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Are you an Optimist – Part II?

Are you an Optimist – Part IIIn the previous article, we discussed a few points on developing a positive mindset. Here is a few more adding to the list:

  • Learn from Past Experiences: Taking lessons in a classroom is always different from actually experiencing things in real. In school, we learn the lesson before taking the exam. In real life, we take the exam first and then learn the lesson. Therefore, in real life the test is our experiences. If we fail in the test then it means that we did not have a good experience. In such cases, we examine the scenario first and learn the lesson. And, this helps us to avoid committing the same mistake again and again.
  • Detach yourself from the outcome: Every day cannot be a good day for us in life. Some days are happy times where as some will be sad. A lot of time, we have to face situations that take place against our will. Life is all about facing unexpected situations! So, ensure to put in your best in every situation but do not be upset if things do not happen in accordance to our choices. Do not be too much attached on attaining desired results, as it will lead to disappointment and upset your mood. At times, you got to value the journey and not the results!
  • Plan a list of goals and actions: Set the goals you wish to accomplish in life and map a plan to achieve them. When you are quite focused about what you wish to do and carry out things accordingly then a stronger will power will help to support your actions and even your attitude for results.
  • Focus on important things: Stay focused irrespective of any situation that you might have to undergo. In fact visualize fulfilling your goals. Develop a strategy for dealing with your obstacles and problems. Prioritize your goals! Focus on important things that need to be auctioned first. Also, take out some time for your relaxation and fun as this will keep your spirits high and give you better chances of attaining success.
  • Associate with Positive People: The presence of good people around you is very important. Always ensure to be around optimistic people as they will always help you to build your self – esteem and confidence.
  • Take New Challenges: Every day is a new day of learning. So do not restrict your life experiences just to your normal and regular schedule. Take risks and accept new challenges in life. Also, be open to accept everything. You may not know everything in life, so at times you got to listen to others as well.
  • Forgive and leave your worries behind: Mistakes and failures are the root causes for everything. If somehow you let go pain, agony and fear that we keep it within ourselves then we can release out a lot of trouble from our lives. So, forgive yourself and others for committing mistakes.
  • Ask for Guidance: Ensure to give a short prayer to god everyday! Have faith in him and he will surely guide you to get the best.

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