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Dos and Don’ts for Single Moms

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Dos and Don’ts for Single MomsI know someone who is a single Mother and I would admit this that, life has been a tough challenge for her. Single parenting can be one of the toughest challenges a woman has to endure, however at the same time can be rewarding too. People had different stories to talk about her when she took this decision in her life of separating with her mate and going forward to take the onus of upbringing her two kids. Raising two kids all alone is nothing like sleeping on a bed of roses, especially in a city like London. Some people showed sympathetic feelings towards her, while some told her about the difficulties of being a single parent. Well, in spite of all this, her spirits were not dampened; in fact she took things in a positive note and embraced the situation rather than cribbing, crying and creating an unhealthy atmosphere for all. Thus, today she an excellent example for the ones, who are planning to be one, however is hesitant to take this decision, thinking about its consequences.

Spending some time with her and keeping a close watch on her, I’ve just realized a few things that every single parent can benefit in the upbringing of the children.

Be a Companion to them

Kids being raised without their fathers face extra challenges have certain extra behavioral or character traits in common, especially the teenage boys. Therefore, it is important for a single Mom to keep an eye for these qualities, so that you help them to overcome it and make them into a confident and happy adult. As per my research that such kids are left with feelings like being incomplete, fatherless, left out, lacking identity and loneliness. Being a single Mom, you will have to be your kid’s best friend to shun away those feelings embedded in them. Only by being a strong companion can you let the child feel that sense of belonging. Thus, you have to give your 100% towards the kids.

Talk to them everyday

Being a single Mother, you certainly will be caught with loads of work and would be busy most of the time, however it is a must that you will have to spend time everyday to talk to your kids. Even if you are dying to sleep at the end of the day, you will have to listen to what they have got to say. As they will need someone to share their issues and you are the best person in their life.

Practice what you preach

Do not expect the kids to just accept the things that you preach or whatever they learn at school. Instead, set examples for them. You will have to show them why it is important to have manners or why is it necessary to be disciplined. You will have to practice what you preach.

Follow the eat together rule religiously

Yes, you need to sit down with your kid at least for one meal in a day. It is a bit difficult to accompany in the day meals, therefore make it must to sit down for dinners. Probably, on weekends you can make things even better by giving more time and meeting up with all their food demands. Do not make it a quick eating session but talk, bond and cherish the moments


This is compulsory. You will have to appreciate them for their work. You can team them along with yourself for small chores that you do at home like laying the table, cleaning the shelf and at the end of it all you got to appreciate them in any way that could be through words, sometime may be fulfilling any of their wish. At the same time, do not bow down in front of their unnecessary demands for good parenting does not mean to agree to all their fancies.

Good Luck!

By- Angelica Campbell