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Posts Tagged ‘Bride’

Secrets to Plan a Perfect hen Party

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Secrets to Plan a Perfect hen PartyIt is a good idea to get involved in a hen party. Any bride would love to join in for one and talk about all her doubts regarding the big night. Nobody wants a stripper or indulge in any risqué entertainment, so it is always better to chat over all your doubts, so that you do not cause any embarrassment later on. So, call up all your best buddies. Plan out a good destination, venue, theme and the way you actually want a hen party to be organized. Here are a few ways to plan out a perfect hen night:

  • Plan the budget: You need to fix up an accurate budget. If you want to action the parties you had been fancying off, then you certainly need to plan out a proper budget, keeping in mind things like travel, accommodation, food, drinks and other stuff. So you got to plan it out and check out the options as how you can accommodate the budget.
  • Choosing the Venue: Selecting an appropriate place is very important especially that suits to the likes of all members involved in the party. There are various options available to decide the right place. Choosing a hotel room, escaping from the crowd and going somewhere in the outskirts of the city or even camping in the woods can be a great option. Else, having it in the home is also a good idea, if you have the option of enjoying absolute privacy along with your friends.
  • Carry all the important accessories that you might require during the hen night party. Filling in the party night with loads of naughty games is a good option as that can help you to break the ice with some friends that you may have not been quite close to. Some good accessories to carry are veils, handcuffs, hen night bags, glow sticks. Well, you got to be bold and daring! Have fun!
  • Of course, some great food options have to be arranged along with your favourite drinks and cocktails. Ensure to check out with the bride as what options she is looking out for.
  • In the hen party, ensure to prioritize the bride’s emotions. As her emotions will be extremely high and it is important that she does not undergo any kind of pressure at that time. It is vital that you take care of the hen. Keep her away from any disputes, ensure that she enjoys to the fullest and if she has had too many cocktails and if she needs a bed then see that you arrange the same for her.
  • Ensure to deck the fun with loads of enjoyment like dancing, singing, music, drinks, food and everything all girls enjoy to do.
  • Seal the Memories: Ensure to carry your camera and take videos, so that you capture all the lovely interesting moments. Years after, you can look back at it and laugh. And, yes do not forget to carry some of your favourite outfits and make-up kits, so that you give that perfect look for pictures that you can post in Facebook.

If you know someone who is likely to get married soon then you got to go ahead and plan the best ever hen party you would have ever indulged in. Get going soon!

By- Angelica Campbell

Braided Hairstyles that one must know

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Braided Hairstyles that one must knowGetting that perfect hairstyle is in the wish list of every woman. Each one of us wish to do our hair in a way that gives an extraordinary look. The current hairstyle in vogue is the braided hairstyle. Off late, I have truly fallen in love with braided hairstyle. Anything that you check out, be it a ramp show, a fashion magazine or any party- braided hairstyles are seen everywhere. Moreover, with so many braided hairstyles around at times it gets a bit difficult to choose the appropriate one. Well, I have got some really fantastic to share with you. Here are a few trendy and good braid hairstyles that one can try to get that elegant look.

Braided Bun

This is one of the most elegant ones and is sure to make many heads turn at you when you walk down the aisle or may be a special occasion. The bun will stun your look when you compliment it with a gorgeous ball gown along with a white lily bouquet. It is a perfect combination that you can try, if you have decided to stun someone.

Braided Crown

Braided Crown gives a sweet and gentle look with the hair neatly wrapped up over your head like a headband or a crown. One must also create soft curls and braid a few strands near to the ear and pin it on the other side. It’s a wonderful option to enhance the look of the girl next door to make her stand out in the crowd.

Braided Up Do

This is the best of all! In fact, one can try this every day. All that one will have to do is team it with some pretty stuff like earrings, floral clothing and other accessories. In fact, it can even be a good wedding hairstyle to try.

Side Swept Braid

Trying this, you can probably recreate the magic of Sleeping Beauty. A side braid, floral stuff, draping curls and you are no less than a princess.

Half up do Braid

This one gives a highly elegant look. The hairstyle is also called waterfall, for some portion of the hair falls down. The hairstyle looks the most creative amongst all.

Fish Tail Braid

A beautiful fish tail can turn on your man’s senses and make you look a princess like bride. Or maybe something similar to a beach Goddess! Making this braid, applauds are a must for you.

 These braided hairstyles can even be a suitable one to try on your big day i.e. wedding day. They give an elegant and sophisticated look. Try them and get a good load of compliments for yourself.

-By Angelica Campbell