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Archive for April, 2013

Relax and Bond with your Friends in a Spa Party

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Relax and Bond with your Friends in a Spa PartyMeeting up with friends is a common activity that most of us indulge in. Most of the time, it’s either coffee, dinner or may be in the pub. After a long week of busy schedule, we all wish to rejuvenate ourselves with something interesting and nice. How about the option of lying down a couch and enjoying some really good beauty rituals? May be, you can invite some of your best buddies to your place and plan up a small spa party. It would be really great fun enjoying the pampering massage session that would leave every muscle of your body absolutely rejuvenated. And, at the same time you could be talking out all that you had been wanting to from the past whole week.

Few tips whilst planning to Host a home spa party:

The first obvious thing is set a schedule so that accordingly you can ask all your friends to come over. Also, ask them to carry some good munchies that would contribute to your spa party. Fix it with the salon professionals so that they can come over to give the sessions.

Choose a secluded room in your house for the party and create the right ambience. In case, if you stay in a large apartment then you can use the living room as a venue for the party. Shift the furniture to another room so as to create more space, arrange scented candles, soft music and dim lights, and the party venue is all set to start. If possible, you can even arrange a relaxing tabletop fountain to set the mood.

Purchase home facial masks. You can even whip up your own, depending upon the time you have. You can even buy some handmade soaps made from natural ingredients that can be used to cleanse the face first and ahead to this, the masks can be applied.

You can create a small manicure and pedicure station as well. Ensure to lit up this area well, so that you can check out the different shades of nail polish and leave your toes all pampered. You can ask your friends to get the shades they have, as this will give a lot of options for all.

Ask your friends to get the samples of beauty products they have so all can experiment on the same. Each one will have a different one and this will give all various options to try. Other stuff also, you can ask them to carry especially if they have any new cosmetics sample as well like, lipsticks, soaps, lotions and other cosmetics as well.

Ensure to arrange some good snacks and drinks. After all that beautifying and relaxation time, it is bound for all to get hungry, so you need to arrange a bit of light snacks and drinks that you can have whilsy you chat.

It is one of the fantastic ways to bond with your friends whilst enjoy relaxing and soothing your body as well.

By – Angelica Campbell

Handle Stress Immediately and Calmly

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Handle Stress Immediately and CalmlyAll of us have to admit that the best things in life do not remain forever. Good things come and go! Nice situations turn into bad ones. People say stuff, things turn out wrong and you might end up in a terrible situation. And, what is even horrible is that no cares to help you out from it, in fact they enjoy seeing you in the miserable situation. Yes, the truth is that no cares seeing you upset! They might have even caused the situation for you. They see you coming and run for a cover. Well, then how on earth will you escape from it all?

Quit your Negative Thinking

Yes, the first and foremost thing is to quit ranting. Your rant is not helping you at all. I know most people say that venting out is helpful. Well, according to me it is not good unless the situation seriously demands it. And, that too it should be just once. What, I believe is that every moment you spend on ranting and for every ounce of energy you spend on talking, you are missing out moments that you could have spent in a better manner like laughing or spending some good time. Whining and crying, you are not solving any problem but intensifying your stress feelings. So, why not spend that energy in a positive manner and that will even help you out from the problematic situation. Stop ranting about the situation and start solving it. Do not make a bad situation worse. Use the energy for something creative and worthwhile.

Stop Thinking and Start Breathing

By ranting you would have realized, how fast your heart starts beating. You are so much heated up that you cannot even think of doing anything positive. Well, that is ok! All that you need to do is just stop thinking. I know, at time sit is a bit difficult to follow, and you have no option but do it. You will have to stop thinking about the situation. Block your mind from all these thoughts. The best way to do so, is start taking slow cleansing deep breaths. If required, close your eyes. Block that voice from your head. I know those things will still want to come to your mind, but continue breathing. Breathe from your diaphragm and put all your energy and attention in inhaling and exhaling slowly and calmly. If this helps then go to a place where there is silence and closing your eyes and doing it, will help you to gain more calmness in mind. It signals your anxiety levels that everything is fine. And, if you still cannot shut off the negative thoughts then hum a happy tune whilst you breathe. Fill in that space with happiness by interrupting the negative thoughts. Allow your breath to flow freely and put in all your energy in breathing.

Exercise your Positive Muscles

Staying in a positive place does require effort. However, being positive is a choice. There is no requirement of being so worked up and overwhelmed about every situation. Take a decision to be positive, even if you cannot figure out how the situation can be solved. Treat the situation like a challenge in your life and not a punishment. The best way to come out of stress is to focus on positive things. Think of the things that make you happy. What makes a laugh? Think about the funny situation that made you laugh out rolling. Who makes you feel special? Off late, you did something for someone that made the person feel really special about them. Challenge yourself to do things that you are grateful for. See the things that you can notice in front of you that are beautiful and pleasant. Do it while you read this, and see how it works? Are you feeling better? Did you notice any change? The situation would not have changed entirely but yes, you can certainly feel the change. Now, you are in a better mental space and prepared to do something constructive and creative.

By – Angelica Campbell

Facial Yoga helps you to Stay Young Naturally

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Facial Yoga helps you to Stay Young NaturallyThe quest to keep skin healthy, sift, supple and young is a desire for every woman on earth. However, these days even men have started paying extra concentration on this aspect so that they do not look older. Aging comes naturally to everyone but it might come a little gracefully, if one starts taking extra care of them. Skin is the largest organ in the human body something similar to heart and kidneys. Appearance of lines, wrinkles, crow feet, laugh lines is a few signs of skin aging. All of us are aware about the numerous anti-aging products available in the market, but you never know which one works and which doesn’t. However there are some safe ways that you can try without spending from your wallet.

Facial exercises can help you to look more youthful. Even research states that approximately 30% of all end users of facial yoga systems are men in their 30’s and 40’s. Non-invasive facial gymnastic workouts tasking the finger tips on face for the purpose of face toning are effective for men and women to help to pursue their youthfulness.

Facelift exercises are a highly effective solution to reduce the eye bags, frown lines, dark lines, circles and hone the jaw line so as to remove any kind of double chin. Turkey neck and any kinds of wrinkles can be remedied by performing facial exercises.

Few tips mentioned below can help you stay younger:

  • Applying moisturizer is the least expensive option to keep your skin looking younger. Moisturizing it regularly will keep your skin hydrated and make you look younger. Lotions combined with facial aerobic exercises are an ideal option as this will directly be absorbed by your skin. In addition to this, drink lots of water.
  • A brisk walk everyday or some sort of regular exercises and consumption of healthy green veggies, fruits and berries is the best way you can look perfect. You must ensure to get your daily dosage of nutrients and minerals.
  • Apply whitening toothpaste to get a brighter smile as that will help you to remain youthful. Steer clear of coffee, berries, red wine and berries may tarnish your teeth so brush directly after ingestion to avoid discoloration.
  • Ensure to have a good amount of sleep Seven hours can be good and eight hours will be excellent.
  • A natural acupressure facelift can bring a colossal difference to bring younger looks in men and women.

In short if you apply all the above mentioned techniques for younger looking skin, you actually do not have to spend on any facial creams. Try them and enjoy your youth forever!

By- Angelica Campbell

Fine Designer Drapes can adorn your Living Room in Good Style

Saturday, April 6th, 2013

Fine Designer Drapes can adorn your Living Room in Good StyleThe importance of drapes in any house is to a great extent. Windows look bare and incomplete without drapes. Although, you might get away in some parts of the house but the sitting room is meant to be the place wherein you bring your guests and show the piece of your house and put in all sorts of entertainment. Along with a good design of furniture, adorning your sitting room with the finest design of drapes will help to reflect your personal style and make you have a room that you can feel proud of.

At times the meaning of curtains and drapes are often mixed up together. However, it is important to know that they are not the same. Although they both accessorize the windows and help to keep the light out and privacy in, there is a difference between the two. Curtains are lighter and airier while drapes are heavy and give a bolder statement. Drapes serve the purpose of blocking out light efficiently and effectively and also providing a barrier of insulation for the window.

Drapes lay a bigger impact at the rooms, but a bit of attention needs to be paid while choosing them. They are an important accessory and help to contribute the overall theme of the room. A strong colour of drapes will be a good option at a room in which there are several pieces of furniture, this will help to pull things together. Drapes add a very big difference in the rooms they are in. Even if a room has got lines and edges, hanging soft and feminine drapes will balance out the look. Modern furniture with floral drapes can give a complete change to the style of your room at complete ease. In fact, hanging out good drapes can even replace the requirement of repainting or refurnishing the room. Hanging good drapes can automatically add a dynamic look and add life to your living room. One of the most widely used functional drapery is the insulated curtain. Such types of curtains are also referred as blackout curtains and are different than the everyday common drapery panels that are manufactured.

Another option of decorating with designer drapes is pairing them with a window hanging. This gives the option of changing the lighting in the room and at the same time continues to add depth and texture to the décor of the room. You got to keep in mind that you are able to get the swatches of the drape fabric you are considering. Hang swatches around the windows and that can help you to make a choice. Putting in a little bit of extra effort in choosing the right drapes can define the look of your room majestically.


By – Angelica Campbell