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Archive for November, 2012

iPads – An Environmental Friendly Education Tool

Friday, November 16th, 2012

iPads – An Environmental Friendly Education ToolSince Apple, Inc. released the iPad in the year 2010, April, this innovative device not only changed the way people computed things but also the way how they learnt new things. According to the recent trend in education, textbooks are being replaced with iPads and as a result to this, it is not only changing the way of learning but also creating a great impact on the environment.

Desktops and laptops have been used for a number of years in classrooms and they have not created the same impact as much as the iPad pilot programs have been creating around. The device has proven to be one that students really want to use it. The iPad pilot programs have enabled students to engage in interactive ways of education, finding information instantly. Students can experience the most amazing textbooks that they would have ever read. Just by sliding their finger through the images of the pages, they can flip through a book. In case, when they do not know a definition of a word, just one tap will take them to a glossary or a dictionary. The iPad pilot programs allows students to go beyond the basic use of computers and teaching them the technical skills and programming along with the learning of other subjects like marketing, communication etc.

The benefits of education through iPads are not limited just to increase digital literacy but also increasing interest in students for education. Powerful apps like iTunes and iBooks lets students engage with content in an interactive mode. Engaging layouts, interactive images, 3D graphics- an iPad is one book that students will not put it down. The iPad apps have expanded the learning experience inside and outside the classroom. Interactive lessons, study aids, productivity tools- there is every app for a learner. Currently, the apps store has more than 20,000 educational apps for learners teaching everything possible. To sum it all, iPads have revolutionized the medium of teaching and the appropriate use of iPads has helped to enhance learning across the curriculum. As more and more schools adopt the use of iPads in the classrooms, the messages of the research might help those who have plans for coming up with it.

Environmental Impact of iPads

Recently, Apple conducted a life cycle analysis to identify how a firm operates and its impact on environment i.e., to determine where the green house emissions were coming from. It was found out that 98% were coming from the firm products and 2% coming from the facilities. Therefore, the company set out to improve the environmental performance through its products. According to Apple’s website, it is the only company in their industry where their products exceed the guidelines of Energy star specifications. iPads are designed to be more energy efficient by using efficient power supplies as supported by their power management software. Also, the components in an iPad consume less power.

By- Angelica Campbell