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Archive for the ‘Memory Lane’ Category

Old Age Pregnancy: Is it Good or Bad

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Old Age Pregnancy Is it Good or BadWe have always been hearing that a woman’s chance for getting pregnant after the age of 35 gets difficult. Up to what extent is this true! The biological clock is certainly a fact of life! With age, the chance of a woman conceiving does get a little tricky.

However, do you really think that age is a problem in regards to pregnancy or is it just people’s attitude towards it? Going on to be an old aged Mother has its own pros and cons and they are supported by scientific evidence too. Research has proved that the risks of childbirth in older women are no less than younger women. And, there have been no such identified medical complications of pregnancy in older women. It is just that older women are less likely to get induced and have more chances of undergoing a C-section. The reason being, the older we get, we tend to become overweight and suffer with problems related to blood pressure and diabetes. And, this adds a risk factor to pregnancy. If such kind of risk factors exist from before then this creates an impact on the labour and demands the need of medical intervention.

The reality in women getting pregnant above the age of 35 is that fertility declines with age and the drop is more after 35. A baby girl is born with millions of eggs. By the time she reaches the age of puberty, only 3,00,000 of them will be left. And, from these only 300 will mature and release through ovulation. Although, you may look quite good on the outside and even feel the same inside, however your eggs as old as you are. On the other hand, it is also told that twins are common in older Mothers. And, this could be due to the increased use of the fertility treatments. It is said that the likelihood of conceiving twins peaks in for women in the aged between 35 and 39.

Even the rate of miscarriages is significantly more in older Mothers and this is due to chromosomal abnormalities. There are also chances for them to have babies that are born premature or born with chromosomal abnormality. Also, stamina declines as we grow older and there is chances of bleeding before pregnancy.

Despite these risk factors, there have been a lot many women who have taken chance for old age pregnancy. They are some of the high profile examples like Madonna who gave birth to her last child at the age of 42, Prime Minister Tony Blair’s wide Cherie Blair gave birth at the age of 45 and this certainly makes most feel that age is not an obstacle for fertility.

Advantages of Old Age Pregnancy

In the current scenario, early Motherhood has taken a decline. Most babies, these days are born to women aged 30 and older. And, one good reason for this is more and more women are concentrating on career and education. The cost of managing a household and child rearing induces a woman to delay their pregnancy. Older Mothers are experienced, educated and financially secure.

Children of older parents perform well in their academics in comparison to the kids of the younger Moms. Also, interestingly there are chances for old Mothers to give birth to kids that are left handed and they tend to be quite intelligent. For older Mothers, the extra years of life and experience give them courage and resilience that is necessary for Motherhood.

Research has also stated that women who become late Mothers live longer. It has been stated that women who have had 1 or 2 children in their 30’s or 40’s have a chance of living up to the Studies have even shown that women bearing kids at a later stage have a slow rate of aging and the susceptibility of diseases is decreases. Another benefit of pregnancy and lactation at any age is that it makes women smarter.  Women’s brains are more susceptible to changes than men. Well, all of us know that too! And, such a change certainly makes woman indeed very smart.

Whatever may be the age it is important for women to consult a health care specialist before conceiving. This is especially for women who suffer from chronic health issues like blood pressure and diabetes. Careful medical monitoring, right medications before conception and during pregnancy are certain to reduce the risks in such circumstances. A healthy dies, regular exercise and weight management is important for you- if you are planning for a late pregnancy. Must things to avoid are alcohol, smoking and drugs!

The number 35 is not a magical number. Every female has its own unique biology and has an individual plan laid out for her. Life is complicated and there are so many things to consider like career, family, relationships and health. At times it is a tough decision to make- what do you say?

By- Angelica Campbell

Wonders of a Hug: Reduces Stress Levels and Increases Social Bonding

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Wonders of a Hug Reduces Stress Levels and Increases Social BondingDid you hug your loved one today? Well, if you have missed it today, hurry up to give a tight hug to your loved one at least for a minute and see the wonders of it. For, the rest of the day you will feel so relaxing and stress free.  Hugging someone is one of the most positive forms of communication. It expresses love, gratitude, respect, approval and forgiveness. It’s also an excellent way to achieve emotional satisfaction. Surprisingly, this act also has got a good load of health benefits.

Scientists have said that, hugging releases a hormone called oxytocin into the bloodstream. This hormone helps in lowering the blood pressure and reducing the levels of stress and anxiety. It is also known as a good source of boosting the skills of your memory. A good snuggle allows the oxytocin to flow continuously. We produce this hormone on a daily basis through activities like playing with a pet, singing, dancing, knocking boots and other activities. However, hugging is one of the fastest ways to flush in the flow of the level oxytocin in your body and calms down your nervous system.

Hugging also releases the hormone serotonin and dopamine. These hormones help in uplifting the mood and feel good. And, as a result you will get closer to the person who makes you feel good. This in turn gives a positive effect on your health.

In one way, hugging is good for health, for the release of the hormone oxytocin lowers the blood pressure. Low blood pressure reduces the risk of heart attack. A note for people with weak hearts or high blood pressure – Cuddle your loved one tightly everyday and see the magic of it.

The hormone Oxytocin is produced in the pituitary gland that is popularly known for increasing the bonding and social behavior. Increased levels of oxytocin are also found in people in good relationships. They are also found in women undergoing the child birth process and during breastfeeding. And, this increased level helps the Mother to bond with the baby. Researchers have also stated that hugging on a daily basis softens your personality and make you more empathetic over time.

Neurologists have also stated that hugs impart a positive effect only if the two hugging trust each other. The associated feelings need to be present mutually then only the corresponding signals will be sent across. In case of unwanted hugs from strangers, the hormone is not released and there is a rise in anxiety levels. This could further lead to stress and distance keeping behaviour.

Hugging is certainly a good form of communication; however trust between the two is important.

It is also a good way of getting close to each other. If your relationship is not working out then try hugging your partner for 20 minutes everyday and it will bring out a significant difference in your relationship. In the past five years, cuddle workshops have also originated in London. Well, all of us have experienced a hug at some point. Some are lucky to get it every day. And, I am one of those lucky ones, as I get to a tight from my mom every night before sleeping.

How about you- When was it the last time that you got to cuddle someone really tight. If not, you share one with someone today!

By- Angelica Campbell

Modern Age Excels with the Elegance of Ethical Fashion

Monday, January 21st, 2013

Modern Age Excels with the Elegance of Ethical FashionThese days, we have heard a lot about ethical dressing. This concept of fashion has actually become one of the new trends of fashion in the glamour world. Although, the ethical wear has made its mark in the fashion industry, however a lot many people do not have a clear idea of what it is all about. To help you get informed on this, I have got some important things to state here.

What is ethical fashion?

The ethical sense of dressing covers a lot many aspects. This type of clothing is made with organic components and is sealed with ethical standards and stamps like fair-trade organic cotton. The designers while making these kinds of clothes use chemical free components and eco-friendly products that do not cause any side-effects. Most of the time, plants are used to produce organic clothing. Even re-cycled material is used to produce ethical wear. Recycled material is commonly used by the companies to prepare the products.  A lot of products are made with recycled nylon and polyster some textile companies even use recyclables that take the form of materials in their factories.

The most important cause of this kind of clothing is to promote less wastage and bring out positivity in the clothing industry. In majority cases, ethical wear companies are partnered with charitable institutions to support a noble cause. This kind of fashion is used as a weapon to remove poverty and at the same time also fulfills the fashion desire of people.

If you fancy buying some good ethical stuff, then you need to look out for the label Organics Consumer Association.

Here are a few examples of the eco-friendly notable contributors.

Radley is a noted British handbag maker that makes handbags from recycled materials. The company does not openly advertise too much about their products. If you look at the bag, you can easily make out that the material used in the bag is made from recycled materials.

Rapanui: This brand provides clothing made in factories powered by solar and wind power. In such clothing, the carbon footprint is lower in comparison to other factories. The makers of this brand also keep the sense of fashion in their minds while designing the ethical costumes, so as to match the current trends and styles.

Excentree: This is also a well known fashion brand that promotes eco fashion collections and advertises their sustainable clothing. They have got some great private collections and promote a good deal of organic clothing for men and women too. Every sale made from this company, gives you the opportunity to plant a tree in the agro-reforestation schemes that Excentree supports.

People who enjoy a unique sense of dressing, ethical wear can be an excellent option for them. However, there are a few things to consider while buying these goods.

  • Environmental impacts: Ethical goods are free from chemical components that are considered to be harmful when re-cycled or re-used. Being made from natural products, the goods are 100% safe and do not tamper the environment.
  • Proper trade process: These kinds of goods need to undergo a fair trade process. From its growing stage till the products are handicrafted, the process needs to follow a fair play.

For those, who have not yet tried the ethical sense of dressing yet, give a try and you could actually stand out in the crowd with the unique sense of fashion. Plus, you could be also doing a noble deed by helping the needy ones.

By- Angelica Campbell

How to Dress on a First Date: A few rules to put Forth your Best

Friday, January 18th, 2013

How to Dress on a First Date A few rules to put Forth your BestThere is nothing that can match the thrills and excitement of the first date. Your mind will be stocked in with so many things and the most important of all is the old adage- this is the only chance to make the first impression. Especially women cannot fail to miss out on even the slightest details. What to wear on your first date is a chief concern for women everywhere! So, that they get a second one too!

If you really want him to look into your eyes rather than wandering his eyes elsewhere and minimizing the distractions then here are some fantastic tips to share.

It is important to wear something that makes you feel comfortable. You must feel comfortable physically and emotionally. Choosing to wear something simple and classic is the best option. But, must add a sparkle of feminity and glamour to it!

Do not wear sky heels, if you are wearing it for the first time or unless you are perfect in it.

Do not take too heavy make-up but you certainly must look polished.

A rule of thumb is bringing out your natural beauty! Natural beauty should take the center stage. A clean and sophisticated look is guaranteed to impress that special person.

Too much of skin show is not advisable as it would be a bit early to. You can keep such outfits probably for the third date. Reveal just as much required to get him interested. Do not ruin the mystery!

Do not try something too fitting that you can’t even breathe and at the same time do not wear baggy stuff.

Flatter your best features. Wear colours and shades that complement your complexion and bring out the best of you.

Must stay away from the logo T-shirts!

If you have got any tattoos or piercings, then do not cover it up. Your date needs to know, who you are!

Finish up your outfit: Accessorize minimally. Do not overdo, you can just like put on the basic things so that you do not look incomplete. Especially girls should not be wearing dozens of chunk jewellery. You can try something like a bracelet, a simple finger ring, ear studs and a neck chain. The other necessities to stuff in your bag could be a lip gloss, winter jacket if it is cold and your wallet.

Apply a body spray or a light fragranced perfume or a cologne to smell divine but do not put too much of it.

Be clean: Pay attention to hygiene. Looking clean will automatically boost your confidence to heights and make you look more enticing.  A proper shower is a must. Style your hair with gel, serum, hair clay or anything. You can even trying styling up by straightening it or may be curling it. Find out what suits you the best and go for the same.

Last but not the least, feel amazing about yourself. If you will feel good then automatically your date will get the strong vibe and will respond to your show of confidence.

By- Angelica Campbell