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Online Bingo Gaming Improves Social Life

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Online Bingo Gaming Improves Social LifeBingo games irrespective of its land based or online form, they have always been a big source of entertainment and a well known community sport for all. The games have proved really well in uplifting the community spirit with the interesting option of gaming offered to players. Any game on an obvious note is always enjoyed when played in a group rather than playing it alone. When there was a transition of land based bingo to online bingo, people had doubts about the fact that the games might lose out on the community spirit. However nothing of that sort happened! In fact the online version took a step ahead and boasted a better social scenario building a strong social base.

The introduction of chat facility proved to be the biggest pillar across the bingo sites. Also, to let you know that online chatting gathered its momentum when bingo games were still making its mark in the gaming industry. The combination of online bingo along with online chatting is a truly interesting option. It keeps the gaming aura vibrant and thrilling and informative too. As a player you are free to try out varied options such dating, sharing out the latest juicy gossips, discussing game queries and issues.

Even land based bingo games do have the option of socializing and connecting with your pals. In fact at bingo halls, you have the option of sitting down with your pals and talking and discussing till late hours. However in comparison to the online version, the option offered across the chat rooms is quite a different one. At chat rooms, you get to interact with players spanned across different parts of the world. On the other hand at bingo halls, the players you get to meet every day might be limited to just a section of people.

Across chat rooms, amidst the chat option, players also get the opportunity to indulge in numerous chat games hosted by the chat moderators. Catching up with the fun of these games whilst you wait for your bingo winnings is an excellent idea. For this will keep you patient to wait for the wins and also keep boredom at distance. Irrespective of you being an introvert or extrovert, a simple peek at the chat rooms will be good enough to draw you into the bingo rooms for the rooms look absolutely irresistible with tons of chat games, quizzes and competitions happening out there.

Off late, sites like Bingo MagiX have come up with this option of offering bingo play via the mobile platform. The games are supported on the latest version smart phones and Android gadgets. Players just have to download the games to their devices and start playing them.

If you have not tried the fun of Bingo MagiX via the mobile option, try now. Also, all newbies on joining Bingo MagiX via the mobile option will receive free £20 bingo bonus as well. So, why not try it all soon to tag in something new to your experience.

The Craze for Bingo Daubers continues!

Friday, March 7th, 2014

The Craze for Bingo Daubers continues! You would have heard about people collecting weird stuff! Well, people around have their own choice when it comes to collecting things. I’ve heard about people collecting old chocolate wrappers, antique hand cuffs, antique surgical instruments, shoes and a lot more. However, until late, I came across this person – Gilbert Ellis who resides in Michigan City Indiana who has a collection of 2100 daubers. In the ancient days, bingo play was in quite a simpler form. People played games with corn, beans and likely stuff to mark out the numbers on their bingo tickets. In the ancient time, bingo tickets were printed on heavy stocks that were reusable.

As on today, bingo tickets are printed on thin paper that is disposable too. And, when these disposable bingo tickets became the norm, the bingo daubers entered into its golden era. As on today, numbers on bingo tickets are selected in accordance with the random number generator. Players use daubers to mark their cards and the daubers are filled with see through ink. The first daubers were quite basic and it was just a filled tube without much decorations. As on today, daubers are quite fancy in nature with too many themes.

This avid bingo player, Michigan City Indiana has quite a big collection of daubers. Ellis’s wife Jeannie is known for playing even more than her husband. In a recent interview, Ellis told the reporters that there have been numerous occasions such as Christmas, Valentine, St. Patrick’s Day and for many such related occasions, Ellis has a bingo dauber to match. Ellis is a retired inspector from a steel firm. And after retirement, it has got all the more easy to give more time for his dauber collection. Before, including any dauber to his collection, he ensures to empty the ink else it would leak.

In the year 2012, Gilbert and Jeannie celebrated their 45th anniversary. Jeannie told the reporters that they had been playing bingo for quite long. Ellis has even planned to display his collection at an American Legion Post. In the current situation of online bingo, players can still get to see colourful daubers around the bingo halls. There are dozens of websites around the world that even sell these extensive daubers. Players like this feature as it enables them to focus on conversations at the chat rooms. Yes, in spite of the internet bingo gaming around, there is still a demand for these daubers. Sounds nice, that even though internet bingo is taking over – demand for daubers is still there!