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Archive for the ‘Health Regime’ Category

Facial Yoga helps you to Stay Young Naturally

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Facial Yoga helps you to Stay Young NaturallyThe quest to keep skin healthy, sift, supple and young is a desire for every woman on earth. However, these days even men have started paying extra concentration on this aspect so that they do not look older. Aging comes naturally to everyone but it might come a little gracefully, if one starts taking extra care of them. Skin is the largest organ in the human body something similar to heart and kidneys. Appearance of lines, wrinkles, crow feet, laugh lines is a few signs of skin aging. All of us are aware about the numerous anti-aging products available in the market, but you never know which one works and which doesn’t. However there are some safe ways that you can try without spending from your wallet.

Facial exercises can help you to look more youthful. Even research states that approximately 30% of all end users of facial yoga systems are men in their 30’s and 40’s. Non-invasive facial gymnastic workouts tasking the finger tips on face for the purpose of face toning are effective for men and women to help to pursue their youthfulness.

Facelift exercises are a highly effective solution to reduce the eye bags, frown lines, dark lines, circles and hone the jaw line so as to remove any kind of double chin. Turkey neck and any kinds of wrinkles can be remedied by performing facial exercises.

Few tips mentioned below can help you stay younger:

  • Applying moisturizer is the least expensive option to keep your skin looking younger. Moisturizing it regularly will keep your skin hydrated and make you look younger. Lotions combined with facial aerobic exercises are an ideal option as this will directly be absorbed by your skin. In addition to this, drink lots of water.
  • A brisk walk everyday or some sort of regular exercises and consumption of healthy green veggies, fruits and berries is the best way you can look perfect. You must ensure to get your daily dosage of nutrients and minerals.
  • Apply whitening toothpaste to get a brighter smile as that will help you to remain youthful. Steer clear of coffee, berries, red wine and berries may tarnish your teeth so brush directly after ingestion to avoid discoloration.
  • Ensure to have a good amount of sleep Seven hours can be good and eight hours will be excellent.
  • A natural acupressure facelift can bring a colossal difference to bring younger looks in men and women.

In short if you apply all the above mentioned techniques for younger looking skin, you actually do not have to spend on any facial creams. Try them and enjoy your youth forever!

By- Angelica Campbell

Going to the Beach can be Fun and Healthy as Well

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Going to the Beach can be Fun and Healthy as WellNobody needs a reason to go to the beach, for all of us just love being there and enjoying the wonderful gift that nature has bestowed upon us.  However, there are few reasons that probably most of us do not know, that we humans are benefited in a lot many ways. Here are a few facts that will tell us as how the beach helps us to stay healthy and live a clean lifestyle.

Good for Skin and Cures Acne: Most of you might have not known this that the sun helps to cure acne. The sun has a great source of Vitamin D and at the beach you will get loads of it in the natural form. It’s the natural acid that gets in touch with your skin and cures any kind of skin issues. However, that does not mean that you should stop applying sunscreen when you step out of the house. It is a must for everyday but you can also include a bit of sunshine in your journey for good skin.

Excellent Stress Buster: Anytime when you visited the beach, did you realize how happy you feel there. Well, there could be a lot many reasons for the positive feelings but clinically the most important reason is that sun plays an important role in boosting your mind. The sea air produces certain negative ions that help to combat every positive ion that instigates depression. The sun helps to increase the serotonin (happy hormone) in the brain and that in turn makes you happy and cheerful.

Good Therapy for the Feet: Most of us in the beach love to leave footprints on the sand. It is always fun to do something like this but did you know that this activity is an excellent spa and massage to your feet. Walking on the chilly damp shore barefooted for miles will not make you feel tired and in turn will make you feel absolutely relaxed. Walking on the sand increases the blood circulation and will make you feeling calm and relaxed. If you would have noticed then our feet always feel better every time when you hit the beach as the sand helps to exfoliate your feet and get rid of the calluses. Walking on the beach is a perfect therapy for the feet.

Skin Detoxification: The sea water is a good source of detoxifying your skin. The salty aspect of the sea cleanses and detoxifies the skin. Next time when you enjoy being a beach bum, just check out how good your skin feels as well.

Good Motivator: Hitting on the beach to flaunt your wonderful bikini or your six- pack ABS is an excellent option to motivate yourselves to feel good at all times. Frequently, visiting the beach will automatically inspire you to live a healthy lifestyle and you would strive to maintain it or make it better year after year.

Well then you must ensure not to miss out on enjoying the healthy pleasures of the beach and that too absolutely free. So, start heading towards a beach now to be healthy and beautiful!

By – Angelica Campbell

Detoxify your body with Aromatherapy

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Detoxify your body with AromatherapyThe world we are living in, we are constantly exposed to toxic substances especially due to the poisonous gases emitted everyday and we inhale the same to our respiratory tracts. The tooth paste that we use consists of fluoride that is not considered to be safe. Also, the water that we drink contains an amount of chlorine. Such substances are present in a low dosage, however regular consumption results in a situation in which we end up consuming too much of toxins in our body. High content of toxic substances in our body makes more chances of us falling sick.

Even the food we eat contains a lot of additives that are proven to be not good for health. Just for the sake of preserving food for a longer time, big food giants add small amount of additives to it. Also, toxins do not come just from the environment, even our bodies produce toxins that depends upon the state of our mind. At times, when you are emotionally charged, your body may tend to release substances that include feelings, like irritation, anxiety, depression and hyper tension.

Therefore, detoxifying the body is very important to live a healthy life. And, the best part is that detoxifying the body is very easy with numerous options. Like the best option is drinking lots of clean water can help the liver and kidneys in excreting the toxic products. Even exercising helps to accelerate the flow of toxins outside the body. In addition to these, another popular option is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the art of using oils essential oils for cleansing the body to keep the body in a state of well being. There are two popular ways to use essential oils that help to push out the body toxins. And, that can be through inhalation or massage. Some plant oils are made up of special chemicals that influence the state of mind of the human being. The molecules enter our body through massage or inhalation and that gets into the nervous system and affects the hypothalamus. This part of the brain influences the hormonal system of the person. And, the hormonal system in turn influences the mood and stress level and metabolism of the person. Some essential oils help the body release the right amount of hormones that in turn helps in the cleansing of the body.

Some oils can be even mixed with wax to create a candle. And, when the candle is lit, the burning of the wax releases fragrances that goes directly into the brain and gives an appropriate effect. Another way is using the oil for massaging. The different oils used are:

Lemongrass: This oil extract is taken from the plant lemongrass and helps to deal with inflammation. When a human body is affected by toxins then the parts affected by it becomes inflamed and lemongrass can be a good medication for this. The oil also has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that help to kill germs and clean wounds.

Mandarin oil: The oil helps in dealing with skin problems and rejuvenating the cells of the skin. Our skin is daily exposed to some substances and Mandarin is a good substance for fighting against all kinds of skin infections.

Rosemary: Rosemary is one of the most popular oils used in aromatherapy. This oil deals with a lot many health benefits. Rosemary oil helps in removing bad breath and restoring the buccal health. The oil also helps in giving a good skin tone and removing dryness. The oil can also be used for respiratory problems like flu, sore throat, cold and allergies.

Juniper Berry: This oil helps relieve mental tension, anxiety, drowsiness and even for illnesses like rheumatism, menstrual problems, gout and many others.

By- Angelica Cambell

Learn how to Release your Inner Calm: Check out the Anger Management Techniques

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Learn how to Release your Inner Calm Check out the Anger Management Techniques There is nothing wrong in experiencing anger, provided you do not go to the extent of harming yourself too much. Anger becomes a problem when you are not able to handle it effectively and further it might affect any important decision of your life. As anger is a common psychological trait found in millions of people across the globe. Especially, the rate at which the world is competing ahead, people certainly need to be trained on anger management. Below mentioned are a few effective methods that can help you create a better and a happier individual.

  • Regular Exercise: You do not have to practice to excel in the Olympics but yes certainly something like as though you are preparing for the Marathon. A regular exercise of 30 minutes a day can help you control your anger by finding an outlet to your emotions. Hitting a punch bag everyday for 30 minutes is a fantastic option.
  • Think before you Act: This is one of the most important methods of controlling anger as it will limit any potential negative consequences of your anger. For e.g., before you slam a door or break your cell phone out of anger, consider the outcomes of this situation. As there could be a lot of expenses piling up for you.
  • Give yourself a Timeout: This has been the traditional way of handing anger where in we were told as kids, that whenever one gets angry – one should count from one to ten. And, this process calms down the anger of the person. This practice is truly effective as you will automatically feel free and if required you can count up to 20.
  • Forgive and Forget: Holding grudges against someone forever ensures the option that your anger management woes remain unsolved. If someone has acted in a way that was disturbing to you, then the best is to try your best to forgive them. Other people out there will not act in a way that will please you or act in your best interests. So, the quicker you accept it, the better and you will be happier.
  • Spend time doing things that helps you to relax: Everyone has their own unique way of relaxation that enables them to relieve stress and elevate their mood. So, each one has to experience things that delights them the most. Find out, what suits you the best and do it. There are multitude options at offer like reading, writing, holidaying, visiting a salon, eating, meeting up with friends and so much more. So, go to introspect your choices and find out what suits the best.

Next time when you are angry, you know how to calm down your nerves. Must try it all, it really works. Free yourself from anger and live a happier life!

By- Angelica Campbell