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One Millionaire Made Every 30 Hours

The downward spiral of our economy has gotten me thinking. What is the easiest way to turn this around? It’s a long shot but lottery definitely came in as an option and it seems my fellow Brits are also thinking on the same line. The National Lottery had always been popular but never before has it grown to such a scale. Latest National Lottery figures are in and they show sales reaching a new record of £6.5 billion. That’s a lot of money and the great thing about these numbers is that a lot of people are getting benefitted from this growth. To be precise, The National Lottery turned 288 Britons into overnight millionaires last year which accounts to one millionaire made every 30 hours. That’s a very impressive figure right?

Compared to last year, National Lottery sales have gone up 12% and the company even raised £750 Million of the London 2012 Olympics. Even though there is no solid evidence to back up the relation between the ongoing recession and the increase in sales, all you need is common sense to understand the public sentiment.

The success of Camelot and the National Lottery sure has generated buzz but as they, ‘the bigger the better’. There are reports coming in that after Euromillions, a new global lottery is all set to take centre stage. It is rumoured that the global lottery will be called GlobalMillions and the first draw would be held in early 2013. Since this is a global lottery, you can expect the jackpot to be worth many hundred millions of pounds. There’s a lottery I wouldn’t mind getting myself into.

But if you ask me the whole lottery prize distribution needs to be changed a little bit. Instead of showering hundreds of millions of pounds on a winner, wouldn’t it be better to have a cap on the winnings? It could be about £50M so that there would be more winners which will prompt even more players to buy tickets and make the lottery an even larger success. Win-win for everyone :-)

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