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Are you an Optimist?

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Are you an Optimist?In a brand New Year that we have stepped in to, what is the most important thing that most of you are focusing on? Most of you would have already fixed your New Year resolutions and working towards fulfilling it. And, by now some of you would have even forgotten their resolutions also. Is it that difficult to live up to your words? What is it that is makes you back off from your words! I think, maintain a positive attitude.

All of us experience various kinds of thoughts in our heads – positive and negative. Positive thoughts generate a positive reality. On the other hand, negative thinking leads to negative outcomes. Both these thinking modes are in a constant tug of war in our minds. Positive thinkers tend to deal with life confidently, looking on the brighter side of things – unlike negative thinkers who tend to look at things non-constructively. It is obvious that most of us prefer to keep the positive element plugged to our minds, keeping negativity away. But, it is really difficult to do so! On a daily basis, thousands of negative thoughts at least for a second do run in our minds. And, to escape from such situations, what need to train our minds to focus on good things rather than the bad ones. At times, we do not realize on certain things unless we have lost it. So, instead of waiting for things to disappear, why not enjoy it in the moment. Therefore to train your minds, so that you focus on the brighter side of things you need to cultivate a positive aspect towards life. The below mentioned are a few tips of developing a positive mindset:

  • The first and foremost is love yourself: No matter what you experience in your life. Never hate yourself. If you do not respect yourself – others will not. Love yourself! I know we tend to pull out fault in ourselves, but do not over do it. Instead learn to improve yourselves by learning, cultivate new friendships, appreciate good work and pursue worthwhile causes. Praise yourselves as much as you praise others. When you start feeling confident about yourself, automatically positive thoughts will flow in.
  • Be Realistic: Make sure you aim for things that are possible. Hoping for unattainable things is a waste of time and energy. It will only bring disappointment. After fixing a goal, ensure that you work towards it as well. Miracles do not happen. Like if you wish to lose weight, ensure that you take appropriate measures to achieve it as well. You cannot get slim overnight. Likewise, for other things as well.
  • Know yourself: There is no person in the world who can tell you who you really are. Realize your passions, like, wants and principles. Ensure to fix up some time every week for self reflection in solitude. Only, if you know yourself too well, can you reach out to your goals physically, emotionally and mentally.
  • Balance your Desires: The world we live in is a place of opposites. Like there are rich and poor people, love and hate, rich and dark, male and female. Well, that is how life is. Everything cannot be perfect with everyone. So, we need to balance out or desires. You might find people around you are richer, happier or living a better life that you. But, you should not aim to have what they have, instead wish for what you can have.

-       To be continued!

Here is how to fight the Winter Blues!

Friday, November 29th, 2013

Here is how to fight the Winter Blues!The chilling winters demand us to follow a good skin care regime. With the temperature going down, the battle for healthy skin to begins. Dry air takes away the thin layer of oil that traps moisture in the skin causing it to be flaky and leading to dry skin. Therefore at this time of the year, skin is likely to experience disturbances such as dryness, flaky skin and sensitivity.

However, there are ways to beat the skin trauma by just following a few tips:

The major concern during Winters is to combat issues like dryness and flakiness. One important thing to take care of is not to get sloppy and implement the right measures at the earliest.

  • Firstly, update your skin care products keeping in mind the winter winds. Begin it with the right cleanser. As beauty begins with clean and a hygienic skin. So, ensure to buy the right cleanser, especially a creamier one as it helps to nourish the skin. Cleansing your skin properly before going to bed is important.
  • Using a hydrating mask helps the body to relax. The best option is to take a nice warm water bath 2 hours before going to bed. And, prior to this applying a hydrating mask is a fantastic option to ease out the stress from your body.
  • Ensure to have a brief bath by using lukewarm water and not too hot water. Switch off to less aggressive and moisture rich soaps ideal for sensitive skin. After a shower, pat your skin and apply a moisturizer when skin is damp. A few good options of moisturizers are Cetaphil and Eucerin.
  • Adding a serum to your routine can help in hydrating and nourishing your skin as much as possible. Especially after hydrating your skin, using a firm and good quality serum is important. The serum will help to reduce the signs of fatigue that tends to appear during the winter months. A few drops of serum and work it all the way up to the hair line and over it as it is the most neglected area.
  • Next step is exfoliation, and a fantastic option is using Lavender and sugar. Lavender is an ideal agent for it has anti-bacterial properties and helps to get rid of the excess dirt. And, if you do not prefer lavender then you can also mix almond oil with some sugar that smells incredible too.
  • Also, do not neglect the skin beneath the warm layers of clothing. Ensure to keep your skin supple and soft by applying the right moisturizer. It is vital to moisturize your body in colder chimes
  • Even lips and hands are highly affected in this season, therefore got to take care of them too. Ensure to exfoliate your lips as they tend to become very dry during this season. Apply the right ointment to keep them bright and beautiful.
  • For indulging in some relaxing and therapeutic treatment, you can pop in the essential oils into your night cream.

Alongside using all these, ensure to have proper and healthy diet with the intake of lots of fruits and vegetables. Plus, keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water.

Not women, but I am sure even men would be interested in following these.  A healthy skin further enhances to give a healthy mind.

By – Angelica Campbell

Alleviate Anxiety of your Past Life with Brainwave Entrainment

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Alleviate Anxiety of your Past Life with Brainwave EntrainmentAt times, have you ever thought from where we get so much anxiety in our life? Has it ever happened that the source of your anxiety might have come from a life that you lived prior to this life? Brainwave entrainment is a clinically proven that can take you back to another life and eliminate the energy that is bringing stress to your this life. If you live a life in which the stress levels are really high then it is possible that you would have brought forward a bundle of anxieties that you might have acquired in your past life.

Our body is just like a vehicle that we use it to get around in physical. The eternal part of our body uses this part of the vehicle over and over again and as years progress by raising the consciousness. As you live the lives that you have chosen in your journey, you pick up the anxieties and fears that are carried forward from life to life and may even appear in your present life in the form of phobias, aversions and allergies.

Anxieties have been there in your life, from the time when you have been running around in a loin cloth trying to keep yourself ahead of the saber toothed tiger. May be from then on you have acquired the fear of pointy objects. At times, you might be troubled in eating stranger’s food as it could be that you would have been poisoned by

Brainwave entrainment is a neuro-technological tool that introduces specific sound frequencies to the brain with the intention of altering its dominant brainwave for a specific effect. The brain entrains this repeated rhythmic sound patterns followed by frequency. In few minutes, entrainment can alter the state of your consciousness and make you receptive to a journey back in the past. The moment you indulge in the brainwave entrainment session, your consciousness level will change and you will move inward, feeling relaxed and leaving behind the third dimension of your physical existence and moving into the fourth one. As your mind detaches yourself from the physical world, you get into a deep state of relaxation and from this point you can get back into time to determine the source of your anxiety that is hampering in your life now as well. When you identify it, you can dismiss its residue from the present day consciousness. Brainwave entrainment is a good way to alleviate anxiety of the past life as well as the current life.

-       By Angelica Campbell

Facial Yoga helps you to Stay Young Naturally

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Facial Yoga helps you to Stay Young NaturallyThe quest to keep skin healthy, sift, supple and young is a desire for every woman on earth. However, these days even men have started paying extra concentration on this aspect so that they do not look older. Aging comes naturally to everyone but it might come a little gracefully, if one starts taking extra care of them. Skin is the largest organ in the human body something similar to heart and kidneys. Appearance of lines, wrinkles, crow feet, laugh lines is a few signs of skin aging. All of us are aware about the numerous anti-aging products available in the market, but you never know which one works and which doesn’t. However there are some safe ways that you can try without spending from your wallet.

Facial exercises can help you to look more youthful. Even research states that approximately 30% of all end users of facial yoga systems are men in their 30’s and 40’s. Non-invasive facial gymnastic workouts tasking the finger tips on face for the purpose of face toning are effective for men and women to help to pursue their youthfulness.

Facelift exercises are a highly effective solution to reduce the eye bags, frown lines, dark lines, circles and hone the jaw line so as to remove any kind of double chin. Turkey neck and any kinds of wrinkles can be remedied by performing facial exercises.

Few tips mentioned below can help you stay younger:

  • Applying moisturizer is the least expensive option to keep your skin looking younger. Moisturizing it regularly will keep your skin hydrated and make you look younger. Lotions combined with facial aerobic exercises are an ideal option as this will directly be absorbed by your skin. In addition to this, drink lots of water.
  • A brisk walk everyday or some sort of regular exercises and consumption of healthy green veggies, fruits and berries is the best way you can look perfect. You must ensure to get your daily dosage of nutrients and minerals.
  • Apply whitening toothpaste to get a brighter smile as that will help you to remain youthful. Steer clear of coffee, berries, red wine and berries may tarnish your teeth so brush directly after ingestion to avoid discoloration.
  • Ensure to have a good amount of sleep Seven hours can be good and eight hours will be excellent.
  • A natural acupressure facelift can bring a colossal difference to bring younger looks in men and women.

In short if you apply all the above mentioned techniques for younger looking skin, you actually do not have to spend on any facial creams. Try them and enjoy your youth forever!

By- Angelica Campbell