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A Woman’s Age decides her Mr. Perfect

A Woman’s Age decides her Mr. PerfectHere is something very interesting to share out with all the ladies out there! Did you know that your age influences your idea when you are looking out for the perfect man in your life? According to an annual report by by Lovegeist stated that a woman’s age will dictate a lot of characteristics that they will look out for in their partner. The report tracked the changing attitudes of woman towards dating and relationships changed with the passing years in their life. Women over 55 years were the choosiest of all in selecting the guy they wished to date with. And, they were considered to be the woman with utmost standards

Women in the age group from18 to 24 wanted a guy whom they can show off in front of their friends. In fact, 47% of the girls in this age group will choose someone that was approved by their friends. They prefer to date good looking men with six packs and good physical shape. Men with a good taste for music, movies and books are important for the girls in this age group.

Next, is the range from 25 to 34. In this age group two third women aim towards men successful in their careers. Men to qualify themselves for this category will have to be serious about their ambition. Even sexual compatibility is important for people in this age category in comparison to the other age categories. Women in the age group from 35-44 prefer to settle down and are more likely turned on by older men. Around 73% women of this age group will wish to date someone five years senior to them and with someone good at socializing with people. No female of this age category will prefer to date a guy with bad manners.

Following this is the age category from 44-54. Security is the main concern for females in this age range and 95% women in this age range will go for men with whom they can be a bit secure. Looking out for a man with high income is an important criterion for women in this category. They are less picky about the person with whom they are dating and focus more on the guy being settled. In the overall scenario, it has also been found out that women are likely to date men five years younger to them. In the later part of the life, women aim more towards cerebral delights. For women above 55, intelligence and shared values are a concern. It is told that as woman grow older, they become picky and choosy about the person with whom they romance.

By- Angelica Campbell

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