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Archive for May, 2012

Richest Woman In The World

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

What would you do if you were the richest woman in the world? A lot of things went by my mind when I first ran into the news of how Gina Rinehart recently became the richest woman in the world. Exotic holidays, latest iPads, a 17th century French chateau for home, hand stitched Italian fashion wear; sorry went day dreaming again. Back to the news. It is estimated that the daughter of late Australian mining tycoon Lang Hangcock, is worth more than £18 Billion at the moment. That’s a lot of money!

Don’t know if you remember her from before or not but let me jog your memory, just in case. She is the same person who was in the news when Prince Philip laughed at her hat last year. Her close competitor to the richest woman in the world title is Christy Walton, widow of the late John Walton-majority share holder of American retail chain Wal-Mart. Christy is estimated to have a fortune of £16 Billion according to Forbes.

You should note that Gina Rinehart accumulated more than £11 billion this year from the mining boom which has put her on top of the list. If reports on her wealth are to be trusted she makes more than £630,000 every half an hour! The recovery of iron-ore prices and key foreign investments are what has made her the richest woman on the planet. It could be possible that in the near future she could be the richest person in the world. At present, the title is held by Mexican telecommunications tycoon Carlos Slim Helu.

But just because she is the richest woman in the world doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any problems. She was in the news recently for battling her children over a multi-billion pound family trust. The woman has enough money to eliminate world hunger for a full year or buy two iPads each for 22.9 million other Australians. iPad for Australians might be stretching the limits of imagination a bit too much, but let’s hope that she thinks into the eliminating world hunger idea and gives some of her fortune away for charity.

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Park Your Car for A Mere $1 Million

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Finding a parking space around any block can be frustrating and if you are living in a big city you would have nodded your head as you read this. Hasn’t there been a time when you wish from the very bottom of your heart that you had a personal parking space so that you could just put your car away rather than move inch on inch around your block? Doesn’t matter if you are in UK or anywhere else, parking woes are same for everyone. If you know that New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world, then this news shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Read a report that a New York parking space is up for $1M. Yes, $1M for a parking space-now that’s what you call an expensive lifestyle.

The parking spot in discussion is a closed garage measuring 12 feet wide, 23-feet long and 15-feet high. Just for your information this parking spot will cost you as much as paying a parking ticket every single day for 24 years and it is approximately six times the price of an average household in the country. The $1M parking space can be converted into a duplex which will enable the buyer to park two vehicles at a time. Still wayyyy too expensive for my liking.

The £630,000 parking spot has its own deed and requires buyers to pay maintenance fees. Wonder what the maintenance fee would be. Anyways, the parking spot is in the vicinity of a six-apartment luxury condominium which has plenty of residents who can afford to buy this one. I mean if you can afford a $40 million apartment, paying $1million for the parking space would seem like small change. Although I am not interested in the spot, I would love to move into one of those apartments and I’ve got a true friend who can get me there-National Lottery. Will let you people know if my friendship pays and I get to move over there :-)

Mind Power To Cure Your Ailments

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

A brilliant author once said, “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”. We’ve all heard of mind power and what it can do but here’s the true story of how a woman used hers to conquer the unconquerable. This is about a woman who has thought her way into curing diseases-literally. Ran into this news today and I think its pretty amazing and inspiring.

This is the story of Helen Carroll who had been suffering from constant migraine problem for many years before she turned to her mind for a cure. The chronic migraine was making life a living hell for her until she decided to try something new. Previously, she had tried everything including reflexology, osteopathy, acupuncture, and even massage all but to no avail. Then she heard about psychotherapist Olivia Roberts and her special treating techniques involving mind exercises and gave it a shot. Call it miracle or not, she is completely cured of the stubborn illness that western medicine couldn’t cure for 20 years.

Olivia taught Helen some simple mental exercises that made it possible for her to escape migraine and make it go away right from the very first symptom. She was receiving information from Olivia via the telephone and gaps between migraine occurrences widened with each passing lesson. Continuing with the exercises she has managed to completely rid of the problem and could not be happier. The best part about this cure is that there is no specific food, drink or drug requirement for the treatment. She can now have foods such as dark chocolate, wine and cheese that used to give her migraines before.

Her therapist Olivia says that the cure is not just for migraine. She claims depression, skin conditions, backache and many other common diseases are produced by electrical mind waves and these can be cured using the same technique. If any of my readers are suffering from some long term ailment with no respite, I would suggest giving this one a shot. This might be the ultimate cure you’ve been searching all this while!

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A Sausage That Will Set You On Fire

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Do you like zesty food? Always bragging that you cannot find something spicy enough? Head on over to Northamptonshire cause someone has a challenge for you and it is by no means an ordinary challenge! A butcher not far from the town has created what could be the world’s hottest sausage. Before you even think about trying this one, know about the ingredients and prepare yourself for the inevitable.

The ‘World’s Hottest’ sausages are made of Bhut Jolokia chillies which is about 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce. Also added aplenty to the ingredient-list are paprika and chilli powder. For your information the chilli we are talking about here is used in non-lethal grenades and in some parts of India and Bangladesh, used as an elephant deterrent. These sausages are so hot that the maker advices customers not to eat more than one per sitting as it could send them to the hospital. How nice of the maker right?

After having read about this, I was thinking what if he gets some of the ingredients on his face or something. It seems the clever butcher uses goggles, a chemical warfare suit and a mask when he prepares this sausage volcano. You can never be too careful when you are dealing with stuff like this but what about the stomach that has to deal with it? That’s for customers to decide and it seems there are lots of customers for this sausage. In fact, the owner has told that he has had customers who specifically wanted the super hot sausage.

The maker is so confident that he is challenging anyone to come up with a hotter sausage and trying to get his creation into the Guinness Book of Records. This super hot sausage is priced at £11.25 per kilo so if you have the guts and the stomach to try it, go ahead. I don’t mean to sound like the devil sending you on a wrong path, but this sausage has practical joke written all over its hot skin doesn’t it? Don’t forget about the warning though!