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Is the Emotional Tide sinking you down?

Is the Emotional Tide sinking you downEmotional disturbances are a common problem these days. In the world that we live in today, each one of us at some time or the other have to experience some kind of an emotional abuse. That could be related to a number of things, for e.g. job, kids, career, relationship, family and much more. There are days, when we feel all our emotions have been drained out and you just do not feel like do anything and wish to stay all by yourself. And, the worst thing is that you cannot make out what actually went wrong! You just want to be left alone and not be bothered by anyone. Some people have the ability to come over it, while some find it really difficult to escape from such situations and they simply go on to hibernate in their shells.

 Gradually, you just go on sinking below in this emotional tide and things just move on to get worse and bigger. Just when you are sinking inside the water and you have to fight against the water and force yourself out of it. Similar is the case when you are emotionally disturbed. The more you live in it, the more you seem to drown in it. Thus, we have to learn to fight back and come out of such situations.

A few tips to help you come out of it:

  • Positivity: Be it any situation that you are experiencing, expect a positive outcome. If you live with negative feelings then it is difficult for you to come out of such situations. Redirect your thoughts on positive things.
  • Talk about it: In such situations, you should not shut yourself off from the world. You should vent your emotions to someone you can trust on. Not all can you trust, therefore you should look out for a person with a positive mind who can actually make your feel better. That could be your spouse, Mother, counselor, best friend or even a religious leader.
  • Talk to yourself: Dedicate few hours to yourself and express your feelings by writing down about the situation you are in. You can write things that you are planning to do to resolve the situation you are in.
  • Do something: Do not confide yourself too much and simply lie in the couch doing nothing. Jump out of the bed and go on to try something. Go out and meet out your friends. Plan a movie or a outing. Join in for some voluntary work as these things will get a lot of positivity in you and redirect your energy and time for something good.
  • Exercise: There is nothing better than doing a bit of exercise that can help you to come over your emotional disturbances as they help you to release your stress. A good walk/ run or something like boxing can help you get rid of your frustration.

Well, now what you have got to say? Are, you ready to break off the bad habits and love the body you are in and take care of it. Do not let the tide drown you but you fight back with the tide. Good Luck to all!

-       By Angelica Campbell

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