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This Winter Look Stylish with Leather outfits

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

One of the hottest trends in winter is the leather look- real or faux. Whether you are a celebrity or a fashionista, everybody wishes to have this piece of clothing in their wardrobe. Leather outfits are not confined just to jackets but are also used for trousers, shoes, bags, skirts, belts and a lot more. Leather apparels are well known for their style quotient and have been a favourite material amongst the fashion designers. Leather outfits not only add sensuality to one’s figure but also defines a figure accurately. As it’s a tight fitting material, so it looks the best when worn by slim people.

Women, generally like to flaunt their curves and a faux leather pant when teamed with a nice sequenced top or a good baggy pullover can give a fantastic look.

Men always prefer the biker look and leather jackets help them to get that pThis Winter Look Stylish with Leather outfitserfect look. Even women prefer the biker look and a leather jacket is a common thing to find in a woman’s wardrobe. The material looks extremely stylish and sexy and could be absolutely feminine too, if the material is used to make a skirt. Flaunting outfits made up of leather gives you that extra edge and gives an extraordinary look in the crowd. The fabric is absolutely versatile and a perfect one to make you look preppy and chic. Although, its told that leather accessories are mostly preferred by people that lead a rough lifestyle, however anyone can try it on to enjoy the new look. In comparison to the other fabrics, the price of leather is expensive but is long lasting. And, therefore it creates an excellent impression.

These days, with the option of buying things online, you can check a lot many things. Furthermore, with lots of discounts and offers available, buying gets even easier. Online shops offer the assistance of a virtual stylist that can help you pick the right clothing. These stylists are well experienced and can help you choose the right sort of clothing that suits your body type. If you are wishing to try something new and trendy then taking the help of these stylists is a must. This winter, go on to sizzle your look with this stylish fabric- leather.

By- Angelica Campbell

Depressed? Could Be Those Late Night Sit-ins

Monday, August 27th, 2012

I’m not much of an early to bed, early to rise kind of person and I like to stay awake late into the night and watch a good movie with a bag of chips and some cola.

Today I ran into a little article suggesting that people who stay up late watching movies or peering into their computer screens are at a higher chance of developing depression. I’m not depressed right now and I hope I don’t in the future too but I think this is a warning that I need to stop this seemingly harmless habit.

The study was conducted by a team of neuroscientists at Ohio State University Medical Centre in the US. Researchers used hamsters for this study and exposed them to dim light at night and studied their behaviour which showed great resemblance to symptoms that are evident in depressed people.

Scientists believe that the increased exposure to dim light at night is one of the main reasons as to why depression has reached such epidemic promotions. Shockingly, women exposed to such light at night are twice as likely to fall into depression as compared to men.

The hamsters involved in the experiment were studied for about four weeks with them exposed daily to dim light similar to that of produced by Television in a dark room. After the four weeks, hamsters seemed less interested in drinking sugar water and showed lack of interest in food.

But the study doesn’t mean that you  can’t stay up for your favouritre movie at all. Scientists were able to figure out that people who stayed up late were able to minimuise the effects of depression by going back to normal light cycle.So there you have it, if you are one of those people like me who loves to just lie in bed and watch movies, make sure you turn on your lights and get proper sleep the next day.

What if you all you can eat are pizzas?

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

We have all heard of eating disorders, but this one just takes the cake (pizza to be more exact). Just ran into an interesting little article about a 19 year old girl from Wrexham, Wales. So what’s different about this 19 year old? Well, for the past eight years of her life she has eaten nothing but pizzas! Yes, that’s right! Nothing but pizzas! Now before you start questioning me or the article on how this could be, there seems to be an explanation. She suffers from a condition known as Selective Eating Disorder (I do not know if that’s a made up term or not) but that is what the article says. It seems this girl has a phobia of all foods leaving her unable to try anything else but pizzas.

So now you are wondering, does she look normal? Hmm…Not exactly, but I can say that I’ve seen more obese people than her on the streets (just so you know, not giving her any credit). Can you believe that she’s been having pizzas for breakfast, lunch and dinner? And she only eats hot pizzas with cheese and tomato without toppings. This teenager hasn’t even touched a fruit or vegetable in years and she gets petrified at the very thought of eating something else. Would have been hard for her to survive with my mother that’s for sure.

After reading this news, one of my close friends claims that he too is suffering from a similar condition. He calls it Selective Drinking Disorder- a very very very rare drinking disorder that scares him from drinking anything but beer. I’ll let him have his fun for a couple of days and if the disorder stays…let’s just say we know some pretty good medicines that can cure him. Jokes apart, I really hope that Sophie does get over her phobia and start living on a more healthy diet. I mean we all know how much fat pizzas have and it just cannot be doing her heart any good. Sophie honey, if you are listening, try to find a good doc and get rid of this illness…There are plenty of other treats in this world and we would love to hear about how the once pizza-only girl lost weight and how she lives healthy now. Lots of love, a well wisher.