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Celebrate the Power of Womanhood with Bingo MagiX

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Yet another Women’s Day is here. 8th of March is a magical day to celebrate love, respect and even show appreciation for women in your lives. In spite of never ending challenges, a modern woman has lot to celebrate this Woman’s day. New opportunities, independence and freedom like never before. Every active industry in the world is out celebrating this day including the online gaming circle. Most online casinos and websites have come out with special offers and promos exclusive to this wonderful day. One of the best promos on the list would have to be the Bingo Magix Facebook promo.

Bingo MagiX has a special relationship with its members thanks to various Facebook promos happening all through the year. Facebook promos are an integral part of Bingo MagiX and these promos change from time to time depending on seasons or events. These promos give players extra bonuses and even free bingo time just for visiting the Facebook page. As part of celebrating Women’s day, Bingo MagiX is rolling down the red carpet for women and giving away free re-deposit bonus.

Bingo MagiX players can log on to Facebook page and check out the coupon posted for the promo. The bonus code for the promo is ‘BM8’ and this is valid from 7th March to 9th March 2012. That’s right! You get three days of re-deposit fun just for Women’s Day. Using this special BM8 bonus code enables you to get £8 re-deposit bonus for minimum deposits of £20 made during the validity. Being Women’s day, Bingo MagiX is showing extra love and giving the £8 re-deposit bonus in addition to the regular re-deposit bonus and what’s more, players can make use of the free bonus up to eight different times during the promo validity. If you haven’t joined Bingo MagiX, join during Women’s Day festivities and claim exciting joining bonus plus the aforementioned re-deposit bonus.  When people around the world are celebrating this day with immense joy, how can you just watch the festivities go by? Join Bingo MagiX Women’s Day Facebook promo and play to your heart’s content. Visit Bingo Magix Facebook page and make this a Women’s day you’ll cherish forever

Facebook Fans Rejoice the Extra day in February

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Leap Year promos with Bingo MagiX have come to an end but there are some better promos lined up to make your March even more spectacular. First off, congrats to all Facebook Bingo MagiX Leap Year Promo winners. Now it’s time to go Treasure Hunting. Facebook Leap Year Promo on Bingo MagiX has just concluded with the winners announced yesterday. The contest was the talk of the online bingo world from 20th Feb to the last day of the month. The promo offered £10 free bonus for participants of a special quiz conducted through ten days. Member brighty07 deserves a special mention for winning every day and the final bonus offering of £10.

The FB Leap Year Promo on Bingo MagiX was to create winners every single day starting from the 20th of February all the way to leap year day and the promotion was well received by all kinds of players. Liking the Bingo MagiX Facebook page gave players an instant £5 plus access to the ‘Leap into Free Bonus’ quiz game. The first day of the contest gave away £1 to all winners. Players were quizzed and bonus given for making the right answer. Winners from the first day again answering correctly on the second day got £2 and £3 for the third day, £4 for fourth day and so on for subsequent days till the 29th of February. A special deposit promo was also available on 29th February with depositing members getting an additional £20 bonus free. All players on Bingo MagiX got an extra day to get extra bonus and The Leap Year Deposit Bonus on the last day was the cherry on the icing. Top three winners during the Facebook  Leap Year promo were brighty07, mrsmuppet and kimbt25. Players’ fairylightsxx and brighty07 also claimed the free £20 deposit bonus on February 29.

Enough with the past, let’s move on to the  present. March 2012 promo features a special bonus code treasure hunt that promises to be even more fun than the Facebook Bingo MagiX Leap year promo quiz. The promo creates winners twice a week all through the month of March till 31st and the player who gets maximum number of answers right get their hands on the exclusive bonus code (sent via mail). Clues will be hidden in the official Bingo MagiX website, Bingo MagiX lobby and Bingo MagiX Blog. Grab your safari hats, backpacks and goggles,  its time to go Treasure Hunting.

Leap into Free Bonus at Bingo MagiX

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Leap into Free BonusYou can see 29th February on your calendar but after every four years. So Bingo MagiX has chosen to make a good use of this extra day this month. Bingo MagiX brings a special ‘Leap Into Free Bonus’ quiz contest for its Facebook audience and it’s already out of the pipeline, waiting for your participation. Just answer to simple questions posted on the wall of Bingo MagiX Facebook page and win free bonuses. It’s an offer engulfing nine days from 20th February to 29th February. Five days have already bid good bye but still you can be a part of this thrilling quiz contest. So unshackle yourself from any further bewilderment and hit the like button of Bingo MagiX Facebook page to win £5 instantly as well as to play the ‘Leap Into Free Bonus’ quiz game.

This special promotion already started on 20th Feb where you are getting chance to be part of daily quiz fun and win free bonus between £1 to £10 each day till 29th Feb 2012. You might have missed few days of offer but better be late than never. Just hit the like button of the Bingo MagiX Facebook page as you can still join the ongoing fun and pocket £10 free bonus. Amazing part of this promotion is that every day’s winner has got the chance to increment the bonus day by day, giving the right answer. But wait! Something is peeking behind the curtains while you are busy with your £10 bonus. It’s an additional £20 free bonus to your account by depositing £20 and sharing your username on the wall of Bingo MagiX Facebook page. So grab this amazing offer before it takes off from Facebook.

You must relish every second of your life because you don’t get life a second time. An extra day in the account of your age, it’s one of the rarest of rare moment which comes to your life. Don’t let it slip away at any cost. Participate in this special contest at Bingo MagiX facebook page and amass it for the next four years of your life