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Posts Tagged ‘Exercise’

Learn how to Release your Inner Calm: Check out the Anger Management Techniques

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Learn how to Release your Inner Calm Check out the Anger Management Techniques There is nothing wrong in experiencing anger, provided you do not go to the extent of harming yourself too much. Anger becomes a problem when you are not able to handle it effectively and further it might affect any important decision of your life. As anger is a common psychological trait found in millions of people across the globe. Especially, the rate at which the world is competing ahead, people certainly need to be trained on anger management. Below mentioned are a few effective methods that can help you create a better and a happier individual.

  • Regular Exercise: You do not have to practice to excel in the Olympics but yes certainly something like as though you are preparing for the Marathon. A regular exercise of 30 minutes a day can help you control your anger by finding an outlet to your emotions. Hitting a punch bag everyday for 30 minutes is a fantastic option.
  • Think before you Act: This is one of the most important methods of controlling anger as it will limit any potential negative consequences of your anger. For e.g., before you slam a door or break your cell phone out of anger, consider the outcomes of this situation. As there could be a lot of expenses piling up for you.
  • Give yourself a Timeout: This has been the traditional way of handing anger where in we were told as kids, that whenever one gets angry – one should count from one to ten. And, this process calms down the anger of the person. This practice is truly effective as you will automatically feel free and if required you can count up to 20.
  • Forgive and Forget: Holding grudges against someone forever ensures the option that your anger management woes remain unsolved. If someone has acted in a way that was disturbing to you, then the best is to try your best to forgive them. Other people out there will not act in a way that will please you or act in your best interests. So, the quicker you accept it, the better and you will be happier.
  • Spend time doing things that helps you to relax: Everyone has their own unique way of relaxation that enables them to relieve stress and elevate their mood. So, each one has to experience things that delights them the most. Find out, what suits you the best and do it. There are multitude options at offer like reading, writing, holidaying, visiting a salon, eating, meeting up with friends and so much more. So, go to introspect your choices and find out what suits the best.

Next time when you are angry, you know how to calm down your nerves. Must try it all, it really works. Free yourself from anger and live a happier life!

By- Angelica Campbell

Strengthen your Friendship with your Pet Dog

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Strengthen your Friendship with your Pet DogThere is a long old saying that a dog is a man’s best friend. And, this statement probably every dog on earth has been able to live up to it. However, to ensure that your dog manages to become your best friend, there are certain things that even you need to work on. The major requirements are providing a good diet, a healthy regime and exercising daily. Training the dog with appropriate behaviors is also imperative to make your pet well behaved. Dogs generally have this instinct of chasing around, digging on the ground, running in herds and barking unnecessarily. And, it is the onus of the master to free their pets from such habits and learn to behave appropriately.

The first and foremost important thing in taking care of your pet requires patience, hard working and commitment. You have to work on improving the well being of your dog from all possible dimensions and providing it in the best possible manner. Like, if you are providing your dog with healthy food then you must ensure to give your pet proper exercise. Just like humans, exercise is of paramount importance to dogs also. Simply eating and not burning out the calories will not be a healthy regime for your dog. Exercising your pet everyday will help to keep your dog energetic and mentally alert. Exercises could be anything like a morning walk, jogs in the morning, running around in the yard and a lot more stuff you can add to the schedule. You can initiate a proper program accordingly for your pet. Also, you can plan out the program according to your dog breed fro exercises vary from breed to breed. Like, a dog that is prone to sickness cannot afford to do strenuous exercise.

Hygiene is also another important aspect of taking proper care of your dog. In fact, it is the most important of all! Good health and hygiene are connected to each other. In case of pets, you got to be extra careful about their health; else even you might be affected with it. Ensure to keep your dog absolutely clean by scrubbing and brushing it every single day. Also, the place of rest for your dog should be proper and clean. It should be clean, cozy, warm and quiet. The dog’s bed must be cleaned regularly. As this will ensure that your dog sleeps in a clean environment and free from fleas.

A balanced diet, regular exercising, clean & hygiene will automatically keep your dog in a good state of health and also in a healthy state of mind. This in turn will automatically strengthen your relationship with your pet. If you will take the onus of taking complete care of your pet, it’s obvious for your pet to consider the most important person in their life. So, in short by taking good care of your pet, you can strengthen your relationship to the core. Enjoy your friendship with your pet J

By- Angelica Campbell

At 40, still look fabulous & have fun!

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Was returning from work on the underground when I happened to eavesdrop on a conversation between two women. Yeah, yeah, I know eavesdropping is just pathetic but I couldn’t help. Was an interesting conversation plus I had no other choice except read my boring book all over or listen to these two. The conversation was about this common friend who had put on a ton of weight once she hit 40 and these two were going on blabbering how it was their turns next. Being someone who closely follows nutrition, let me tell you ladies something, there is nothing wrong in hitting 40 and with the right diet and exercise you can in fact tone down and look even better than ever before. Let me give you a couple of tips for maintaining your figure and keeping that lively 20s look all through your 40s.

First of all, admit that you are 40. Yeah, seriously admitting that your body is 40 years old and that it is not what it used to be when you were 20 is the first step. When you reach 40, your lifestyle would have dramatically changed compared to previous years and if you keep eating like you were 20, you are obviously going to plump up. If you required 2000 calories a day when you were 20, you only need about 300 calories when you are 40. So that means lots of calories just waiting to be fat which brings me to my first point. Reduce calories! Try to reduce the calories that you intake during the course of the day. Include more fruits, vegetables and if you really really really have to snack, always go for non-fat snacks or better yet, snack on fruits.

Next comes stress. Contrary to common notion, stress cannot make you thinner but can actually get you fatter! Yeah, its true! Your 40s life would be full of stress with your kids, spouse, job, home making but amidst all of that you have to find time to reduce stress and take care of your body. Stress can make you crave food like never before which in turn becomes Stress Fat. Stress can also lead you on a road to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other ailments you don’t even want to know the names of. Just have some time to yourself and keep stress in check.

Finally Exercise. If you have been exercising and you just hit 40, exercise more. Just because you are older doesn’t mean you have to reduce your exercise regime and lay off. According to studies, a 40 year old woman should exercise for at least 45 minutes, six days a week. Cycling, walking, jogging all are fine options if you can find the time that is. Don’t think of turning 40 as going to war with your body. This just another phase and with a little bit of work, could be the most beautiful phase yet. Stay fit, stay beautiful.