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Archive for the ‘Fashion and Lifestyle’ Category

Can your Diet Affect your Dating?

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Can your Diet Affect your DatingOur eating habits play a supreme role in our day to day life. Eating healthy and good food is just not influential for living a healthy lifestyle but has its importance in a lot many areas of our life. Here is something for you to know, that your eating habits can even make or break a date for you. Talking about the eating habits, yes of course none of us will want to date a sloppy eater. However, it is just not the way you eat but even what you eat as well. And, this has been stated according to a research done by the dating app AYI (Are You Interested?).

This they have concluded after analyzing the online activity of at least 180,000 app users and checking around 2.4 million interactions overall (950,000 interactions by women and 1.45 million interactions by men). Anytime when a user viewed someone’s profile, AYI looked at the likelihood of the user actually reaching out to connect with the person.

Researchers have found out that men were 11% more likely to reach out to vegetarian women than women who preferred to eat meat. And, the situation was totally opposite in case of women. 13% more women are more likely to reach out to meat eating men than the vegetarian men.

Well that does not mean that you should ditch your meat eating habits as that would be really crazy. However, it is really interesting to know about the diet criteria that one looks out for. According to the research from the app showed that people do consider facts like height, diet income and other factors before contacting their potential date. But, people forget to consider the criteria once a person reaches out to them. That could be because knowing that someone is interested in you is more important than considering the other factors, especially eating habits. But, again there could be some who might be very rigid with their thoughts and beliefs. So, good luck!

Do you make these Skin Care Mistakes?

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Do you make these Skin Care Mistakes?All of us know that it is a big offence to go to bed without washing one’s face – right? And, if you ate not doing so then you are actually ruining your skin. The below mentioned are a few unforgivable common mistakes that most of us tend to do in our daily lives.  And, if we actually put a ban on such things then for sure, your skin will thank you for that.

  • First Mistake – The first and foremost one is piling up your products. Agree it, we all have done so. You get to know some reviews about a product in magazine or television and you think – “it’s the right cream for me.” Before you’ve realized, the products have lined up your kitty like a big family. Applying all of these products is not only time consuming but you even run the risk of ruining your skin too. Skin experts have stated that as per your daily skin routine, you just need a cleanser, moisturizer, daily sunscreen, acne treatment or an anti-aging product. And, in case you are tempted to buy a new mask or cream then keep it out of sight so that you can use it occasionally. Also, toners and scrubs you can use it twice or thrice in a week.
  • Skimp on Sleep and Water: This is the second mistake that majority of us tend to make. Sleep and hydration are important for our skin. Not consuming the right amount of water can leave your skin looking thirsty giving it a dull and dry look. So, ensure to fill in at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. And if you can get it more, then even better. Also, hitting your bed on time is another way of adding the extra bit of glow to your face. Sleep is essential for flushing the blood volume to your skin. Look fresh and young by sleeping at least 7 – 8 hours a day. If you have not been doing so, try it all off late and seen the change in your skin.
  • Picking up products that promise too much: Like, when a single product says that says it can reduce wrinkles, minimize pores, moisturize and give clear skin too. Well, then one is automatically tempted to do so. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that a product can contain all these ingredients and live up to the claims. And, even if it does so, then it is probably a little harsh for your skin. Women tend to use products that multi task. And, if you are doing so then unfortunately you are choosing products that are actually harming your skin. When you check out the ingredient label, anything mentioned after the first 3 products will not do anything much. Therefore, stick to products that contain few ingredients targeting just few issues.
  • Next blunder is applying stuff inappropriately. Which product you apply first matters a lot. Also, which ones you combine and apply. Also in regards to the layering of products, you should first apply the treatment oriented product first. Like, in case if you are using a retinol or acne treatment cream then in such a scenario apply it before using a basic moisturizer. Also, consult your dermatologist when you are using more than a single product. Also, use the harsher products at night like retinols as they make your skin more sun sensitive.
  • Skipping the daily sunscreen: You definitely would have heard this a million times. But, this is actually worth repeating. One certainly must not miss out on using their daily sunscreen. Not only does it protect from sunburns and skin research but research also states that using sunscreen on a daily basis will make your skin look younger. You can go for a simple and protective light moisturizer with SPF 15 an oil free formula that can shield your skin against UVA and UVB rays. Also, if you plan to be in the sun for a longer period of time then ensure to go for something like SPF 30 and higher.
  • Leave your make – up when at the gym: It may not sound good to work out totally bare-faced, but that is going to be good for your skin. Even mineral make –up formulas that say that they do not clog pores can also break out after a sweat session. At the most, you can just apply a basic tinted moisturizer. Just ensure, that it is oil-free!

 Now that is certainly a good list of skin care tips that you must follow. Try the above and see the difference in just no time!

Your Bedroom Colours Influence your Emotions

Monday, January 27th, 2014

Your Bedroom Colours Influence your Emotions Colours play a very important role in affecting our moods. Experts have even stated that using specific shades for your home can also impact on your well being and also for those within that space.

Room colours, particularly of your home can dramatically affect on your moods and feelings to a considerable extent. When it comes to decorating your home, one should select colours wisely. Each one of us has a separate perception for colours. All of us build our perceptions about colours deeply based on our experiences and culture.

Although each one of us have our own personal takes on colours, but choosing the right shade for your home is just more than choosing any bucket of paint that appeals you. Experts have suggested that it is important to truly analyze how a colour makes us feel rather than just following the usual trends.

Dr. Sally Augustin, a fellow at the American Psychological Association stated that emotional responses to colours depend upon their saturation and level of brightness. Colours that are less saturated and relatively bright like sage green are quite relaxing to look at. On the other hand, saturated colours and not too bright like rich sapphire blue look quite energizing.

Here is a list of few colours suggested by the experts.


Red is a big no – no for your bedroom. The colour red does stimulate a lot of energy, promotes liveliness and excitement but the colour is not a good choice for your bedroom. However, the colour is a good choice for your dining or living room where people prefer to sit down for a chat, discussion or a dinner. As the colour stimulates one’s energy and promotes liveliness and is exactly the colour required when mingling with your friends. Also, the colour is good to spark your appetite.


The colour blue is better known for its soothing and serene effects. Certain shades of blue have very soothing effects. And, the colour aims to provide calmness and helps in sleeping. The soft variations of blue have a very cooling effect when applied on the wall.


Chocolate brown painted on all the four walls makes the place look more like a cocoon. The room would give more of a cozy and safe feeling where in you can snuggle yourselves on your bed.


Lavender is quite a rich colour but it again depends upon the hue that is being used. The colour was used a lot in royalty and there are some people who signify the colour purple with wealth as well. Therefore, the colour is an ideal option for those who wish to make their home look more luxurious with minimal effort. However, some experts have stated that the colour purple tends to stimulate the creative part of the brain. And, bedroom is the place where we should rest or brain, so not a very appropriate colour again.


The colour black does have the ability to give bare walls an elegant flair. But, some have even suggested that black colour invokes negative feelings. The colour provokes negative feelings of melancholy. Using black in small doses or going for a lighter shade like grey is a good option instead.

Worried about Winter Fashion: A Few Fantastic Tips to try out!

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Worried about Winter Fashion A Few Fantastic Tips to Try out!With the cold weather upon us, I know it’s a little frustrating for women, as it is difficult to bundle up the winter outfits and still look great. And, if you really think so then you are absolutely wrong. Just with a little bit of efforts you can look stylish and stay warm and cozy as well. In fact, it is the best time of the year where in you can pull out your smart jackets and those lovely woollies and add a new meaning to your dressing.

However, wearing your woolen stuff you also need to be careful that you do not layer your body too much as you will miss out on the style statement. One excellent idea is to wear good quality wool. For women, the options of getting dressed is much more, in fact they have the option of going ahead to create a style statement of their own.

Here are a few ideas to stay warm and stylish during winters.

  • Coats: The first and foremost is to invest in a good and smart coat. It is an important garment to shun away the cold weather, plus it adds a smart look only if you choose to buy the right one. Coats even assist to compliment your outfit. You must ensure to choose the right colour – picking out a neutral colour is the right option. Brown, black and grey are the colours that can never go out of fashion. Even white looks excellent but you just have to be careful as how neat you can keep it. Plus, it does not give a good contrast with snow. Peacoats are a piece of timeless fashion and are available in excellent colours like magenta, purple, blue etc. faux fur is another excellent example. A few other examples are bomber jackets, trench coats and insulated jackets.
  • Full Sleeved Shirts: Full sleeved fashion shirts are always in fashion and they look really smart too. And, the best way to put on such a shirt is to team it with the right accessories. During an outing, a loose fitted shirt on your outfit is a fantastic option to give that casual look. Wearing a full sleeve shirt underneath a cut jacket is a fantastic option too.
  • Scarves: Scarves have always been a piece of vintage fashion. The option is a fantastic way to complement your clothing. Especially during the windy days, you can protect your looks by carrying a fashionable scarf. Knitted woollen chunky stoles can help to be functional and fashionable as well. There are 25 stylish ways that a woman can carry a scarf. And, available in a variety like shaded, embroidered, floral, polka dotted adds more options for us to try out. And, yes the leopard print continues to be a fashion statement as well.
  • Socks: Another fashion trend in vogue is the knee length socks. Knee length socks can always be paired with short skirts; else you can even prefer to wear stockings or may be the thick tights.
  • Footwear: Winter footwear is an important aspect. Your flip-flops and strappy shoes have to be put aside for spring and summers. Now you will have to go for shoes that will cover more of your skin. Now is the time to pull out your boots, ballerina shoes and the cute tennis shoes. Even the knee high slouchy boots are a remarkable option to give you that smart and chic look.

The above sounds an excellent list of ideas for one to try out. So, this winter make sure to stand out amidst the rest by creating your own style statement. Good Luck folks!

By – Angelica Campbell