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Lottery Groupies, This one’s for you!

They say, two heads are better than one and when it comes to lottery, the more the heads the better. Make sense doesn’t it? Everyone chips in a little share and if your pool of tickets has the winning number, you’ve made it, otherwise a small price to pay at your shot at riches. That’s what I had been following until say last couple of weeks when I opted out. I just couldn’t imagine my friends winning the lottery and so I decided to spend my lottery allowance on something else.  However, this little news shook me so hard that I’m thinking about doubling my lottery allowance.

The news that caught my eye was that of a female bus driver who missed out on £38 million lottery just because she pulled out a few months back. Talk about hard luck huh? The article reports that she couldn’t afford to chip in £2 a week to keep with the rest and she pulled out six months back. I personally think it was the Devil himself that made her pull out! The report says that the female is completely devastated and broke. Who wouldn’t be? After you get soo close to winning the catch of a lifetime, you let your guard down just for a while and there-slips right by your fingers and your friends are multimillionaires.

I had only pulled out two weeks back because I was just tired of waiting. Every weekend, I’d be hoping for a miracle only to get disappointed in the end. Similarly I reduced playing hours of online bingo for jackpot games and thought it’s a long wait but as soon as I saw this one, I am thinking of going back and even called up my groupies and I’m back in starting this weekend. I mean this could be Gods way of telling me, “Look out, you are next”. I just cannot afford to make a mistake such as this unlucky lady after having played regular lottery for the past two years. Even if we don’t win anything during this lifetime, just knowing that I wouldn’t have to go through this pain is enough. If you believe in luck then save on a couple of muffins and spend that on the lottery. Who knows, your two pounds could be worth millions!

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