 in case of emergencies but never thought the training paid off. But it did and now Gary loves his cat more than ever.

Listen people, pets are smart and just when you start to doubt their intelligence; they go on and do things like this. I was reading through the story and I swear my cat just gave me a smirk as if saying “Cat food again huh? I’ll get my chance you know… Note to self, Buy Fluffy sardines tomorrow :-)

Sweetest Job in All of Britain

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

This is about a lady who has the sweetest job in all of Britain, literally. Meet Sue Stone the sweet tooth product group development manager at Thorntons. This lucky lady is in charge of finding out new tastes and concepts to inspire new range of chocolates for Thorntons. The job profile, you eat chocolates day in and day out, and then get paid for it in the end. Well, there is a lot more to the job that just eating chocolates but that’s her main responsibility. Everyone wants a job that they enjoy but this lady has stolen the show.

I certainly don’t have a job that I enjoy but would love to apply for something on the same lines. Think about what you could put on your resume; excellent sense of smell, keen knack for finding what’s sweeter, willing to eat all day long and open to travel. I really envy Sue and if I’m not mistaken every chocolate lover in Britain would be thinking the same. She says that the look when people give her when they ask what she does for a living is priceless. It would be Sue, after all how many people in Britain do something this cool for a living?

Sue says that she eats thousands of calories in a day but we can find that she is nowhere near being overweight. So now you are wondering after eating all of this how come she doesn’t get fat? The answer to that one is that while we munch down on chocolate watching rented movies and sleeping, this lady walks a lot. Sometimes even many miles in a single day walking around huge Thorntons factories. She even carries around chocolate stacks up and down the stairs which she says is what keeps her in shape even at this age. Her dream job hasn’t come easy. She started off at Thorntons in 1980s and inched her way up the company ladder to be where she is today. A lesson for all you people out there working in the food industry, check if your company has such a position and if they do, don’t leave till they pay you to eat!