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Brits Love Their Pets More Than Family

Been hearing a lot of pet stories of late and one of them really caught my attention. This one is about a survey that showed that Brits missed their pets more than their immediate family members which got me thinking. In the same survey, one third of British pet owners stated that they would rather go out with their pets than their family members!

So how much do you really love your pets? Are you one of those people in the one-third list? I know its great to love your pets but I could never prefer them over family.

Sure, I’d like to treat my pets as family but cannot even think about leaving behind my family members to be with my pet. If you ask me, the survey in itself was a little silly but interesting to see that so many people thought alike.

Out of the total, another one third said that they have taken a pet on their vacation. Another 13 percent Brits admitted that they would rather prefer their pets on a vacation than their partners. While we are on the subject, here’s another wacky pet related story. A man in the Middle East had recently filed for divorce because of his wife’s cats. Before you think, hey that’s crazy, how can he do that, listen to the full story and you would certainly feel sorry for the guy.

This woman that we are discussing about here had 550 cats in total and it was making her husband’s life very difficult. According to reports, the husband couldn’t sleep because there was always some cat sleeping in his bed any time of the day and he couldn’t have dinner on his table because one of the many cats always stuck its head in his plate. Can you imagine that many cats living your home? I can live with one or two but no way 550! I don’t think even my local shelter would have that many cats. The couple tried to work things out, but the lady refused to part with her 550 cats and she wanted a divorce. All’s well that’s end well, the man got his divorce and can finally sleep on a bed without cats. As for the lady, let’s hope she and all her 550 cats live happily ever after.

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