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Bingo MagiX

Archive for March, 2014

Friendship pays a lot in the World of Online Bingo

Friday, March 28th, 2014

Friendship pays a lot in the World of Online BingoThe bingo industry apart from being an excellent zone of online gaming has also proven itself as interesting social platform too. The existence of chat rooms has facilitated the option of networking and interaction with players spanned across the globe. Chat rooms presence has allowed players to network easily and smoothly with gamers spread out across the bingo rooms. Bingo games as we all know has always been referred as a social game and in the online form too, the games have not lost its vintage value. Technological advancements have certainly allowed the online gaming option to extend quite a tremendous growth rate in the online bingo industry.

Bingo specials like Team Bingo and Refer a Friend add to the option of strengthening your friendship bond. Perhaps the makers behind the online gaming scene had intended to add to the community base by offering such game specials.

Join in for these bingo specials and you can get lucky to take away some fabulous prizes. Bingo MagiX gives its players the option of joining in for team bingo games and taking away the fabulous load of prize giveaways. According to the game, you need to form a team of 3 to 4 players and play bingo games for a whole month. Teaming up with your players is indeed an exciting option as you get the opportunity to interact and communicate with players you might not know. Players are free to form their own teams or they might even take assistance from the site to choose a team for them. Every team’s bingo score will be noted and at the end of the month, the team making the highest score will be awarded with the prizes. Scores will be accounted in accordance with every player’s bingo score made during the month. So, any player who makes a bingo the score will be accredited to their respective teams. Such bingo specials assist in building the team spirit across the players enhancing the community base. The other one is the option of Refer a Friend where in players on referring their friends to the bingo site can earn a good load of bonus goodies.

In addition to the above specials, even the social media boom put forth by social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and much more have assisted bingo sites to increase the aspects of communication. Now, we need to sit back what more the future of online bingo has in store.

It was a Marvellous March at Bingo MagiX

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

It was a Marvellous March at Bingo MagiX On an obvious note, Bingo MagiX seems to have offered a marvelous March to all its players. The promotions on an obvious note have been truly a rewarding one and that could be concluded with the crowd of players flocked across the bingo rooms.

With daily jackpot cash up for grabs, why on earth would anyone wish to miss it out? Every single day is meld with a particular value of jackpot cash to take away. On a daily basis, the site is offering cash worth £250 up for grabs at 11PM with the 75 ball bingo games to play. In the weekly offerings, there are jackpots worth £500 up for grabs every Monday 9PM with the fun filled 80 ball bingo games to play. And, finally there is the Bumper Jackpots with cash worth £1500 to win. This Bumper jackpot special is scheduled for 31st March at 10PM. And tickets for the games are already on sale via the pre-buy option. Go ahead and collect your bingo tickets as early as possible.

Teamed up with this special, there are more of fun games sizzling out at the site. You can try your luck on the remarkable free bingo games offered in the fun of 30 ball bingo games. Connecting with the fun, you can win up to £750 bonus over the month. On a daily basis, there is up to £250 bonus to claim. If you fancy winning it all, catch up with the free bingo tickets soon. The more bonus you add to your account, the more of free bingo games can you play across in future.

The list above sounds quite an intoxicating one. So with no delays, get connected with this fun as early as possible at Bingo MagiX. Also, tickets for the jackpot special are available via the pre-buy option. Collect your bingo tickets soon! And, if you aren’t a member yet, get going soon to nab the Welcome Bonus up to 900% offered for the first three deposits. And, prior to that you can enjoy a free £15 offered soon after registration. So, get set and go into the rooms!

The Jackpot Fever Sizzles at Bingo MagiX

Friday, March 21st, 2014

The Jackpot Fever Sizzles at Bingo MagiXBingo MagiX just loves to offer its monthly specials. Stepping in to every new month is like a boon for all bingo fans as the site reveals quite an interesting side to its players. Especially with a new season that is fast approaching, Bingo MagiX is ready with plenty of promotions at offer.

And if you are aiming for some good value of jackpots, Bingo MagiX is one site that can never disappoint its bingo fans in regards to jackpot giveaways. The one currently dominating across the bingo rooms is the jackpot galore where in you can win cash up to £11,750 up for grabs. You can make it to this cash winning by joining in for the games on a regular basis.

In the daily schedule of games, there is cash worth £250 up for grabs offered in the 75 ball bingo classics scheduled for 11PM every day. You can avail free tickets for the games via the pre buy option where in for a £10 deposit you can receive 10 free tickets to the daily jackpot. The 80 ball bingo classics are wrapped up with the weekly bingo specials where in there is cash worth £500 up for grabs every Monday at 9PM. A £10 deposit will let you avail 5 free tickets for this jackpot special.

And topping it all is the monthly special with the incredible value of cash worth £1500 up for grabs. The jackpot special is teamed with the 90 ball bingo classics and the game is dated for 31st March at 10PM. Tickets for the games are already on sale and for every £10 deposit, you can avail 2 tickets for the games. If you are ready for this bingo race, head down to the rooms of Bingo MagiX at the earliest!

Big Valued Pounds up for Grabs at Bingo MagiX

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Big Valued Pounds up for Grabs at Bingo MagiXBingo MagiX has got some really cool prizes up for grabs in their latest competitions. Head down to Bingo MagiX as soon as possible to join in for the jackpot fiesta and you would end up counting the big valued pounds.

Join in the Jackpot Galore and get lucky to win up to an awesome value of cash worth £11750. This big value of cash is assorted accordingly to different values of jackpot specials assigned to the month. On a daily basis there is cash up to £250 up for grabs in the 75 ball bingo games scheduled for 11PM every day. The weekly fun is in compact with the 80 ball bingo games with the big value of cash worth £500 up for grabs. The games are scheduled for every Monday at 9PM. And, finally there are the Bumper Jackpots offered in the 90 ball bingo specials with cash worth £1500 up for grabs. This bingo special is dated on 31st March at 10PM. Bingo tickets for the games are available via the pre-buy option as well. To avail your tickets, make a deposit today! For every £10 deposited you can choose to avail either 10 tickets for the daily jackpot or 5 free tickets for the Weekly Jackpot or 3 free tickets for the Bumper Jackpot.

The promotion promises to be a super popular one. So, ensure to make way into the room to check out the games and offers. Bingo MagiX is referred as one of the renowned online bingo sites existing in the gaming arena. For all newbies, they offer a fantastic start up process with a £15 no deposit bingo bonus offered for signing up. Ahead to this, there is up to 300% Welcome Bonus offered for the first 3 deposits made across the site.