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Freedom is what we cherish – 21st century widows

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Losing partners especially for women were portrayed as a sad sob story and more so a life meant to be lived in sadness. However, with changing times, this scenario seems to be changing and only for the better. New Research shows that 21st century widows are having a much better time than their counterparts a century ago. This shift has not been sudden and technology has certainly helped bring about this much needed change. With technology comes better socializing and communication options for widows to communicate with friends.

Many 21st century widows are not tied down by bounds of society and in fact, deaths of their partners are empowering them. These widows even break off conventional family ties and go on solo holidays. Dr. Tracy Collins, a health scientist at the University of Salford has been researching on this evolving trend. She noted that the lifestyle of a widow in contemporary Britain has undergone radical changes. Single women in this category have better personal connections with friends or even communities and that these women are more knowledgeable on technology and well aware of various options that are available to them. Online bingo players would be a perfect reference to be given in this contest.

The research was done on women aged between 62 and 90 and most of them had already taken to new opportunities that a modern society has to offer. These are empowered women who are not ready to sacrifice their lives living in memory and sadness. One defining factor that the research pointed out in general is that these widows treat quality in a relationship to be worth much more than quantity. A lot of participants in the survey revealed that they better appreciated a relationship than before.

The modern society in which these widows live rates friends on par with family. For instance, adult children tend to move away from families and in these times, friends become an important part for filling in the void. In general, most widows in the survey mentioned that they had moved on and that their tragedies were not going to stop them from enjoying their life to the fullest. These widows feel that they are capable of going on holidays alone or even spending Christmas with friends rather than family.

Dr. Collins at the end of the research states that she believes this trend would continue as long as connectivity technology is improving. Facebook, Social networking websites or even online gaming websites can further improve chances of these widows finding someone or enjoying their lives the way they really wish to.