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Posts Tagged ‘Anxiety’

Alleviate Anxiety of your Past Life with Brainwave Entrainment

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Alleviate Anxiety of your Past Life with Brainwave EntrainmentAt times, have you ever thought from where we get so much anxiety in our life? Has it ever happened that the source of your anxiety might have come from a life that you lived prior to this life? Brainwave entrainment is a clinically proven that can take you back to another life and eliminate the energy that is bringing stress to your this life. If you live a life in which the stress levels are really high then it is possible that you would have brought forward a bundle of anxieties that you might have acquired in your past life.

Our body is just like a vehicle that we use it to get around in physical. The eternal part of our body uses this part of the vehicle over and over again and as years progress by raising the consciousness. As you live the lives that you have chosen in your journey, you pick up the anxieties and fears that are carried forward from life to life and may even appear in your present life in the form of phobias, aversions and allergies.

Anxieties have been there in your life, from the time when you have been running around in a loin cloth trying to keep yourself ahead of the saber toothed tiger. May be from then on you have acquired the fear of pointy objects. At times, you might be troubled in eating stranger’s food as it could be that you would have been poisoned by

Brainwave entrainment is a neuro-technological tool that introduces specific sound frequencies to the brain with the intention of altering its dominant brainwave for a specific effect. The brain entrains this repeated rhythmic sound patterns followed by frequency. In few minutes, entrainment can alter the state of your consciousness and make you receptive to a journey back in the past. The moment you indulge in the brainwave entrainment session, your consciousness level will change and you will move inward, feeling relaxed and leaving behind the third dimension of your physical existence and moving into the fourth one. As your mind detaches yourself from the physical world, you get into a deep state of relaxation and from this point you can get back into time to determine the source of your anxiety that is hampering in your life now as well. When you identify it, you can dismiss its residue from the present day consciousness. Brainwave entrainment is a good way to alleviate anxiety of the past life as well as the current life.

-       By Angelica Campbell

Middle-class Children at Risk to Anxiety Disorders

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Middle-class Children at Risk to Anxiety DisordersRecent news states that there have been a rising number of middle-class children suffering from mental related health problems. Professor Tanya Baron has stated that youngsters growing up in a paranoid environment where in their over protective parents try protecting them from the harsh realities leaves them in a state to be unable to cope with the challenges in life.

Professor Byron has been a clinical psychologist for the past 23 years and has even featured in the BBC series House of Tiny Tearaways. She said that off late, she had been treating a lot of children with anxiety disorders. These children lack emotional resilience and are afraid of taking challenges. And, this was a real concern for the current generation of children. Professor Byron addressed the teachers SecEd that children these days are being raised in captivity. She asked “When was the last time you saw a kid out enjoying themselves”. Children these days are not encouraged, supported and taught the ways of managing and assessing risk. And, that is what is catastrophic for them. Living in a risk averse environment and facing an education system that is so much focused on targets and tests that even teachers do not get time or cannot try to be innovative with the students. However, risk taking is important to teach a child- how to face challenges and embrace failures. The times we fail are the most powerful learning experiences for us. She also added by saying that: we cannot just leave our kids just like that allowing them to fail every now and then. It is just the way we teach children and how to overcome certain situations.

This is a real concern for we are living in a world where in young people are lacking emotional resilience. Therefore, parents need to be a bit cautious during the growing up days of their children. Over protecting the kids too much in their childhood days and keeping them indoors is not a healthy practice. Parental anxiety is obvious, however the only thing is that it should be kept to a certain extent. Protect your children in a manner so that they become capable of protecting themselves.

By-Angelica Campbell