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Organic Food Eaters V/S Comfort Food Eaters

Organic Food Eaters VS Comfort Food EatersAre you the one who maintains a strict regime of having food organic in nature? Then you certainly need to know about this! A recent research stated that those who are too much inclined in eating only organic food are less likely to show kindness to others. And, this is because using organic products people feel more secure about themselves and lessens the act to perform unselfishly. Consumption of such foods, also make people to judge people immoral people in a very harsh manner as reported by the team in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.

On the other hand, comfort foods can make us kinder and social. This study was concluded according to a study done at the Loyola University in New Orleans by allocating 62 students in 3 different groups. One was given the picture of organic food, others were given with ice-cream, chocolates, cookies and brownies, and another group was given of porridge, mustard, rice and beans. Later, they were asked for views on six moral transgressions that ranged of situations like students stealing books from the library, politicians taking bribes and other similar incidences.

The students were made to realize that the study was over and soon after that the students were told that a professor in another department was looking out for volunteers to spare 30 minutes without taking a reward. Students exposed to the organic foods were agreed to spare only 13 minutes of their time to help the professor. And, the students who dealt with the comfort food were happy to give away 25 minutes in comparison to the third group (oatmeal and rice) that got ready to spare only 20 minutes.

According to Dr. Kendall Eskine and colleagues, who wrote the paper Wholesome Foods and Wholesome Morals told that people are more prone to help when they eat something sweet rather than something bitter and disgusting. The psychologists stated that those who purchase organic products are less likely to engage in meaningful acts of environment. Well, for me I am a diehard foodie, so I love to cram food belonging to all sections. What about you?

By- Angelica Campbell

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