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Posts Tagged ‘Fashion’

This Summer, go Short and Sexy with Cocktail Dresses

Friday, April 19th, 2013

This Summer, go Short and Sexy with Cocktail DressesThe biggest problem for every woman faces whilst dressing up for an occasion is – what to wear. Almost every woman faces this dilemma of wearing the right dress in order to stand out in the crowd. In fact some women even panic for not being able to decide the right outfit till the last minute. For it is just not the dress – to get the right look, there is a bunch of things that a woman needs to take care of. However, the most important thing is to find the ideal dress first. Fashion experts say that be it any occasion, a cocktail dress is a good option. But, again the question here is how to select the quintessential dress that would make everyone’s eyes gaze at you with awe.

Below mentioned are some tips that can assist you in selecting your soul dress.

A classic cocktail dress is supposed to be of knee length. And, in such dresses are also available in a lot of variations. Like, the length of the dress can be above the knee and at times can be even mid-way as that gives an extremely sexy look. The outfit is good for parties and night outs, however not too appropriate for a date.

Fabrics like silk and satin will be good as it sets a perfect a celebration look. But, do not wear anything of floor length. To get that flawless look, it is very important to get a cut in the dress that appreciates your body type. A gorgeous fabric can help in flattering your body type.

A cocktail dress looks great, if the waistline of the dress is slightly above the original waistline. So, you can opt a dress that is slightly above the original waistline. You can either choose a formfitting dress or may be an A-line skirt. In regards to cocktail dress, a black dress is an ultimate choice. However, you can detail the dress by adding accessories that will compliment your dress. Do not overdo also, with too much of accessorizing. If required, you can carry a Paschima wrap as well.

Try to choose dresses in variety of colours. If it is Summer time, then ensure to choose bright coloured dresses, but the only important thing is that the dress should match your skin tone. Next, are shoes! As far as shoes are concerned – high heels like stilettos or decorative flats is a good option.

 By – Angelica Campbell

Lace Dresses a Timeless Classic Style

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Lace Dresses a Timeless Classic StyleLace dresses are one of the most elegant and history inspired form of fashion. In the ancient days, every history enthusiast who had the basic sewing skills managed to make clothing attractive by simply adding a lace collar or cuffs. Even a plan jumper dress could take on a Victorian feel when paired with a petticoat trimmed with lace at the hem. The birthplaces of lace making are generally recognized in Flanders and Italy. A true lace is created when a thread is looped, twisted and braided with other threads independently forming a backing fabric. Originally, silk, linen, silver and gold threads were being used. As of now lace is made with cotton thread as well. Although, the style may be associated with the ancient times but the vogue for lace still continues in the latest trends and fashions.

Lace dresses look fashionable and affordable sported in a bold range of colours, styles and options. Below mentioned are the top three lace styles.

Lace Wedding Dress: This is one form of dressing that can never fall out of fashion. The lace wedding dress can be stylish as well as traditional. At the same time it can be vintage and sexy too. Lace is one of the timeless fabrics for bridal styles. And, any wedding gown with a bit of lace will lose the elegance that wedding gowns are supposed to have.

Backless Lace Dress: This dress can leave you looking absolutely hot. With so many backless styles available, there are numerous options for women to choose. The most common one being fully backless, styles like showing the nape of the back and smaller cut outs to show a minimal amount of skin. These backless lace dresses can at times prove a little difficult in wearing one, if one is not used to wearing such outfits. The innerwear in such dresses, you will have to choose to wear a cut out option rather than a backless one.

Lace Mini Dress: The lace mini dress is currently one of the highest forms of fashion trends. They look highly feminine and a perfect one to be worn for any special occasion. Some prefer to have it with lace sleeves, like if anyone wishes to have their arms covered. A super daring fashionista will prefer to wear something coloured beneath. The current trends include nude or pale colour that can be worn along with a cardigan or a blazer, accompanied with heels will give the perfect feminine look.

Lace dresses are softer to touch and comfortable to wear. The dress is one of the most affordable dresses and gives a beautiful feminine look. It is one of the most wonderful accents that can be added to an outfit creating texture and additional pattern to a boring outfit. For bolder fashionistas, backless lace dresses in super bright colours is a good option.

By- Angelica Campbell

Look Stylish with Fashion Jewellery

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Look Stylish with Fashion JewelleryFashion jewellery has become a major trend these days. These accessories are not limited just to women but even men take a lot of interest in it. Decking your outfit with some good jewellery not only complements your outfit but also makes you look classy and stylish. However, you just need to know how to make yourself presentable by decking yourself with the right kind of jewellery.

Here are a few things to know about decking yourself with the right kind of jewellery.

Handmade Jewellry: Hand crafted jewelry is very common these days and is popular in various styles. They are made in a combination of stones and beads. The jewellery looks quite original in comparison to other types. A variety of materials are used in this type of jewellery. In such jewellery its mostly beads and stone used for making bracelets and necklaces.

Special Jewellery: Special jewellery is generally developed for special occasions and events like weddings and parties. Such jewellery includes bracelets, brooches, rings and necklaces and they are something similar to a fashion statement. In this category, crystals and heavy stones also included. Sterling jewellery is also a very common example of this stuff. Sometimes, even simpler pieces are also dedicated as special jewellery.

Bracelets: Bracelets are also a common piece of jewellery. These days, a lot many huge and chunky bracelets are available and are a trend amongst people of all age groups. Even large bangles in a variety of colours are a common option too. Such bangles are teamed with bright floral dresses. They are made with stones to create a hand crafted look. You will find them in silver and stainless steel too. Steel is very long lasting and the designers develop amazing pieces on this material. Sometimes even beads are mixed with it create an elegant look.

Rings: Rings are a famous piece of jewellery Women feel absolutely incomplete without it, so its necessary for women to adorn their fingers with rings. According to the recent trend, a lot many women prefer to adorn themselves with bigger rings in funky designs. Such rings are mostly decorated with good quality beads and stones. Precious stones like diamonds have also become a common trend, however the option is a little expensive one.

Earrings: Even earrings are a popular piece of fashion jewellery and available in the latest styles. The current trend includes the ones in larger size something called the dangling earrings. However, the trend keeps changing and the latest one includes something like a mixture of gold and silver.

By- Angelica Campbell

Modern Age Excels with the Elegance of Ethical Fashion

Monday, January 21st, 2013

Modern Age Excels with the Elegance of Ethical FashionThese days, we have heard a lot about ethical dressing. This concept of fashion has actually become one of the new trends of fashion in the glamour world. Although, the ethical wear has made its mark in the fashion industry, however a lot many people do not have a clear idea of what it is all about. To help you get informed on this, I have got some important things to state here.

What is ethical fashion?

The ethical sense of dressing covers a lot many aspects. This type of clothing is made with organic components and is sealed with ethical standards and stamps like fair-trade organic cotton. The designers while making these kinds of clothes use chemical free components and eco-friendly products that do not cause any side-effects. Most of the time, plants are used to produce organic clothing. Even re-cycled material is used to produce ethical wear. Recycled material is commonly used by the companies to prepare the products.  A lot of products are made with recycled nylon and polyster some textile companies even use recyclables that take the form of materials in their factories.

The most important cause of this kind of clothing is to promote less wastage and bring out positivity in the clothing industry. In majority cases, ethical wear companies are partnered with charitable institutions to support a noble cause. This kind of fashion is used as a weapon to remove poverty and at the same time also fulfills the fashion desire of people.

If you fancy buying some good ethical stuff, then you need to look out for the label Organics Consumer Association.

Here are a few examples of the eco-friendly notable contributors.

Radley is a noted British handbag maker that makes handbags from recycled materials. The company does not openly advertise too much about their products. If you look at the bag, you can easily make out that the material used in the bag is made from recycled materials.

Rapanui: This brand provides clothing made in factories powered by solar and wind power. In such clothing, the carbon footprint is lower in comparison to other factories. The makers of this brand also keep the sense of fashion in their minds while designing the ethical costumes, so as to match the current trends and styles.

Excentree: This is also a well known fashion brand that promotes eco fashion collections and advertises their sustainable clothing. They have got some great private collections and promote a good deal of organic clothing for men and women too. Every sale made from this company, gives you the opportunity to plant a tree in the agro-reforestation schemes that Excentree supports.

People who enjoy a unique sense of dressing, ethical wear can be an excellent option for them. However, there are a few things to consider while buying these goods.

  • Environmental impacts: Ethical goods are free from chemical components that are considered to be harmful when re-cycled or re-used. Being made from natural products, the goods are 100% safe and do not tamper the environment.
  • Proper trade process: These kinds of goods need to undergo a fair trade process. From its growing stage till the products are handicrafted, the process needs to follow a fair play.

For those, who have not yet tried the ethical sense of dressing yet, give a try and you could actually stand out in the crowd with the unique sense of fashion. Plus, you could be also doing a noble deed by helping the needy ones.

By- Angelica Campbell