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Archive for March, 2013

Is the option of being a Vegan a Bad Idea to Follow?

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Is the option of being a Vegan a Bad Idea to FollowAt times, most of us look at vegetarians in puzzled bewilderment and wonder what on earth do they eat? Or maybe you might have come across someone, who all of a sudden has decided to become a vegetarian and you would be worried thinking, how they will manage to get the protein nutrients into their diet. Well, there is nothing as such! Even vegetarian diets add plenty of protein in terms of nutrition, if the right kind of foods is consumed. They can be even one of the healthiest foods. If consumed in a right manner, the food can be healthy and healing too. Embarking on a vegan diet at first may show signs of detoxification for the first few days. This is in the case when there is an excess accumulation of toxic food stuff in the body that needs to be released. The cleansing action is essential for all bodies to let the body get rid of the waste. This action of detoxification clears out the old and creates space for the new nutrients to enter within.

Eating the familiar type of meals in the beginning might make a novice get bored from being a vegan. In the beginning you can go to a health food store and explore the amazing range of substitutes created for meat. And, yes I am not mention just tofu here. Meat substitutes are much more than just buying tofu or soy. There are a lot many meat substitutes available like – sausages, burgers, cheese etc., that have been formulated to taste great and also somewhat literally close to their counterpart, but they are free from animal fat. There are products made from veggie combos that include grains from vital wheat gluten, seeds and nuts combined with veggies or grains and legumes. Other things to try as well include stuff like rice milk, cashew milk, hemp milk that you can make it all by yourself. It’s really simple to make them, all that you need is do a little bit of research on the same and you will find a variety of recipes and instructions to follow the same. You can even try for pastas available free from eggs. You will be surprised to know that these days, vegans can enjoy a lot of interesting, nutritional and balanced meals.

The option of salads is truly amazing as there is a variety of it that you can try and ensure that you add colours to your salad so that it looks peppy and at the same time nutritional. And, do not forget to garnish the same with sweet red peppers, non-gmo yellow corn or thinly sliced yellow squash, grated orange carrots, purple leaf lettuce and so much more. Include a lot of seawoods such as nori, kombu and helps to release the heavy metals from the body.

An interesting vegetarian menu idea is: Vegan pizza with assortment of veggies grilled on top, salad and green split pea soup. Another one is, Vegan pasta with falafel and humus spread along with a fresh vegetable salad. The list can actually go on!

Well, the basic idea is to be creative and use a variety of foods to create your meals. To be a vegan is not to starve or eat boring food. It’s all about enjoying and having good stuff!

By- Angelica Campbell

Do your check your Partner’s Mobile Phone Often?

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

Do your check your Partner’s Mobile Phone OftenDo you consider yourself the perfect partner to your mate? Well, there are lots of ways, you can prove the same. Trust is considered to be one of the most important aspects of a relationship. So, here is something to check out, how much trust and faith you have in your partner. Are the one, who is quite often tempted to snap your partner’s mobile to check out stuff that probably you feel you are unaware about? Well, that is a clear indication that you do not have complete trust on your partner. A situation like this generally arises when there is something really wrong going on in your relationship and that needs to be talked about, rather than you stealthily snapping a look into your partner’s mobile phone. Checking out the phone is majestically wrong and certainly should be stopped. There are reasons to state why you should avoid peeping into your partner’s mobile phone.

Firstly, it’s a breach of trust: Instead of taking a sneak peek into your partner’s mobile why not clear the doubts by making a straight forward move and speaking out in regards to all the suspicions raised in your mind. Talking is the best way to settle any issue. No issue can be resolved without confronting it.

A small doubt will lead to suspicions: Also, if there is any issue and may be you are a person who does not like the idea of checking out your partner’s mobile but also at the same time you do not want to talk about it, is also not a good option. This will affect you from inside and your day to day activities. The negative feelings will screw up your thought process and the same can prove detrimental to your relationship.

In any situation, that makes you feel that you need to keep an eye on him, well then there is something seriously wrong in your relationship. And, if you do not deal with it immediately then things might worsen up. However, this does not mean that you are supposed to believe things blindly, whatever is being told to you. Do not give room to the slightest doubt in your mind. Clear it out! Speak it out, or if required give an end to things, but do not carry on things unnecessary ahead. Decision taking is more important than just simply beating around the bush.

Next time, if such a situation arises, you should be prepared to deal it. Actions are always louder than words. However, here words are louder than actions!

By – Angelica Campbell

Go for Shorter Hair Styles: Enhance your Personality with a Bold Look

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Go for Shorter Hair Styles: Enhance your Personality with a Bold Look A great hairstyle adds a lot in enhancing the personality and beauty of the person. For those who have always had long hair in the past, why not try out something new. Try the look with shorter hair. Go ahead and challenge yourself with a shorter hairstyle something like a pixie cut. Especially, now with the change in the season, why not try something new.

Short hairstyles look cool and sexy. They are easy to maintain. Also, with tons of stylish’ dos out there, you can always remain on the cutting edge. Long hair has always been in the tradition. For those tired of their same old looks, and wishing to try something absolutely extraordinary can try the hair styles mentioned below.

However, if you really long hair and ready to stun the world out there then you can go in for this option.

Here are a few different hair styles described that you might give a try:

  • The Pixie Cut: This is the ultra short hair-cut. The hair-cut is a suitable one for those with a square, heart- shaped and oval face. Also, it is a perfect one for those with wavy and thick mane. This type of hair cut is not recommended for those with long shaped faces as it will elongate the look even more. The perfect person one can relate with this hair cut is Audrey Hepburn.
  • The Pompadour or the faux hawk: This cut works for all types of faces. However, one needs to have a lot of confidence and boldness to make it work for you. Superstars like Pink and Miley Cyrus have been sporting this hairdo excellently.
  • The Bob cut: Short hairstyles cannot stand complete without the mention of this hair cut. The Bob cut continues to be one of the most trendy hair styles. This kind of haircut anyone women can wear it well, except for girls with super curly mane. The cut looks excellent on straight hair but looks remarkable beautiful on a little wavy hair.
  • The Middy: The cut is great for anyone having fine and medium hair texture with a slight wave in it. You can even style this hair-cut by applying a bit of lightweight curl-enhancing cream on damp hair. Twist the same at least 1-2 inches back off the face in large spirals and blow dry it with a diffuser. This will give a perfect beachy wave effect.
  • The Undercut: This cut works well for girls who love to have fun or for girls who have extremely curly hair textures as this style will remove the bulk. Those with fine hair, must think twice before going for this hair cut. Options for undercutting include one side, both sides or just above the nape of the neck. Before, going for this option, must have a word with your hair stylist.
  • The Modern Shag: This is a universal short style that adds volume to the hair. The option is wonderful for women with thick long straight hair. While going for this hair cut, ask your hair stylist for a short layered cut that tapers to the neck without a hard hairline. Prep this style with a light mousse, by using a round brush to get a swingy voluminous look.

Well, that was a good list of options to try. But, before going for any of the hair cut mentioned above, all that you need to do is a little bit of research. Look into the mirror and determine the shape of your face. For those with really long hair, but ready for the short hairdo, must also be prepared to see the surprised look on the faces of their closed ones.

By – Angelica Campbell

A Good Pillow Helps to Reduce Sleep Lines and Facial Wrinkles

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

A Good Pillow Helps to Reduce Sleep Lines and Facial WrinklesAt night, our face tends to lose twice as much as water i.e. when our skin is in repair mode and it regenerates. There are certain things that trigger the effect of such lines on your face. Like, there are certain fabrics that absorb moisture from your skin at night. Fabrics such as satin, silk and cotton will adhere to the skin for while sleeping the face is plastered into the pillow of the skin and the jowls are downward stretched. This happens to weaken the dermal collagen. Whilst asleep, most of us move our head often and this forms creases due to the moist surface that forms wrinkles in the fabric. A few important factors producing sleep lines are:

  • The Pressure of the head
  • Nature of the Pillow Fabric
  • Water loss from the Skin

The best way to avoid sleep lines is to sleep on moisturizing fabrics that have been formulated for skin care and are considered to be one of the most advanced options of reducing facial wrinkles. Also, sleeping on your side can make the sleep lines permanent. Off late, there have been some moisturizing jeans fabrics that have made a debut to work out with wrinkles. They have got certain ingredients infused that will help them to keep you dry, comfortable and sweat free. Also, there are certain advanced dry moisture technology pillowcases available that help to reduce facial wrinkles, even without the use of creams and chemicals.

If any of you are wondering, what do sleep lines look like? Well, they are formed diagonally, on cheeks and lower face. They can also appear on forehead in vertical lines. Most of the time men get these lines on the forehead with 2 or 3 parallel lines formed on the head. For some, Crows feet appear under the eyes by sleeping on one side with the head pushed into the pillow night after night. The major cause of sleep lines is by pushing your face into the pillow and not by muscle contractions. And, unfortunately Botox does not help to reduce sleep lines. It just helps to relax the muscles that lead to facial wrinkles on moving the face. Other options to reduce lines are sleeping on anti wrinkle pillows and sleeping on your back. Well, sleeping properly is essential for beauty!

By- Angelica Campbell