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Online Bingo Gaming Improves Social Life

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Online Bingo Gaming Improves Social LifeBingo games irrespective of its land based or online form, they have always been a big source of entertainment and a well known community sport for all. The games have proved really well in uplifting the community spirit with the interesting option of gaming offered to players. Any game on an obvious note is always enjoyed when played in a group rather than playing it alone. When there was a transition of land based bingo to online bingo, people had doubts about the fact that the games might lose out on the community spirit. However nothing of that sort happened! In fact the online version took a step ahead and boasted a better social scenario building a strong social base.

The introduction of chat facility proved to be the biggest pillar across the bingo sites. Also, to let you know that online chatting gathered its momentum when bingo games were still making its mark in the gaming industry. The combination of online bingo along with online chatting is a truly interesting option. It keeps the gaming aura vibrant and thrilling and informative too. As a player you are free to try out varied options such dating, sharing out the latest juicy gossips, discussing game queries and issues.

Even land based bingo games do have the option of socializing and connecting with your pals. In fact at bingo halls, you have the option of sitting down with your pals and talking and discussing till late hours. However in comparison to the online version, the option offered across the chat rooms is quite a different one. At chat rooms, you get to interact with players spanned across different parts of the world. On the other hand at bingo halls, the players you get to meet every day might be limited to just a section of people.

Across chat rooms, amidst the chat option, players also get the opportunity to indulge in numerous chat games hosted by the chat moderators. Catching up with the fun of these games whilst you wait for your bingo winnings is an excellent idea. For this will keep you patient to wait for the wins and also keep boredom at distance. Irrespective of you being an introvert or extrovert, a simple peek at the chat rooms will be good enough to draw you into the bingo rooms for the rooms look absolutely irresistible with tons of chat games, quizzes and competitions happening out there.

Off late, sites like Bingo MagiX have come up with this option of offering bingo play via the mobile platform. The games are supported on the latest version smart phones and Android gadgets. Players just have to download the games to their devices and start playing them.

If you have not tried the fun of Bingo MagiX via the mobile option, try now. Also, all newbies on joining Bingo MagiX via the mobile option will receive free £20 bingo bonus as well. So, why not try it all soon to tag in something new to your experience.

Let’s go garden this summer

Monday, August 12th, 2013

fresh-home-with-an-impressive-gardenSummers never last long in Britain and when they do; you should make the most out of it. Imagine a sunny day, you and him with a glass of wine sitting outdoors. It kind of sets the scene for a perfect movie romance just about to begin.

Hang on; we’ve kind of digressed from the topic, which is making the best use of your garden, balcony this season. Don’t let your outdoor space lie alone, nurture it and make it as stylish as possible. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Balcony Garden

Many of us live in cities, where the maximum we can afford is a balcony. Worry not! You can transform this space as per your aesthetics and give it a feel of a garden. Add a little bistro table and chairs to create the perfect summer dining area.

If you are really limited with room, try adding a few decorative accessories such LED lanterns, bunting or wind chimes to add a touch of personality and design flair to the space.

Small Garden

Just pit a simple bench combined with colourful cushions and see how this small little change will entirely transform the setting into a comfortable lounge to spend a sunny afternoon in.

If you are a keen gardener, opt for a style which comes with built in storage so you can limit clutter and keep all your Garden tools nice and tidy. Also, since the garden is small, DO NOT overdo it with accessories. Small is just wonderful by itself.

Large Garden

If you are lucky enough to have a large garden, take advantage of the space you have available by creating an outside space which you can relax in at all hours of the day. Wicker style furniture is fab as it allows you to fill the space without it feeling too heavy.

Adding unusual pieces like water features and garden ornaments will give your garden a very different look.

Just in case you have no garden at all, a small pull along hamper is perfect to help easily transport all your summer goodies to the nearest park.

Exercising at Home is Fun

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Exercising at Home is FunWorking out at home is not that boring and unexciting as one thinks it to be. The only thing is that you need to motivate and discipline yourself to be ready to exercise at home.

Any day when you get up and see that it’s pouring heavily and you cannot step out or if you have got up late and missed your morning walk, well then exercising is a good option. In fact, exercising at home can be really fun only if you follow a few interesting tips.

  • Get New Workout Gear: When you are working out at home, do not wear your pyjamas and exercise for that will make you lethargic. Invest a bit in a good set of workout gear, especially the one that you are comfortable with like shorts or track pants, comfortable pants and a good pair of shoes. Dressed in a perfect sportswear will boost your confidence and you will take exercising seriously.
  • Put on your favourite peppy music: Before starting to work out, put on your favourite music, preferably the one that is in your mind at that time. This will help to keep your spirits high and you can work out better with more zeal.
  • A Fitness DVD: While working out at home, a fitness DVD will help you to do the appropriate exercises, especially when you do not have a personal trainer to help you out. These days there are lot many good fitness DVD’s available like for yoga, aerobics or any dance form. It makes you feel as though you are working in a gym and at times, you even get motivated seeing the person working on different poses.
  • Do the Right Workout: Working out at home, you must also ensure to choose the right workout as that will motivate you to do more and more. Like if you are a person who gets too bored walking on the treadmill then you must try doing pilates, yoga or zumba.
  • Set up a Routine: Working out at home requires you to inculcate a lot of discipline. Although, you have the option of working out anytime during the day, but it is preferred to fix up a time and dedicate your workout only for those hours. Fix up an hour and stick to it every day-it’s going to be fun. You can always set a reminder on your mobile so that you do not miss out on your regular work out.
  • Stock your fridge with healthy eatables: To remain healthy, it is essential to intake healthy food. Therefore, make sure to stock your fridge with good food like juice, soya milk and fresh fruits that will help to keep you in good health and also motivate you to get that good shape.
  • Make a reach your goal list: You can hang a note on your fridge or wall that can remind you of an upcoming event for which you are trying hard to get that perfect shape. That could be a friend’s wedding, dating or anything.
  • Put a Picture of your Slimmer Self: You can put your slimmer pictures in front of while you are doing the work out. It could be your picture in your skin tight jeans or you may even put of your favourite celeb that you admire to the core. At times, you can even ask a friend to join for it would be fun to chit chat whilst you work out.

Try out the above mentioned tips, it’s fun to work out and you could also get that perfect shape and fit back into all your old clothes that you had been fancying from long.

-By Angelica Campbell

My Dog teaches me to be a Good Public Speaker

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

My Dog teaches me to be a Good Public SpeakerSpending a few hours with a pet is so relaxing. I love watching my pet dog playing around. It’s nice to see him running around the trees, kicking the ball and looking out for new stuff.  Likewise, he also wants me to get involved with him when he is playing around. Probably, he feels that if I do not join him, then I’m not enjoying and might not allow him to come out the next day. Therefore, he keeps moving around me showing every action that he wants me to get involved with him. And, if I join him just for the sake of playing not showing too much interest will automatically make him lose all interest in playing and he will just go back to his place.

Same is the case with your audience too! When you speak up something, they will want to you speak on the topic that interests them. They are present there to hear you on a particular topic. Therefore, you have to speak things connected to your topic. Talking about your problems at home, your car or boss is not a concern for them. Just like your dog- he is not bothered about your problems, while playing with him you have to be in full spirits.

Make a Plan and Stick to it!

The worst thing is when you promise your dog for a walk and then dawdle around before going out. When you start doing things that have got nothing to do with a walk, this will make your dog quite agitated and impatient. For, he would be all excited to go out! Therefore, when you make a plan stick to it.

Your audience too will pay attention to the start of your speech and for that you should have a well set plan as what are you going to speak about. And, make sure to stick it! To keep their attention intact you will have to be an effective speaker, else you will find iPods, iPhones and iPads coming out and you have lost the audience.

How you end the game!

While playing or taking a walk with my dog, I will go on till the moment I see him getting tired. And, as soon as I see a bit tiredness reflecting on his face, I will try to end the game on a good note. Like I would pat his back and he would wag his tail. Ending on a good note means that he is looking forward for more such moments.

Well, even your audience will expect things to end things on a good note. They are investing their time to listen to you, thus make sure to wrap up things when things are getting too long or probably when people have started losing out on interest. Put an end to it in a healthy manner and also give them something that they will remember. They will remember your speech in a positive manner even after you are done with the talking.

 As speakers, we try to communicate with our audience in the best possible manner. And, to speak in the best possible manner, one has to just practice and practice. I have found an excellent mentor to help me out, and that’s my dog!

In regards to public speaking, I’ve learnt a lot from my pet like:

  • No matter, how I have spent my day, when I’m in front of the audience, I have to let things go and concentrate in the moment.
  • He keeps reminding of trying new and interesting stuff. You have to do a bit of home work so that you know what you are talking about.
  • Finally, no dog in the world will wait for you, if you do not have an idea what the dog is doing- so you have to be alert and catch up with the need of your audience.

 Well, I have found a good mentor in my pet, hope you too can relate the above mentioned facts with public speaking. It seriously works, try them!

 -By Angelica Campbell