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Archive for April, 2014

How to use Bingo Bonuses Appropriately?

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

How to use Bingo Bonuses Appropriately?Bingo bonuses are the most important ingredient of every online bingo site. Every player’s journey at an online bingo site begins with their greetings to the bingo bonuses showered on them. As a new player everyone is entitled to enjoy sign up bonus and Welcome Bonus offers. In fact these offers are truly an excellent option offered by bingo sites to get started with the bingo fun.

Ahead to these bonus offers there are numerous other options of earning bingo bonus rewards. Bingo bonuses are classified under the following categories:

  • Sign up (No deposit bonus) and Welcome Bonuses: The no deposit bonus is the bonus offered to players even without making a deposit. This bonus is offered soon after registration. On the other hand, Welcome Bonus is offered only after the player makes their first deposit. At Bingo MagiX we offer a first deposit bonus of 300% matched to each of the initial 3 deposits.
  • Promotional Bonuses: Additionally, this concept of free bingo bonuses is extended to promotional offers as well. It is common to find free bingo bonuses offered in the bingo promotions across bingo sites. Also like bingo bonus there is cash back bonuses offered by bingo sites.
  • Inclusive to the above, there are bonuses offered in chat games as well known as chat game bonuses.

Now the question is how to use the bingo bonuses intelligently?

Yes, it is very important to use bingo bonuses appropriately. The free bingo bonuses are a very important asset for all players and one must not just waste it unnecessarily. Experienced bingo players will know it well how to use the bonuses, it is the new players who have to be very careful about using their stack of free bingo bonuses. Here are a few tips to use free bingo bonuses wisely:

Tip 1: The most important step is not to use the sign up bonus immediately. A common mistake that most of us make is using the free bonuses too quickly. It is suggested to do so only if you are a vintage and a good player. As new players, one should first blend their gaming skills well before finishing the stock of free bonus. Do not spend it one go, but explore around the site and bingo rooms before finishing up the entire bonus.

Tip 2: Make the first deposit count – The Welcome Bonus offered is a onetime offer, thus players should ensure to utilize this bonus in a perfect manner and enjoy every ounce of the bonus goodies. Like at Bingo MagiX, the site offers a 300% Welcome Bonus matched for each of the first 3 deposits made at the site. Therefore in such a scenario, players must make their deposit accordingly so that they can avail the maximum value of bonus in the first go itself. This will let players stack in loads of free bingo bonuses and that further increases the options of playing and winning as well.

Tip 3: Learn to play bingo well: As long as you have these free bonuses, hone your gaming skills. It is easier to pick up the skills of bingo gaming with the free bonuses stacked in your account rather than spending on the bingo play.

Tip 4: Look out for cash back bonuses: Bingo MagiX gives the option of claiming cash bonus/bingo bonus for first deposit. This offer is not available across all bingo sites. Choosing to opt cash bonus will let you play bingo on slot games as well. Also, on fulfilling certain wagering requirements can allow you to withdraw the cash bonus.

Tip 5: Participate in for the chat games to earn free bonus prizes. It is fun to be a part of these games also the opportunity to load in lots of bonuses.

Thus, we can conclude on this fact that bingo bonuses are an important asset and utilizing it accordingly can add to player entertainment. Therefore use it wisely!!!

Bingo MagiX Rewards all Players with an Easter Redeposit Bonus

Friday, April 18th, 2014

Bingo MagiX Rewards its Players with an Easter Redeposit Bonus The Easter celebration is certainly at its full spirits everywhere.

And, whilst our players are busy with their festive plans, even we at Bingo MagiX have not missed on rewarding our players with some out of the ordinary bingo treats.

We’ve got an interesting Easter bonus for all our players. According to this offer, players can claim an extra 100% redeposit bonus for a minimum deposit of £10.

This bonus is offered exclusive to the regular redeposit bonus of 150%. That means, on making a minimum deposit of £10, you can claim a redeposit bonus up to £35. To avail the bonus, players need to use the bonus code: EASTER after depositing a minimum of £10. Also, we are giving our players the opportunity to enjoy this bonus on any day in a time frame of four days (18th to 21st April). So, for those who are busy for Good Friday and Easter, must ensure to collect them on any of the promotional offer days. Do not miss out on this!

Additionally, Bingo MagiX has a special offer plugged in to their welcome package as well. As we all know, the fun at this bingo site begins with the £15 no deposit bingo bonus. And, ahead to it is a whopping value of Welcome Bonus up to 900% bifurcated for the first 3 deposits made across this bingo site. Well, currently making your first deposit, you can claim 300% Welcome Bonus and also a £10 cash voucher. This cash voucher can be even used for your next deposit at Bingo MagiX. Therefore, players who aren’t a member of Bingo MagiX yet – the time is right to become a member of this magical online bingo site. Amidst all these fabulous bonus deals, players also have the opportunity to indulge in for interesting promotional offers stacked across the bingo rooms. To explore the fun, move on today!

Facebook may fuel online bingo gaming in remote areas

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Facebook may fuel online bingo gaming in remote areasBingo games certainly claim their existence back to ages, however the internet breakthrough managed to take the industry to greater heights. A good reason to hang out with the fun of bingo play is playing it online from one’s comfort zone. Just with a computer and an internet connection, it is easy to get started playing bingo games anytime, anywhere. By all means, the games reflected its impressive side only via the internet gaming option.

Internet has proved to be the change agent for the growth of the online gaming industry; it has been a prime source for the penetration of online bingo in specific. To think that bingo has achieved its potential is natural, but with availability of internet in remote places, this game may see more people joining in.

As per a recent article in the UK’s Guardian revealed Facebook’s plans of expanding broadband coverage to the world’s most remote locations.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive has unveiled his plans to beam the broadband connections from the skies with the help of unmanned high altitude aircrafts, satellites and laser beams. He has purchased a Somerset based designer of solar powered drones worth $20m (£12M) that would help to connect the world’s most remote locations to the internet.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Ascenta consultancy will join in for Facebook’s not-for-profit venture that is teamed in with a group of scientists and engineers who have previously worked for Nasa and US National Optical Astronomy Observatory.

The aim is to connect billions of people who currently do not have access to internet. When it is all about race in the clouds, Google is already ahead of the curve. With the help of high altitude vehicles, Google intends to establish an uninterrupted internet signal around the 40th parallel of the Earth’s southern hemisphere.

Well, what this could do for the online bingo industry or the social media industry is something absolutely enormous. Online bingo gaming can be accessible to places where there were no signs of internet.

Opening of internet in such areas will be a doorway for international multimedia, communications and business purposes too. In such a scenario, online bingo will also take a front seat. As soon as this concept is implemented online bingo games will be accessible in areas around the world that none had expected, it could open up numerous opportunities for all.

A recent report stated that 75% of Europe has access to the internet in 2013, when this option comes up, 25% will join too.

The current trend in gaming is mobile bingo and smart phones have become omnipresent gadgets with one in every five owning a smart phone. This, coupled with internet accessibility, is certain to revolutionize socializing around the world and that will further enhance the growth and popularity of online bingo gaming too. There is more to come!

Bingo MagiX Celebrates Easter with the Big Valued Cash

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Bingo MagiX Celebrates Easter with the Big Valued Cash It’s been a while that we have stepped into the bright and sunny season that already we can hear the jingle of the festive bells. And, without wasting even a second, Bingo MagiX ensured to keep all the festive treats ready for all its players

This online bingo site is accredited with the fame of offering its players some seriously good winnings via its jackpot specials. There are tons up for grabs for this month too. The Easter Wonderland Jackpots is a happening one amongst the big lot of specials. You can make it to an incredible winning up to £11,000. To get lucky for the cash, ensure to join in for the daily, weekly and the monthly specials. In the daily jackpot fun, you can get lucky to win yourself cash worth £250 at 11PM. Connecting in for the weekly fun, there is cash up to £500 to take away every Monday in the games happening at 9PM. And, finally there is the big game scheduled for 30th April at 10PM with an exhaustive cash prize worth £1500 up for grabs. To fix in your luck for the fun as soon as possible, get a hold of your bingo tickets. The tickets are already on sale at Bingo MagiX via the pre-buy option and collecting them in advance will also let you bag free tickets as well. A single ticket for the daily jackpot is priced for a 50p, £1 per ticket for weekly jackpot and £2 for bumper jackpot.

Bingo MagiX also gives you the option to collect free tickets for the games. For every £10 deposit, players can claim 10 free tickets for the daily jackpot, 5 free tickets for the weekly jackpot and 2 free tickets for the bumper jackpot. Now with no delays, players must take a quick rush in to the rooms of Bingo MagiX as early as possible. Additionally, there is cash up to £1000 to win on a daily basis. Every day in the hours between 10AM and 10PM there is cash worth £1,000 up for grabs with £100 guaranteed to take away. Plus if you are busy to log in every day for the fun, fix up your bingo tickets via the pre-buy option. Day on day the fun seems to get even more magical. Join in for this fabulous bingo world – Bingo MagiX today!