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Archive for December, 2012

What Men want in a Relationship?

Friday, December 21st, 2012

What Men want in a RelationshipWhat actually men want in a relationship? This question is a frequently asked by women. In fact, this question has been trickling in the minds of women since ages and the question always seems to remain unanswered. The problem is that women think the obvious answer to this is – having dinner and sex. Well, these above mentioned are two excellent components of a successful relationship-however it is just a part of the relationship and not the heart. Mature, emotional men expect a lot, many things from a relationship. Find out a few important things mentioned below that men wish for to enjoy a healthy relationship.

  • Respect: Men wish to be the hero in her lady’s life. And, in the century that we live in makes it difficult and challenging for today’s women does not need a hero. The women of today aim to be independent, carefree and capable of managing their life themselves. However, in a relationship women have to show respect for their man. And, this can be done in numerous ways! You can compliment him on certain occasions. Like, probably if he has fixed something in the house or probably handled a query very well. Showing respect to your man, will make him feel that he is doing the right thing. Vocalizing your respect to him will make him realize the worth of the relationship. (It is human psychology, any human will love to get respect.) Let him be the man of the house and let him provide you things in a masculine way. At times, when he is planning for a special date or something and wants to arrange it all by himself, allow him to do so and you should not be giving too many of your suggestions. (Well, this is again restricted to certain areas, do not show it for a man who is doing things wrong.)

Finally, no man likes the idea of living a life as though in a pressure cooker. Therefore, let him discover you at his own pace. Do not  pressure  him with to know you just in few days.

  • Encouragement and Appreciation: Men appreciate your appreciation! With constant support to your man, you can make your man a better person. Appreciate him, if he has done something special for you. That could be like- a surprise birthday party planned for you, a new dress gifted to you, helped you in decorating the home or could be even preparing the Sunday lunch. Tell him, how his ideas have helped you in your professional work. At times, surprisingly when he gets tea for you at night, it makes you really happy. Do not overdo it! However, in situations where it demands, take a step forward and show it. Doing this, you make him realize that why he is sharing his life with you.
  • Companionship: Be a friend to him. Men love companionship. Men love to go out for a beer with other guys and watch sports with their friends. You would have seen, how much they enjoy with their male friends. Therefore, you too can be a good friend to him or giving him company when he is watching his favourite sport (at least once in a while). And, topping it all is that men look out for women with a sense of humour. The ability not to take things seriously and laugh out loud when things are really funny will make your man feel that you have made the right choice. Enjoy fun activities together as that will make your relationship healthy. When you have chosen each other, you got make your choices lively.  

By- Angelica Campbell

Secret to Long and Sexy Legs: Know here how

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Secret to Long and Sexy Legs Know here howHow many of you yearn to have long lean legs like the models that we get to see on Television. And, if you wish to have them, let me tell you even I’m one of the admirers of long legged ladies. However, in this scenario all have not been treated equally. The lucky ones have long legs and some have short ones. In the world that we live in today, being short is not a matter of concern in anyways, especially due to the picture the fashion world has laid out for us. With options like high heels and stilettos available in the market, one does not have to worry at all. Just a little bit of know-how on fashion stakes and a boost of confidence and you are on your way to have the stunning long legs. Here are a few secrets shared below:

High Heels

One obvious way of instantly getting a long legged posture is to wear high heels. Wearing high heels will add more definition to your leg muscles, arch your back, straighten your body and increase your sex kitten score. Wearing stilettos is the best option for this. They will make you look taller and at the same time boost a lot of confidence in you.

Pointed Toe

Classic pumps with pointed toes are an excellent choice for short women. Pumps with pointed toes will give an illusion of your toes looking a bit taller. A V-shaped one can be a suitable one to give a long look. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that the heel height and width should be proportionate to your size. Wearing too high heels can be dangerous and you might wobble off.

Peep Toes

Shoes with peep toes can give your feet an elongated look and make you look taller. Wearing peep toes is a good idea, in case you wish to flaunt a pretty pedicure.


Even the colour of your shoes matters. Wearing shoes that matches with the colour of your legs also gives the illusion that you have long legs as there will be no interruption in colour. For e.g. nude heels with nude legs or black tights with black shoes is an option to try. To enhance the effect, one can even wear a similar colour skirt or dress. Like wearing a black colour skirt, followed by black stocking and then black heels.


Pick up trousers or jeans in long length and especially the ones that have a bootcut or straight cut, as they help to give you a lean look. And, the high heels with add the extra inches to your height and also your long trousers can hide the heels.

Tuck in

Tucking your top inside the waist of your trousers can also give your legs a lengthened look, especially if you are wearing a high-waist one. With such outfits your waistline will be higher and your torso will appear shorter.

Belted Dress

A dress that stops above the knee is a perfect one for short heighted girls. Also, cinch your waist with a belt of a contrasting colour. And, of course along with your perfect dress, do not forget your heels.

Well, with so many tips, I’m pretty sure, now you can step out of your homes with the look that you had been craving for.

By- Angelica Campbell

A Woman’s Age decides her Mr. Perfect

Monday, December 17th, 2012

A Woman’s Age decides her Mr. PerfectHere is something very interesting to share out with all the ladies out there! Did you know that your age influences your idea when you are looking out for the perfect man in your life? According to an annual report by by Lovegeist stated that a woman’s age will dictate a lot of characteristics that they will look out for in their partner. The report tracked the changing attitudes of woman towards dating and relationships changed with the passing years in their life. Women over 55 years were the choosiest of all in selecting the guy they wished to date with. And, they were considered to be the woman with utmost standards

Women in the age group from18 to 24 wanted a guy whom they can show off in front of their friends. In fact, 47% of the girls in this age group will choose someone that was approved by their friends. They prefer to date good looking men with six packs and good physical shape. Men with a good taste for music, movies and books are important for the girls in this age group.

Next, is the range from 25 to 34. In this age group two third women aim towards men successful in their careers. Men to qualify themselves for this category will have to be serious about their ambition. Even sexual compatibility is important for people in this age category in comparison to the other age categories. Women in the age group from 35-44 prefer to settle down and are more likely turned on by older men. Around 73% women of this age group will wish to date someone five years senior to them and with someone good at socializing with people. No female of this age category will prefer to date a guy with bad manners.

Following this is the age category from 44-54. Security is the main concern for females in this age range and 95% women in this age range will go for men with whom they can be a bit secure. Looking out for a man with high income is an important criterion for women in this category. They are less picky about the person with whom they are dating and focus more on the guy being settled. In the overall scenario, it has also been found out that women are likely to date men five years younger to them. In the later part of the life, women aim more towards cerebral delights. For women above 55, intelligence and shared values are a concern. It is told that as woman grow older, they become picky and choosy about the person with whom they romance.

By- Angelica Campbell

Continuous Hours Spent in AC is not good for Health

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

Continuous Hours Spent in AC is not good for HealthWorking for 9 hours continuously is nothing but health to a lot many ailments. Research states that working in open spaces can strengthen your immunity system as the blood cells that fight bacteria require oxygen to function properly. A good supply of oxygen means your blood pressure and heart rate is in check and the body is not forcing itself to acquire it. Blood oxygen is also linked to serotonin- the happiness hormone that keeps you in a relaxed and calm state.

Urban residents end up spending nine to ten hours a day in air conditioned offices. And, following it will be a night sleep of 8 hours in a closed bedroom. Lungs are places that get affected first with respiratory infections like cold, frequent headaches, itchy throat and these are common symptoms found in the young urban professionals. Fresh air helps the lungs to expand allowing it to release the airborne toxins from your system. Doctors have stated that an AC causes cooling through the process of evaporation, however in turn ends up drying the mucous membranes in the nose and mouth. The immune functions of our nasal passages, sinuses and throats depend upon the moisture present in the membranes. At times when it is moist, it is able to attract and trap viruses and bacteria, and thus is the body’s first line of defence against airborne pathogens. Some air conditioners are fitted with humidifiers that increase the level of dryness in the surrounding air.

Constant direct exposure to cold and dry air can damage the skin, stealing its elasticity and making the skin itchy, scaly and signs of ageing. Skin problems like eczema and dermatitis are common issues with those who spend more hours in cool, dry and recycled air. Something even harmful than low temperatures is the growth of mould and microscopic fungi that live inside AC ducts as high moisture levels make the place high breeding ground for them. AC units have filters fixed in them that are designed to prevent the spread of bacteria and virus. And, if not cleaned regularly will lead to the accumulation of pollutants and finally hosting bacteria. (For, it would be the stale air being re-circulated everyday and finally, we would be inhaling viruses). Ideally, filters should be cleaned once a month with anti fungal solutions instead of a simple vacuum brush.

Corrective Measures:

  • As, we do not have the option of working in a ventilated office, so we should reduce the hours of sleep in an AC room. Instead, opt for a room with open windows, doors and allow sunlight to come inside the room in the morning.
  • Make sure that the office AC is set at 25 degrees.
  • Layer your body with sufficient clothing inside an AC room.

If possible, install a warm mist humidifier at work or can even keep a large wide mouth vessel filled with water in the corner of office. And, this will help in circulating moisture in air. Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking sufficient water. A stroll during lunch will be good to get a dose of sunlight and oxygen.

By-Angelica Campbell