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Realty Shows, Your Ticket to Stardom?

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Do you like reality shows? Whether you are a fan or not, you just can’t ignore them can you? Reality shows seem to be making bigger stars than movies and from the looks of it, this trend is not going to slowdown any time soon. What the reality television world has embraced with both arms is musical or singing shows. This goes all the way back to the first season of American Idol where Kelly Clarkson took the world by storm and the story now stands at two shows battling it out namely Britain’s Got Talent and The Voice. Personally, I like reality music shows as they are a great way to showcase talent plus its very very interesting to see if what you really see in contestants are true and that if the musical world does agree with you. Throw in some lunatic judges and some drama and what you have is a real winner.

Right from time when rumours were alive that Cheryl Cole was offered the job of being a judge on The Voice, the two shows BGT and The Voice have locked horns and gone into battle. I like these shows and am one of the many fans who will closely monitor both. The first week of auditions is over on both shows with some contestants having clear advantage over others. I really like it when talent takes stage and its all above everything else such as better publicity and what not. For instance, The talent duo of Jonathan and Charlotte and Jessie J-mentored The Voice singer Jessica Hammond. I think these two singers are out of this world and they are just going to explode on the scene (no offence to other contestants of course).

Reality music shows are about your next door neighbour winning and that’s just what is happening with these two shows in Britain. When you see someone like Jonathan and Charlotte rock the musical world with their mind blowing performances, you cannot but imagine yourself to be in their shoes and how it would be to have the world following you. One thing that I’ve noticed with these reality shows is that the younger the contestants, the more vibrant and energetic they are. Even with The Voice, Irish teen Jessica Hammond’s cover of Price Tag certainly pleased Jesse J (the creator of the song) and secured her a place in the next round.

I for one am addicted to reality music shows and I find it simply amazing knowing what these kids are capable of. At a time when soap operas and reality shows are showing just plain pathetic standards, I think music reality shows are just the breath of fresh air we all need-don’t you agree?