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Archive for March, 2013

Eye Make-up for Different Eye Shapes

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Eye Make-up for Different Eye ShapesEyes are an epitome of one’s beauty. And, girls love to deck their eyes with loads of make-up. Looking at the celebrities and their eye make-up, it gets so tempting to try the same. As promoted on Television and internet, beauty can be achieved by applying a good load of make-up. Even, I agree to this statement that make-up can bring out a lot of difference in a woman’s face. And, especially the eyes a little bit of eye make-up can actually do wonders to your eyes. There are various types of eye shapes that a woman can actually have and accordingly there are make-up tips designed. One should use make- up in a manner so as to highlight their features and personality. One should not just go ahead and simply copy the queens portrayed in the magazines, but set an individual identity by doing things that suits them the best.

If you are interested in creating unique looks then firstly you have to know about your eye shape and then do things that look the best in your eyes. The prominent eye shapes are:

  • Almond eye shape: This is probably one of the most beautiful eye shapes of the lot. And, if you are gifted with such an eye-shape then you are really lucky to have it. The big celebrities to have it are Catherine Zeta Jones and Liv Tyler. In such kind of eyes, to enhance them one need not apply too much of eye liner on the eyelid as it will make the eyes look very small.
  • Down Turned Eyes: This kind of eyes creates an illusion of lassitude due to the downward angle of the outer eye corners. The actress Katie Holmes has such eyes. And, she shades the eyes up and out in order to lift the eyes. Heavy usage of mascara is not advisable on the outer lashes and eye-liner needs to be applied with an upward twist.
  • Heavy Lidded news: Girls with such eyes can actually create a little bit of difficulty to their owners. As at times, one might face trouble in applying proper eye shadow so that the eyes do not look tired and clumsy. However, the excellent option of having such eyes is that you can experiment with colours, but do not apply too much of mascara and eye liner. Actresses like Cher and Madonna are excellent examples to this.
  • Deep set eyes: Such eye shapes are embedded deep in the socket, with very little increases in the eyelid. Even the eyebrows are positioned slightly closer to the eyes. And, if you have such eyes and want an inspiration to try a certain look then Demi Moore and model Claudia Schiffer can be an excellent source for the same. Applying eye liner on a water line is not advisable and you are free to use lots and lots of mascara.
  • Hooded Eyes: In such eye shapes, a small amount of skin is folded over the sack that creates an illusion of tiredness. And, this comes with age. It is advisable not too use heavy makeup and basically one should keep it simple.

Well, these were the five basic shapes that women have and be at any shape, you can always make your eyes look great and expressive by applying make-up in a proper way.

By – Angelica Campbell

60 Plus Dating is Mature and Meaningful

Monday, March 25th, 2013

60 Plus Dating is Mature and Meaningful Taking a decision to date someone can be a little daunting at times, be at any age you belong to. One thing to specifically say is that dating is not limited just for the youngsters. Everyone wants to be in a relationship. It could be one of the most beautiful gifts that one can actually get the opportunity to date someone. However, the idea of dating or being intimate with someone can be frightening at times. Moreover, the option for dating is not available just for youngsters, the option is open to people for all ages. Even people above the age of 60 also get involved in dating. Sixty plus dating is very different as one is more aware about what they want or require. One is more tolerant with their choices of a partner.

Maturity helps you in taking the decision as who you choose and how you spend time with them. The age of 60 is not a cut off age for dating and therefore should be embraced with more of gusto than before. After the age of 60, financial security is something that has already been achieved and even your mind is developed with the same sense to understand things and converse appropriately. During teens and early twenties the dating circuit revolved more around partying and a bit of frivolous nature. After the age of sixty, a person’s outlook on dating changes. Intimacy might not exist but you may be comfortable with the person’s abilities.

There are a lot many age related dating websites available on the web that can help likeminded people connect with each other and in turn build relationships. It does not matter whether you have been single for a long time or not, such sites help the 60 and over singletons to connect. Most age related websites ensure worthwhile and honest connections that in turn help in increasing the chances of meeting the perfect someone. 60 plus dating is something like similar people meet and are often in a similar situation. At this age, people sometime worry about their children or may be about a marriage break up or probably have lost their loved one already and need to overcome the depression. These are some of the situations that most of the time people above 60 are into. At this age, they have already experienced a lot about life and relationships. And, it all means that they are quite open to difficult situations. Dating people of the same age has a lot of advantages and this is one of them. Being open minded when dating someone is something that we struggle throughout the years and by the time we reach the age of sixty, we have build a bold outlook about life. The manner we love and date people are now much mature and meaningful. Already, time ahs got wasted dating with unsuitable people or being alone, so it is time to get back dating and getting along with people worth us. Dating is no longer just for the youngsters, so go on enjoy life till your last breath. Look out for the special person in your life.

By – Angelica Campbell

Detoxify your body with Aromatherapy

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Detoxify your body with AromatherapyThe world we are living in, we are constantly exposed to toxic substances especially due to the poisonous gases emitted everyday and we inhale the same to our respiratory tracts. The tooth paste that we use consists of fluoride that is not considered to be safe. Also, the water that we drink contains an amount of chlorine. Such substances are present in a low dosage, however regular consumption results in a situation in which we end up consuming too much of toxins in our body. High content of toxic substances in our body makes more chances of us falling sick.

Even the food we eat contains a lot of additives that are proven to be not good for health. Just for the sake of preserving food for a longer time, big food giants add small amount of additives to it. Also, toxins do not come just from the environment, even our bodies produce toxins that depends upon the state of our mind. At times, when you are emotionally charged, your body may tend to release substances that include feelings, like irritation, anxiety, depression and hyper tension.

Therefore, detoxifying the body is very important to live a healthy life. And, the best part is that detoxifying the body is very easy with numerous options. Like the best option is drinking lots of clean water can help the liver and kidneys in excreting the toxic products. Even exercising helps to accelerate the flow of toxins outside the body. In addition to these, another popular option is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the art of using oils essential oils for cleansing the body to keep the body in a state of well being. There are two popular ways to use essential oils that help to push out the body toxins. And, that can be through inhalation or massage. Some plant oils are made up of special chemicals that influence the state of mind of the human being. The molecules enter our body through massage or inhalation and that gets into the nervous system and affects the hypothalamus. This part of the brain influences the hormonal system of the person. And, the hormonal system in turn influences the mood and stress level and metabolism of the person. Some essential oils help the body release the right amount of hormones that in turn helps in the cleansing of the body.

Some oils can be even mixed with wax to create a candle. And, when the candle is lit, the burning of the wax releases fragrances that goes directly into the brain and gives an appropriate effect. Another way is using the oil for massaging. The different oils used are:

Lemongrass: This oil extract is taken from the plant lemongrass and helps to deal with inflammation. When a human body is affected by toxins then the parts affected by it becomes inflamed and lemongrass can be a good medication for this. The oil also has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that help to kill germs and clean wounds.

Mandarin oil: The oil helps in dealing with skin problems and rejuvenating the cells of the skin. Our skin is daily exposed to some substances and Mandarin is a good substance for fighting against all kinds of skin infections.

Rosemary: Rosemary is one of the most popular oils used in aromatherapy. This oil deals with a lot many health benefits. Rosemary oil helps in removing bad breath and restoring the buccal health. The oil also helps in giving a good skin tone and removing dryness. The oil can also be used for respiratory problems like flu, sore throat, cold and allergies.

Juniper Berry: This oil helps relieve mental tension, anxiety, drowsiness and even for illnesses like rheumatism, menstrual problems, gout and many others.

By- Angelica Cambell

Learn how to Release your Inner Calm: Check out the Anger Management Techniques

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Learn how to Release your Inner Calm Check out the Anger Management Techniques There is nothing wrong in experiencing anger, provided you do not go to the extent of harming yourself too much. Anger becomes a problem when you are not able to handle it effectively and further it might affect any important decision of your life. As anger is a common psychological trait found in millions of people across the globe. Especially, the rate at which the world is competing ahead, people certainly need to be trained on anger management. Below mentioned are a few effective methods that can help you create a better and a happier individual.

  • Regular Exercise: You do not have to practice to excel in the Olympics but yes certainly something like as though you are preparing for the Marathon. A regular exercise of 30 minutes a day can help you control your anger by finding an outlet to your emotions. Hitting a punch bag everyday for 30 minutes is a fantastic option.
  • Think before you Act: This is one of the most important methods of controlling anger as it will limit any potential negative consequences of your anger. For e.g., before you slam a door or break your cell phone out of anger, consider the outcomes of this situation. As there could be a lot of expenses piling up for you.
  • Give yourself a Timeout: This has been the traditional way of handing anger where in we were told as kids, that whenever one gets angry – one should count from one to ten. And, this process calms down the anger of the person. This practice is truly effective as you will automatically feel free and if required you can count up to 20.
  • Forgive and Forget: Holding grudges against someone forever ensures the option that your anger management woes remain unsolved. If someone has acted in a way that was disturbing to you, then the best is to try your best to forgive them. Other people out there will not act in a way that will please you or act in your best interests. So, the quicker you accept it, the better and you will be happier.
  • Spend time doing things that helps you to relax: Everyone has their own unique way of relaxation that enables them to relieve stress and elevate their mood. So, each one has to experience things that delights them the most. Find out, what suits you the best and do it. There are multitude options at offer like reading, writing, holidaying, visiting a salon, eating, meeting up with friends and so much more. So, go to introspect your choices and find out what suits the best.

Next time when you are angry, you know how to calm down your nerves. Must try it all, it really works. Free yourself from anger and live a happier life!

By- Angelica Campbell