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Archive for February, 2013

Organic Food Eaters V/S Comfort Food Eaters

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Organic Food Eaters VS Comfort Food EatersAre you the one who maintains a strict regime of having food organic in nature? Then you certainly need to know about this! A recent research stated that those who are too much inclined in eating only organic food are less likely to show kindness to others. And, this is because using organic products people feel more secure about themselves and lessens the act to perform unselfishly. Consumption of such foods, also make people to judge people immoral people in a very harsh manner as reported by the team in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.

On the other hand, comfort foods can make us kinder and social. This study was concluded according to a study done at the Loyola University in New Orleans by allocating 62 students in 3 different groups. One was given the picture of organic food, others were given with ice-cream, chocolates, cookies and brownies, and another group was given of porridge, mustard, rice and beans. Later, they were asked for views on six moral transgressions that ranged of situations like students stealing books from the library, politicians taking bribes and other similar incidences.

The students were made to realize that the study was over and soon after that the students were told that a professor in another department was looking out for volunteers to spare 30 minutes without taking a reward. Students exposed to the organic foods were agreed to spare only 13 minutes of their time to help the professor. And, the students who dealt with the comfort food were happy to give away 25 minutes in comparison to the third group (oatmeal and rice) that got ready to spare only 20 minutes.

According to Dr. Kendall Eskine and colleagues, who wrote the paper Wholesome Foods and Wholesome Morals told that people are more prone to help when they eat something sweet rather than something bitter and disgusting. The psychologists stated that those who purchase organic products are less likely to engage in meaningful acts of environment. Well, for me I am a diehard foodie, so I love to cram food belonging to all sections. What about you?

By- Angelica Campbell

Babies acquire the taste of Food from their Mother’s Womb

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Babies acquire the taste of Fussy child eaters are a common problem existing in all families. If you have got a kid below ten years at home, you certainly would have some time come across a situation where in you would have to throw a plate of uneaten food. And, at times it is really stressful and upsetting, making the Parents feel really anxious and worried about their kid’s nutrition. However did you know this that, somewhere the Mother is actually responsible for this habit developed in the kid?

A recent study stated that, woman in their pregnancy stage trying varied diet are less likely to give birth to fussy eaters. It’s told that babies have an acceptance to those food well that are accepted by Mothers while expecting and breast feeding. A research has even stated that, kids of Mothers who drank carrot juice quite ate twice as much as carrot cereal meal instead of Mother’s milk. Research Doctor, Julie Mennella from the Monnell Centre said that Mothers who consumed a lot of fruits during their pregnancy and lactation then their child will be more open towards eating fruits during weaning. Same is the case with vegetables too.

Biologically, babies are hardwired to be attracted towards foods that contain a high level of sugar and salt. And, not towards foods that are bitter such as green vegetables. Kids have to be exposed to be fruits and vegetables and have to get used to the flavours so that they can like it. The good news is that the research also states that babies can learn about healthy foods at a very early stage. The only thing required is that expecting Mothers eat the healthy food that they wish their baby should have when it is old enough to start weaning with the flavours.

According to a research discussed at the American Association for the advancement of Science’s annual conference, Dr. Mennella tested 46 babies aged between 6 months and year for their liking towards the carrot flavoured meal.

For those kids, whose Mothers consumed carrot juice several times in a week, consumed more than 80g of the cereal in comparison to 44g in other babies. The fact reveals that, we are primed according to our latest exposures. Babies receive sensory information in the womb itself and through Mothers milk. Dr. Mennella stated even bottle fed babies quickly give acceptance to food and vegetables, once they start eating solids.

Another test, also talked of giving green beans to babies of eight days old. On the first day, the consumption would be an average of 50g of beans but over eight days, the consumption level changed to 80g. Regardless of the fat, whether a child is breast or bottle fed, the child can learn to do so as it starts to wean. On repeatedly being exposed to foods like fruits and vegetables, they still learn to wean. By the age of two years, a child should try varied food like an adult. Hiding broccoli in brownies is not a solution for children need to learn the taste of different flavours of foods. So, all expecting Mothers, you know what to do is you do not want a kid that would show tantrums over food.

By- Angelica Campbell

It’s Valentines’ Day Again: Learn how to make the Day Memorable

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

It’s Valentines’ Day Again Learn how to make the Day MemorableJust another day to go and it is one of the most romantic days of the year. Well, on a personal note, I just cannot wait for the clock to strike 12 and explore the surprises stacked by my beloved. Just like me, I’m quite sure most of you would be waiting for this special day. On the other hand, men would be cracking their brains and thinking of ways to make it the best day for their loved one and do not give even the slightest disappointment to them. The best advice to make it a nice day is not forgetting this day.

It is not necessary that you need to do something expensive and grand to please someone. The importance of this occasion is just letting the special person in your life know how important they are. And, that can be emphasized by even writing a note to that person.

Here are a few good ideas that can help you fix up a perfect day:

  • Surprise her at 12 on 14th February or maybe you can do it the next day morning by filling in lots of balloons in her room.
  • Let her take a break from the daily work stuff that could be cleaning, washing, preparing breakfast etc. Just let her live the day she wants.
  • If you have been together from quite some time then why not get back to the same place where you met the first time so that you can revive some old memories. Something like, how both of you had your first cup of coffee together. And, how each one was thinking hard as who would talk first.
  • Surprise her every hour or in two hours with something new. That may be like you can keep a small gift at various places and allow her to discover it. You can keep simple and cute stuff.
  • Things like lovely flowers, cards, perfumes, soft toys, jewellery, chocolates and a lot more are a great idea. The gifts you got to decide based on her preferences. Also, attach a note with every gift!
  • If she is at work, surprise her by sending to her office a bouquet of flowers or something special along with it. You can add a note to it, stating the venue for evening.
  • If she is the one of a kind of traveler, then you can go out for a long drive or maybe plan out a small trip for the day like a visit to the countryside.
  • How about letting her relax the whole day by taking her to a spa salon. Or you might make an arrangement by having it done at house itself.  This will allow her to leave behind all stresses and would be so much relaxing and rejuvenating.
  • And, of course not to forget the romantic date. You can fix up at any place that matches both your preferences. It can be a place that sets the perfect romantic ambience. You can actually plan out the way she likes it. That would be if she likes crowded places or serene and calm places, or may be at the beach side. End up taking a stroll in the park, enjoying the light breeze.
  • Do not forget to decorate her bed with rose petals and keep a chilled bottle of champagne at the bedside.

Well, these are a good load of ideas that can help you to make Valentine’s Day one of the most extraordinary days for someone special. If you got some more ideas then please let me know! Have a great Valentine’s Day ahead!

By- Angelica Campbell


Ever Imagined Kitty Litter can shrink the Face Pores: Well it can

Friday, February 8th, 2013

Ever Imagined Kitty Litter can shrink the Face Pores Well it canLadies, there is a fantastic news to share with all of you. Are the pores on your face quite big and too visible, and probably you would have tried a good load of creams, toners and lotions to hide it all. Well, now there is something new discovered by the beauty experts that can help you get smooth and radiant skin.

Off late, beauty experts have claimed that kitty litter can shrink the pores from your face and also prevent acne making your skin look soft and radiant. Michelle Phan from Boston Massachusetts produces online make up for big brands like Lancome, stated that the grey coloured pellets are made from bentonite clay and is one of the main ingredients in facial masks and body wraps. She said that, people should opt for unscented products as the scented versions contain harmful chemicals that can irritate the skin. According to her, a bag of litter will last for a year.

This is how she explained the ways to get smooth, lovely and glowing skin. Scoop a few tablespoons granulated clay into a small bowl. Add a splash of water to it along with a few drops of aloe vera and stir it. After mixing all the ingredients, she placed the mixture in a microwave to cook it for 20 minutes. You just have to warm up the mixture, so that it dilates the pores. Do not heat up the mixture. Once the mixture is baked, the clay is ready for application. Miss Phan prefers to apply the murky water on her skin instead of the pellets. Do not apply the clay rocks on your face as only the water can do this job as it contains enough clay particles. The clay rocks can be too rough for your smooth skin and thus not recommended to be rubbed on your skin. She also suggests avoiding the eye delicate eye area, else applying only thin coats.

Once the mask is applied, wait for 15 minutes to allow the pack to dry. While doing this, you might feel a slight minty tingling sensation. And, once the pack is dry, wash off the pack with warm water and then apply a moisturizer to soften your skin all the more.

She concludes saying that, trying out this unusual pack, it is guaranteed for you to feel skin feel soft and never like before. As there is a saying that the best stuff comes from the most unexpected stuff- here it is.

Miss Phan has presented a video wherein she has performed the act of applying the Kitty Litter on her face. This video has attracted thousands of comments since it has been posted in 2009. Most viewers have thanked for this budget beauty tip J. According to the Vegan Beauty Review, this is one of the best face masks that one can actually try. What do you have to say about this beauty tip, are you ready to do so? Please let us know your feedback on this!

By- Angelica Campbell