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Ronan And Yvonne Keating Reunited for A Day

Celebrity couples are always in the news. Either they are getting married or getting divorced or sometimes doing both in the same week. Whether you like them or not, there is no getting away from their life dramas. Ronan and Yvonne are one of my favourite celebrity couples and I was a bit surprised when they announced their split a month back. I’ve always had a liking for them but just couldn’t figure out why. Could be because they looked perfect and that they had been in a relationship for fourteen years? I really don’t know.

Couple of days back, they made a public appearance together holding hands. They were on their way to St. Sylvester’s Church in Dublin to attend their son’s confirmation. Hold your horses, these two haven’t gotten back together but this was only for just one day. Seems that even after their split, they are very close. You would be close with anyone after spending 14 years together right? But its a shame that Yvonne and Ronan couldn’t work things out.

It is reported that they are keen to make the divorce easier for their kids with absolutely no legal battles for anything. The couple will even divide their £24 million fortune without any legal proceedings which I think sets a benchmark for not just celebrity couples, but even normal couples who cannot live together anymore. As painful as it would be for their three kids, the whole situation is much better than what we’ve seen with other celebrity divorces.

Ronan And Yvonne Keating even said that their family had not broken up and it was only their personal lives that were going to be changed. While I do think that who you are with is a big part of your personal life, I cannot but admire the great maturity these two have shown. This last week appearance is the couple’s first after they had announce the split. They had been keeping a low profile ever since the split announcement with Ronan’s only public appearance being the Olivier Awards at the Royal Opera House and Yvonne’s running some errands near Dublin. Whatever be, we wish Ronan, Yvonne and all their three kids happiness, love and togetherness for the rest of their lives.

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