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Easy Tips To Better Cooking

Cooking is an art and more often than not, we feel like there is something missing to the dish. You add all the ingredients, follow the exact recipe and in the end, it would still be missing something. Here I’ve compiled a list of tips that can help you add that X-factor to your dishes and also improve your cooking skills while you are at it. Before you start cooking, there is one thing you have to understand and that is, the quality of the ingredients you use can make or break a dish. Only use the best quality ingredients available. Even if it something as simple as salt and pepper and they cost a bit more, it would always be well worth it.

After you’ve got your best ingredients, focus more on using proven techniques when making your favourite food. Sauteeing, Roasting, Steaming, Braising are some techniques that’ll come in very handy with any recipe. One of the simplest mistakes that amateur cooks make is when they chop up ingredients. To get that perfect flavour remember that you have to go the extra length to cut up ingredients into really small pieces.

Next tip is for meat eaters, letting the meat rest. After you have applied all the seasoning to the meat, make sure you give it enough time to penetrate completely into the meat. Also a golden rule that professional cooks always go by is letting meat rest for half the time it was cooked. For example if you cook up a meat dish in 16 minutes, it is advisable to leave it for about 8 minutes before serving.

When you are cooking also make sure that you cook it just right. Too much or too little flame and make your dish a complete disaster and ruin your whole days work. Last and final tip, practise makes perfect. The more you cook, the more you will become used to handling the ingredients and different kinds of utensils. Keep it simple, have fun and enjoy your cooking, compliments will be automatic.

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