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Archive for the ‘Leisure & Entertainment’ Category

Secrets to Plan a Perfect hen Party

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Secrets to Plan a Perfect hen PartyIt is a good idea to get involved in a hen party. Any bride would love to join in for one and talk about all her doubts regarding the big night. Nobody wants a stripper or indulge in any risqué entertainment, so it is always better to chat over all your doubts, so that you do not cause any embarrassment later on. So, call up all your best buddies. Plan out a good destination, venue, theme and the way you actually want a hen party to be organized. Here are a few ways to plan out a perfect hen night:

  • Plan the budget: You need to fix up an accurate budget. If you want to action the parties you had been fancying off, then you certainly need to plan out a proper budget, keeping in mind things like travel, accommodation, food, drinks and other stuff. So you got to plan it out and check out the options as how you can accommodate the budget.
  • Choosing the Venue: Selecting an appropriate place is very important especially that suits to the likes of all members involved in the party. There are various options available to decide the right place. Choosing a hotel room, escaping from the crowd and going somewhere in the outskirts of the city or even camping in the woods can be a great option. Else, having it in the home is also a good idea, if you have the option of enjoying absolute privacy along with your friends.
  • Carry all the important accessories that you might require during the hen night party. Filling in the party night with loads of naughty games is a good option as that can help you to break the ice with some friends that you may have not been quite close to. Some good accessories to carry are veils, handcuffs, hen night bags, glow sticks. Well, you got to be bold and daring! Have fun!
  • Of course, some great food options have to be arranged along with your favourite drinks and cocktails. Ensure to check out with the bride as what options she is looking out for.
  • In the hen party, ensure to prioritize the bride’s emotions. As her emotions will be extremely high and it is important that she does not undergo any kind of pressure at that time. It is vital that you take care of the hen. Keep her away from any disputes, ensure that she enjoys to the fullest and if she has had too many cocktails and if she needs a bed then see that you arrange the same for her.
  • Ensure to deck the fun with loads of enjoyment like dancing, singing, music, drinks, food and everything all girls enjoy to do.
  • Seal the Memories: Ensure to carry your camera and take videos, so that you capture all the lovely interesting moments. Years after, you can look back at it and laugh. And, yes do not forget to carry some of your favourite outfits and make-up kits, so that you give that perfect look for pictures that you can post in Facebook.

If you know someone who is likely to get married soon then you got to go ahead and plan the best ever hen party you would have ever indulged in. Get going soon!

By- Angelica Campbell

Strengthen your Friendship with your Pet Dog

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Strengthen your Friendship with your Pet DogThere is a long old saying that a dog is a man’s best friend. And, this statement probably every dog on earth has been able to live up to it. However, to ensure that your dog manages to become your best friend, there are certain things that even you need to work on. The major requirements are providing a good diet, a healthy regime and exercising daily. Training the dog with appropriate behaviors is also imperative to make your pet well behaved. Dogs generally have this instinct of chasing around, digging on the ground, running in herds and barking unnecessarily. And, it is the onus of the master to free their pets from such habits and learn to behave appropriately.

The first and foremost important thing in taking care of your pet requires patience, hard working and commitment. You have to work on improving the well being of your dog from all possible dimensions and providing it in the best possible manner. Like, if you are providing your dog with healthy food then you must ensure to give your pet proper exercise. Just like humans, exercise is of paramount importance to dogs also. Simply eating and not burning out the calories will not be a healthy regime for your dog. Exercising your pet everyday will help to keep your dog energetic and mentally alert. Exercises could be anything like a morning walk, jogs in the morning, running around in the yard and a lot more stuff you can add to the schedule. You can initiate a proper program accordingly for your pet. Also, you can plan out the program according to your dog breed fro exercises vary from breed to breed. Like, a dog that is prone to sickness cannot afford to do strenuous exercise.

Hygiene is also another important aspect of taking proper care of your dog. In fact, it is the most important of all! Good health and hygiene are connected to each other. In case of pets, you got to be extra careful about their health; else even you might be affected with it. Ensure to keep your dog absolutely clean by scrubbing and brushing it every single day. Also, the place of rest for your dog should be proper and clean. It should be clean, cozy, warm and quiet. The dog’s bed must be cleaned regularly. As this will ensure that your dog sleeps in a clean environment and free from fleas.

A balanced diet, regular exercising, clean & hygiene will automatically keep your dog in a good state of health and also in a healthy state of mind. This in turn will automatically strengthen your relationship with your pet. If you will take the onus of taking complete care of your pet, it’s obvious for your pet to consider the most important person in their life. So, in short by taking good care of your pet, you can strengthen your relationship to the core. Enjoy your friendship with your pet J

By- Angelica Campbell

Look Stylish with Fashion Jewellery

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Look Stylish with Fashion JewelleryFashion jewellery has become a major trend these days. These accessories are not limited just to women but even men take a lot of interest in it. Decking your outfit with some good jewellery not only complements your outfit but also makes you look classy and stylish. However, you just need to know how to make yourself presentable by decking yourself with the right kind of jewellery.

Here are a few things to know about decking yourself with the right kind of jewellery.

Handmade Jewellry: Hand crafted jewelry is very common these days and is popular in various styles. They are made in a combination of stones and beads. The jewellery looks quite original in comparison to other types. A variety of materials are used in this type of jewellery. In such jewellery its mostly beads and stone used for making bracelets and necklaces.

Special Jewellery: Special jewellery is generally developed for special occasions and events like weddings and parties. Such jewellery includes bracelets, brooches, rings and necklaces and they are something similar to a fashion statement. In this category, crystals and heavy stones also included. Sterling jewellery is also a very common example of this stuff. Sometimes, even simpler pieces are also dedicated as special jewellery.

Bracelets: Bracelets are also a common piece of jewellery. These days, a lot many huge and chunky bracelets are available and are a trend amongst people of all age groups. Even large bangles in a variety of colours are a common option too. Such bangles are teamed with bright floral dresses. They are made with stones to create a hand crafted look. You will find them in silver and stainless steel too. Steel is very long lasting and the designers develop amazing pieces on this material. Sometimes even beads are mixed with it create an elegant look.

Rings: Rings are a famous piece of jewellery Women feel absolutely incomplete without it, so its necessary for women to adorn their fingers with rings. According to the recent trend, a lot many women prefer to adorn themselves with bigger rings in funky designs. Such rings are mostly decorated with good quality beads and stones. Precious stones like diamonds have also become a common trend, however the option is a little expensive one.

Earrings: Even earrings are a popular piece of fashion jewellery and available in the latest styles. The current trend includes the ones in larger size something called the dangling earrings. However, the trend keeps changing and the latest one includes something like a mixture of gold and silver.

By- Angelica Campbell

It’s Valentines’ Day Again: Learn how to make the Day Memorable

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

It’s Valentines’ Day Again Learn how to make the Day MemorableJust another day to go and it is one of the most romantic days of the year. Well, on a personal note, I just cannot wait for the clock to strike 12 and explore the surprises stacked by my beloved. Just like me, I’m quite sure most of you would be waiting for this special day. On the other hand, men would be cracking their brains and thinking of ways to make it the best day for their loved one and do not give even the slightest disappointment to them. The best advice to make it a nice day is not forgetting this day.

It is not necessary that you need to do something expensive and grand to please someone. The importance of this occasion is just letting the special person in your life know how important they are. And, that can be emphasized by even writing a note to that person.

Here are a few good ideas that can help you fix up a perfect day:

  • Surprise her at 12 on 14th February or maybe you can do it the next day morning by filling in lots of balloons in her room.
  • Let her take a break from the daily work stuff that could be cleaning, washing, preparing breakfast etc. Just let her live the day she wants.
  • If you have been together from quite some time then why not get back to the same place where you met the first time so that you can revive some old memories. Something like, how both of you had your first cup of coffee together. And, how each one was thinking hard as who would talk first.
  • Surprise her every hour or in two hours with something new. That may be like you can keep a small gift at various places and allow her to discover it. You can keep simple and cute stuff.
  • Things like lovely flowers, cards, perfumes, soft toys, jewellery, chocolates and a lot more are a great idea. The gifts you got to decide based on her preferences. Also, attach a note with every gift!
  • If she is at work, surprise her by sending to her office a bouquet of flowers or something special along with it. You can add a note to it, stating the venue for evening.
  • If she is the one of a kind of traveler, then you can go out for a long drive or maybe plan out a small trip for the day like a visit to the countryside.
  • How about letting her relax the whole day by taking her to a spa salon. Or you might make an arrangement by having it done at house itself.  This will allow her to leave behind all stresses and would be so much relaxing and rejuvenating.
  • And, of course not to forget the romantic date. You can fix up at any place that matches both your preferences. It can be a place that sets the perfect romantic ambience. You can actually plan out the way she likes it. That would be if she likes crowded places or serene and calm places, or may be at the beach side. End up taking a stroll in the park, enjoying the light breeze.
  • Do not forget to decorate her bed with rose petals and keep a chilled bottle of champagne at the bedside.

Well, these are a good load of ideas that can help you to make Valentine’s Day one of the most extraordinary days for someone special. If you got some more ideas then please let me know! Have a great Valentine’s Day ahead!

By- Angelica Campbell