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A Cup of Herbal Tea can help you with a Good Night Sleep

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

A Cup of Herbal Tea can help you with a Good Night SleepDrinking tea brings in different types of comfort to the body. The drink has always been known as one of the most rejuvenating drinks. Also, known to be as one of the super foods and packed in with a good source of benefits like weight loss, reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer and heart diseases. Also, did you know that drinking tea can help to give you a sound night sleep? Yes, of course! But, not coffee the caffeine will keep you awake. While tea options like green, white or black tea contains caffeine that helps to boost your immune system. It overrides the wake up effect and relaxes the person drinking it. That is why tea is known to be a perfect drink for stressful situations, and a good drink to have before going to bed.

Theanine content in tea helps to relax the body, relieving stress and a good drink to keep you stay awake. Therefore, tea is a must drink to have whilst in office. You will be relaxed and at the same time will not feel drowsy as well.

On the other hand, there are specific herbal teas that will help you to sleep like a baby. Especially the chamomile or lavender flavoured can help you indulge in a peaceful night sleep. Not every manufacturer offers special chamomile, lavender or linden tea. But, other options like Lipton, Stash and Bigelow offer herbal teas that do not contain caffeine to keep you awake all night.

A cup of herbal tea or decaffeinated regular tea provides a soothing comfort to the body, allowing you to relax. A small amount of relaxation can be a perfect cure for insomnia or restlessness at night. Bigelow offers Cozy Chamomile tea that has been a century old remedy and has been known for its quality to give sleep. Chamomile soothes the digestive tract and calms muscle spasms as well. The glycine levels of chamomile tea relax the nerve muscles and act as a mild sedative. This tea is not only aids in sleeping but also benefits those with menstrual cramps as well.

Another excellent example of herbal tea from Bigelow is “Sweet Dreams.” This herbal tea contains spices, rose hips, peppermint, chamomile, orange blossoms help to create the perfect blend to facilitate a good night’s sleep. Such soothing caffeine free tea helps the body to relax along with the provision of delicious flavours.

For those who love the flavour of tea but susceptible to the effects of caffeine and wish to indulge in a good night sleep must try these soothing delicious flavours of decaffeinated tea. Plus, you can enjoy the relaxing effects of theanine. From today on, go on to grab your favourite cup of tea before you go to bed at night.

By – Angelica Campbell

Is the option of being a Vegan a Bad Idea to Follow?

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Is the option of being a Vegan a Bad Idea to FollowAt times, most of us look at vegetarians in puzzled bewilderment and wonder what on earth do they eat? Or maybe you might have come across someone, who all of a sudden has decided to become a vegetarian and you would be worried thinking, how they will manage to get the protein nutrients into their diet. Well, there is nothing as such! Even vegetarian diets add plenty of protein in terms of nutrition, if the right kind of foods is consumed. They can be even one of the healthiest foods. If consumed in a right manner, the food can be healthy and healing too. Embarking on a vegan diet at first may show signs of detoxification for the first few days. This is in the case when there is an excess accumulation of toxic food stuff in the body that needs to be released. The cleansing action is essential for all bodies to let the body get rid of the waste. This action of detoxification clears out the old and creates space for the new nutrients to enter within.

Eating the familiar type of meals in the beginning might make a novice get bored from being a vegan. In the beginning you can go to a health food store and explore the amazing range of substitutes created for meat. And, yes I am not mention just tofu here. Meat substitutes are much more than just buying tofu or soy. There are a lot many meat substitutes available like – sausages, burgers, cheese etc., that have been formulated to taste great and also somewhat literally close to their counterpart, but they are free from animal fat. There are products made from veggie combos that include grains from vital wheat gluten, seeds and nuts combined with veggies or grains and legumes. Other things to try as well include stuff like rice milk, cashew milk, hemp milk that you can make it all by yourself. It’s really simple to make them, all that you need is do a little bit of research on the same and you will find a variety of recipes and instructions to follow the same. You can even try for pastas available free from eggs. You will be surprised to know that these days, vegans can enjoy a lot of interesting, nutritional and balanced meals.

The option of salads is truly amazing as there is a variety of it that you can try and ensure that you add colours to your salad so that it looks peppy and at the same time nutritional. And, do not forget to garnish the same with sweet red peppers, non-gmo yellow corn or thinly sliced yellow squash, grated orange carrots, purple leaf lettuce and so much more. Include a lot of seawoods such as nori, kombu and helps to release the heavy metals from the body.

An interesting vegetarian menu idea is: Vegan pizza with assortment of veggies grilled on top, salad and green split pea soup. Another one is, Vegan pasta with falafel and humus spread along with a fresh vegetable salad. The list can actually go on!

Well, the basic idea is to be creative and use a variety of foods to create your meals. To be a vegan is not to starve or eat boring food. It’s all about enjoying and having good stuff!

By- Angelica Campbell

Quitting Smoking: It is Difficult for Women than Men

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Quitting Smoking It is Difficult for Women than MenIt is commonly stated that quitting smoking is quite a difficult task for many. However, did you know that it is harder for women to quit smoking in comparison to men? It is certainly a bad news for all women smokers, especially for those who are trying to quit. It’s told that women cannot take the advantage of the smoking cessation therapies that are quite effective on men. Being a smoker, not only are you prone to cancers and pulmonary diseases but can also suffer from osteoporosis with aging. Women smokers planning for pregnancy might experience difficulty and the child during birth could have low weight.

A detailed study will let you know as why women face certain difficulties in the process of quitting smoking. And, probably that might let you fight the habit of smoking.

Scientific research states that non-smoker women and a smoking woman have the same number of nicotine receptors in the brain. It’s told that this is something to do with the progesterone levels in the body. Fewer nicotine receptors mean that, they might have the urge to smoke even if the body is exposed to nicotine. This fact implies that women are unable to take the advantage of nicotine replacement therapies. On the other hand, male smokers have a lot many nicotine receptors in the brain in comparison to the non-smoking men. Thus, they can make good use of the non-smoking replacement therapies. And, quitting smoking is easier for men than woman. Studies also state that, women are more dependent on the physical actions related with smoking. And, this includes actions like holding a cigarette in the hands or lips and drawing on it.

Well, this does not conclude the fact that women cannot resign from their habit of smoking. There are a few options to do so: practicing yoga, meditation, deep breathing and even using nicotine replacement therapies that could mimic the act of smoking can help to go a long way in quitting smoking.

If the situation is too severe then one can even consult a doctor for advice. As, at times smoking deteriorates the health of a woman to a great extent, thus steps should be taken to curb it at early as possible. The only reasons that one gets addicted to this habit is stress, peer pressure, advertisement from tobacco companies, losing weight, family issues or exposure to cigarette at home etc. Smoking, however does not solve these issues, the problems anyways still remain there and in turn being addicted to this habit, you move on to ruin your health. It is all about the right support you receive from someone to quit this habit.

Now that you know, how to go about it, stand up and go on to set yourself free from the chains of this habit. Today being World Cancer Day, get started with it! Live life simply and happily J

By- Angelica Campbell