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Babies acquire the taste of Food from their Mother’s Womb

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Babies acquire the taste of Fussy child eaters are a common problem existing in all families. If you have got a kid below ten years at home, you certainly would have some time come across a situation where in you would have to throw a plate of uneaten food. And, at times it is really stressful and upsetting, making the Parents feel really anxious and worried about their kid’s nutrition. However did you know this that, somewhere the Mother is actually responsible for this habit developed in the kid?

A recent study stated that, woman in their pregnancy stage trying varied diet are less likely to give birth to fussy eaters. It’s told that babies have an acceptance to those food well that are accepted by Mothers while expecting and breast feeding. A research has even stated that, kids of Mothers who drank carrot juice quite ate twice as much as carrot cereal meal instead of Mother’s milk. Research Doctor, Julie Mennella from the Monnell Centre said that Mothers who consumed a lot of fruits during their pregnancy and lactation then their child will be more open towards eating fruits during weaning. Same is the case with vegetables too.

Biologically, babies are hardwired to be attracted towards foods that contain a high level of sugar and salt. And, not towards foods that are bitter such as green vegetables. Kids have to be exposed to be fruits and vegetables and have to get used to the flavours so that they can like it. The good news is that the research also states that babies can learn about healthy foods at a very early stage. The only thing required is that expecting Mothers eat the healthy food that they wish their baby should have when it is old enough to start weaning with the flavours.

According to a research discussed at the American Association for the advancement of Science’s annual conference, Dr. Mennella tested 46 babies aged between 6 months and year for their liking towards the carrot flavoured meal.

For those kids, whose Mothers consumed carrot juice several times in a week, consumed more than 80g of the cereal in comparison to 44g in other babies. The fact reveals that, we are primed according to our latest exposures. Babies receive sensory information in the womb itself and through Mothers milk. Dr. Mennella stated even bottle fed babies quickly give acceptance to food and vegetables, once they start eating solids.

Another test, also talked of giving green beans to babies of eight days old. On the first day, the consumption would be an average of 50g of beans but over eight days, the consumption level changed to 80g. Regardless of the fat, whether a child is breast or bottle fed, the child can learn to do so as it starts to wean. On repeatedly being exposed to foods like fruits and vegetables, they still learn to wean. By the age of two years, a child should try varied food like an adult. Hiding broccoli in brownies is not a solution for children need to learn the taste of different flavours of foods. So, all expecting Mothers, you know what to do is you do not want a kid that would show tantrums over food.

By- Angelica Campbell

Wonders of a Hug: Reduces Stress Levels and Increases Social Bonding

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Wonders of a Hug Reduces Stress Levels and Increases Social BondingDid you hug your loved one today? Well, if you have missed it today, hurry up to give a tight hug to your loved one at least for a minute and see the wonders of it. For, the rest of the day you will feel so relaxing and stress free.  Hugging someone is one of the most positive forms of communication. It expresses love, gratitude, respect, approval and forgiveness. It’s also an excellent way to achieve emotional satisfaction. Surprisingly, this act also has got a good load of health benefits.

Scientists have said that, hugging releases a hormone called oxytocin into the bloodstream. This hormone helps in lowering the blood pressure and reducing the levels of stress and anxiety. It is also known as a good source of boosting the skills of your memory. A good snuggle allows the oxytocin to flow continuously. We produce this hormone on a daily basis through activities like playing with a pet, singing, dancing, knocking boots and other activities. However, hugging is one of the fastest ways to flush in the flow of the level oxytocin in your body and calms down your nervous system.

Hugging also releases the hormone serotonin and dopamine. These hormones help in uplifting the mood and feel good. And, as a result you will get closer to the person who makes you feel good. This in turn gives a positive effect on your health.

In one way, hugging is good for health, for the release of the hormone oxytocin lowers the blood pressure. Low blood pressure reduces the risk of heart attack. A note for people with weak hearts or high blood pressure – Cuddle your loved one tightly everyday and see the magic of it.

The hormone Oxytocin is produced in the pituitary gland that is popularly known for increasing the bonding and social behavior. Increased levels of oxytocin are also found in people in good relationships. They are also found in women undergoing the child birth process and during breastfeeding. And, this increased level helps the Mother to bond with the baby. Researchers have also stated that hugging on a daily basis softens your personality and make you more empathetic over time.

Neurologists have also stated that hugs impart a positive effect only if the two hugging trust each other. The associated feelings need to be present mutually then only the corresponding signals will be sent across. In case of unwanted hugs from strangers, the hormone is not released and there is a rise in anxiety levels. This could further lead to stress and distance keeping behaviour.

Hugging is certainly a good form of communication; however trust between the two is important.

It is also a good way of getting close to each other. If your relationship is not working out then try hugging your partner for 20 minutes everyday and it will bring out a significant difference in your relationship. In the past five years, cuddle workshops have also originated in London. Well, all of us have experienced a hug at some point. Some are lucky to get it every day. And, I am one of those lucky ones, as I get to a tight from my mom every night before sleeping.

How about you- When was it the last time that you got to cuddle someone really tight. If not, you share one with someone today!

By- Angelica Campbell

Choose the Right Wedding Veil

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Choose the Right Wedding VeilWeddings are known as one of the most memorable days in our life. And, you cannot let it go just like any other day of your life. Therefore choosing the perfect outfit is obvious! We often speak a lot about the wedding gowns but even the veil carries immense importance in the bridal outfit. The wedding veil is a prominent feature of the wedding attire for a lady. The history of a wedding veil dates back to centuries where it was worn as a protection from evil spirits.

These days’ brides have a lot many choices to make in regards to the type or a style of a veil that they can choose to wear. The veil gives an overall look to the bride and thus is an important accessory of the wedding outfit.

A few things to remember, while choosing your wedding veil:

Firstly, of course the veil must compliment your dress. Like, if your dress has a low backline, then you need to choose a veil that is long and covers the backline. In case, if you have selected a detailed dress then you can try a simple veil. On the other hand if you have chosen a simple gown then you can opt to wear a highly decorative gown. Gowns with an embellished bust panel then see to it that the veil does not detract from it. There are a few more additional factors while choosing a veil:


A short veil is suggested for dresses with a high neck decoration. Veils like a bird cage will be a suitable one for this.

Shoulder length veils are about 20 inches and such veils are suited for dresses that have a lower back, and a waist detail.

Veils of elbow length are 25 inches long and would fall around your elbows. Such kind of veils will look lovely with the long ball gowns where in you can see the fullness of the skirt from the place where the veil ends.

The most common length for a veil is 36 inches and this length is suitable for a majority of gowns.

A knee length veil would be around 45 inches long and suitable and more suitable with mid calf wedding dresses.

Another one is the floor length veil. This type of veil is 72 inches long and will brush the floor and look lovely on floor length dresses.

Chapel length veils are 90 inches long and look fantastic when paired with the train like dress.

Finally, it’s the cathedral veil that measures 120 inches long. These veils measure up to 9 feet on the ground and they look beautiful when worn with a classic full length dress.


Veils also come in tiers like one, two or three tiers and tiered veils prove excellent to give a sophisticated look.

Two and three tiered veils look excellent with romantic dresses or dresses with classic lines.

Multiple tiered veils look good, if the bride has a simple hair style for the tiers tend to cover the hair.

Veil Widths

There are three widths of veil and each of it is known to create a degree of fullness at the sides. The veil with the least fullness is of 54 inches both at the side and top. It will hang behind your shoulders and will look good in dresses with decorative sleeves.

A 72 inch width veil will be good one with moderate height and will give coverage around the arms.

Veil of 108 inches will be a good choice for the full sleeve tops.


There are numerous options of giving a finishing touch to a veil. But you need to see that the decoration of your veil sets a match with your dress.

Soft and romantic dresses look better with a simple cut edge.

Choose the veil of the colour that is selected by the bridesmaid.

Also, it’s important to consider the shape and size of your body, face shape and your hairstyle too while choosing a veil for yourself.

Anything that you choose, I’m sure, these few tips can help you pick up the best one.

-By Angelica Campbell