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Lace Dresses a Timeless Classic Style

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Lace Dresses a Timeless Classic StyleLace dresses are one of the most elegant and history inspired form of fashion. In the ancient days, every history enthusiast who had the basic sewing skills managed to make clothing attractive by simply adding a lace collar or cuffs. Even a plan jumper dress could take on a Victorian feel when paired with a petticoat trimmed with lace at the hem. The birthplaces of lace making are generally recognized in Flanders and Italy. A true lace is created when a thread is looped, twisted and braided with other threads independently forming a backing fabric. Originally, silk, linen, silver and gold threads were being used. As of now lace is made with cotton thread as well. Although, the style may be associated with the ancient times but the vogue for lace still continues in the latest trends and fashions.

Lace dresses look fashionable and affordable sported in a bold range of colours, styles and options. Below mentioned are the top three lace styles.

Lace Wedding Dress: This is one form of dressing that can never fall out of fashion. The lace wedding dress can be stylish as well as traditional. At the same time it can be vintage and sexy too. Lace is one of the timeless fabrics for bridal styles. And, any wedding gown with a bit of lace will lose the elegance that wedding gowns are supposed to have.

Backless Lace Dress: This dress can leave you looking absolutely hot. With so many backless styles available, there are numerous options for women to choose. The most common one being fully backless, styles like showing the nape of the back and smaller cut outs to show a minimal amount of skin. These backless lace dresses can at times prove a little difficult in wearing one, if one is not used to wearing such outfits. The innerwear in such dresses, you will have to choose to wear a cut out option rather than a backless one.

Lace Mini Dress: The lace mini dress is currently one of the highest forms of fashion trends. They look highly feminine and a perfect one to be worn for any special occasion. Some prefer to have it with lace sleeves, like if anyone wishes to have their arms covered. A super daring fashionista will prefer to wear something coloured beneath. The current trends include nude or pale colour that can be worn along with a cardigan or a blazer, accompanied with heels will give the perfect feminine look.

Lace dresses are softer to touch and comfortable to wear. The dress is one of the most affordable dresses and gives a beautiful feminine look. It is one of the most wonderful accents that can be added to an outfit creating texture and additional pattern to a boring outfit. For bolder fashionistas, backless lace dresses in super bright colours is a good option.

By- Angelica Campbell