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Archive for April, 2013

What does your Sleeping position reveal about you?

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

What does your Sleeping position reveal about you?Sleeping is undoubtedly one of the best ways to banish a bad mood and attain a healthy lifestyle. Adequate sleep not only adds to a good health but also benefits your mind, weight, heart and so much more. There was a saying that “sleep used to be kind of ignored, like parking a car in a garage and picking it up in the morning.” However, these days’ people have realized the benefits of sleep and people try and ensure to complete the required hours of sleep. Also, just not sleep but also the manner in which we sleep affect our personality by determining how we feel the next day morning.

Like there are different positions in which we all sleep. Below mentioned are some ways that we sleep and what they denote about us:

  • People who sleep on their back with arms stretched out in front, wake up feeling absolutely refreshed and eager to start of the day in a fresh new way. This is the healthiest way of sleeping.
  • Sleeping with face down and arms outstretched indicates a feeling of being out of control, too tired and no energy.
  • People who sleep with a straight body are stubborn and will feel stiff in the morning.
  • One of the most popular styles is the fetal position. Around 58% of people sleep on their side with their knees up and head down. And, this style of sleeping is associated with stress. These people can expect to wake up refreshed the next day morning after having dealt with the previous day’s work.

Well, the above mentioned are the common positions that most of us tend to sleep. And, I personally have covered all these ways of sleeping some time or the other. So, I guess what does my personality reveal? What would you have to say to this? Have you hit all these sleeping positions some time or the other. So, what would you have to say about yourself – do let us know.

By- Angelica Campbell

A Cup of Herbal Tea can help you with a Good Night Sleep

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

A Cup of Herbal Tea can help you with a Good Night SleepDrinking tea brings in different types of comfort to the body. The drink has always been known as one of the most rejuvenating drinks. Also, known to be as one of the super foods and packed in with a good source of benefits like weight loss, reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer and heart diseases. Also, did you know that drinking tea can help to give you a sound night sleep? Yes, of course! But, not coffee the caffeine will keep you awake. While tea options like green, white or black tea contains caffeine that helps to boost your immune system. It overrides the wake up effect and relaxes the person drinking it. That is why tea is known to be a perfect drink for stressful situations, and a good drink to have before going to bed.

Theanine content in tea helps to relax the body, relieving stress and a good drink to keep you stay awake. Therefore, tea is a must drink to have whilst in office. You will be relaxed and at the same time will not feel drowsy as well.

On the other hand, there are specific herbal teas that will help you to sleep like a baby. Especially the chamomile or lavender flavoured can help you indulge in a peaceful night sleep. Not every manufacturer offers special chamomile, lavender or linden tea. But, other options like Lipton, Stash and Bigelow offer herbal teas that do not contain caffeine to keep you awake all night.

A cup of herbal tea or decaffeinated regular tea provides a soothing comfort to the body, allowing you to relax. A small amount of relaxation can be a perfect cure for insomnia or restlessness at night. Bigelow offers Cozy Chamomile tea that has been a century old remedy and has been known for its quality to give sleep. Chamomile soothes the digestive tract and calms muscle spasms as well. The glycine levels of chamomile tea relax the nerve muscles and act as a mild sedative. This tea is not only aids in sleeping but also benefits those with menstrual cramps as well.

Another excellent example of herbal tea from Bigelow is “Sweet Dreams.” This herbal tea contains spices, rose hips, peppermint, chamomile, orange blossoms help to create the perfect blend to facilitate a good night’s sleep. Such soothing caffeine free tea helps the body to relax along with the provision of delicious flavours.

For those who love the flavour of tea but susceptible to the effects of caffeine and wish to indulge in a good night sleep must try these soothing delicious flavours of decaffeinated tea. Plus, you can enjoy the relaxing effects of theanine. From today on, go on to grab your favourite cup of tea before you go to bed at night.

By – Angelica Campbell

This Summer, go Short and Sexy with Cocktail Dresses

Friday, April 19th, 2013

This Summer, go Short and Sexy with Cocktail DressesThe biggest problem for every woman faces whilst dressing up for an occasion is – what to wear. Almost every woman faces this dilemma of wearing the right dress in order to stand out in the crowd. In fact some women even panic for not being able to decide the right outfit till the last minute. For it is just not the dress – to get the right look, there is a bunch of things that a woman needs to take care of. However, the most important thing is to find the ideal dress first. Fashion experts say that be it any occasion, a cocktail dress is a good option. But, again the question here is how to select the quintessential dress that would make everyone’s eyes gaze at you with awe.

Below mentioned are some tips that can assist you in selecting your soul dress.

A classic cocktail dress is supposed to be of knee length. And, in such dresses are also available in a lot of variations. Like, the length of the dress can be above the knee and at times can be even mid-way as that gives an extremely sexy look. The outfit is good for parties and night outs, however not too appropriate for a date.

Fabrics like silk and satin will be good as it sets a perfect a celebration look. But, do not wear anything of floor length. To get that flawless look, it is very important to get a cut in the dress that appreciates your body type. A gorgeous fabric can help in flattering your body type.

A cocktail dress looks great, if the waistline of the dress is slightly above the original waistline. So, you can opt a dress that is slightly above the original waistline. You can either choose a formfitting dress or may be an A-line skirt. In regards to cocktail dress, a black dress is an ultimate choice. However, you can detail the dress by adding accessories that will compliment your dress. Do not overdo also, with too much of accessorizing. If required, you can carry a Paschima wrap as well.

Try to choose dresses in variety of colours. If it is Summer time, then ensure to choose bright coloured dresses, but the only important thing is that the dress should match your skin tone. Next, are shoes! As far as shoes are concerned – high heels like stilettos or decorative flats is a good option.

 By – Angelica Campbell

Alleviate Anxiety of your Past Life with Brainwave Entrainment

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Alleviate Anxiety of your Past Life with Brainwave EntrainmentAt times, have you ever thought from where we get so much anxiety in our life? Has it ever happened that the source of your anxiety might have come from a life that you lived prior to this life? Brainwave entrainment is a clinically proven that can take you back to another life and eliminate the energy that is bringing stress to your this life. If you live a life in which the stress levels are really high then it is possible that you would have brought forward a bundle of anxieties that you might have acquired in your past life.

Our body is just like a vehicle that we use it to get around in physical. The eternal part of our body uses this part of the vehicle over and over again and as years progress by raising the consciousness. As you live the lives that you have chosen in your journey, you pick up the anxieties and fears that are carried forward from life to life and may even appear in your present life in the form of phobias, aversions and allergies.

Anxieties have been there in your life, from the time when you have been running around in a loin cloth trying to keep yourself ahead of the saber toothed tiger. May be from then on you have acquired the fear of pointy objects. At times, you might be troubled in eating stranger’s food as it could be that you would have been poisoned by

Brainwave entrainment is a neuro-technological tool that introduces specific sound frequencies to the brain with the intention of altering its dominant brainwave for a specific effect. The brain entrains this repeated rhythmic sound patterns followed by frequency. In few minutes, entrainment can alter the state of your consciousness and make you receptive to a journey back in the past. The moment you indulge in the brainwave entrainment session, your consciousness level will change and you will move inward, feeling relaxed and leaving behind the third dimension of your physical existence and moving into the fourth one. As your mind detaches yourself from the physical world, you get into a deep state of relaxation and from this point you can get back into time to determine the source of your anxiety that is hampering in your life now as well. When you identify it, you can dismiss its residue from the present day consciousness. Brainwave entrainment is a good way to alleviate anxiety of the past life as well as the current life.

-       By Angelica Campbell