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An Awesome August of Gaming at Bingo MagiX

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

An Awesome August of Gaming at Bingo MagiX Welcome to an amazing August at Bingo MagiX! Are you ready for all the fun? For once you are at the bingo rooms, you just cannot back off from there. We’ve got some brilliant offerings for you to try out.

The, first and foremost you got to start off with is the daily log in bonus. Every day without a miss, you will receive free bingo bonus just for a simple log in. It’s called Playtime Beyond Primetime, where in for a daily log in you can claim free bonus. You just have to make a £10 deposit and enjoy the free bonus for the next 7 days. If you have not claimed your bonus yet, log in today and play bingo to the core.

Additionally, how about adding some Free Fun too? You can add loads of it to your bucket. There are 2 games to play every hour, round the clock. Just not games to play for free but there is a daily £150 bonus to win as well. Over the month, you can make it to a whopping winning of £4500 bonus. That is not all, you can even make it to the special jackpot cash worth £50. Go on soon and fix up your bingo tickets.

Inclusive to the above, you can even try out something exclusive in the promotion called Bingo Prize Podium. Indulge in this fun everyday, where in you can catch up with 5 special games. Games are scheduled in the hours – 11AM, 2PM, 5PM, 8PM and 11PM. Also, as you on you move ahead even the cash value increases. Over the month, you can make it to a winning worth £15400.

Also, with this fab weather upon us, why not try a few slot spins too? The rooms seem to look really hot with a vibrant section of slot games happening at Bingo MagiX. You just have to join in to spin your favourite slot games and reward yourself with a good value of cash. The top 10 wagerers can claim a share of cash from £1,000. To sum it all, there are numerous reasons Bingo MagiX is giving for you all to bask at the site.

So, join in for an awesome August – full of prizes, games and fun!

Friendship pays a lot at Bingo MagiX

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Friendship pays a lot at Bingo MagiXThe power of words is truly incredible! Especially when the words are shared between the most trusted friends, you know how much that matters.

Like the other day, my best pal told me about this new salon in town and the very next day I was there after her recommendation. And believe me I got a fabulous makeover and that too with some attractive discounts. Having good friends is a big bliss in life. There can be so much to share and rejoice with.

Must say a good friend’s referral always counts, be it for anything in the world. At Bingo MagiX too, we do understand and honour the value of friendship. And, that is why we have an awesome “Refer a Friend” program for all our players.

To connect with this offer, you just need to invite your friends to join in for the crazy fun at Bingo MagiX. For doing this, you will receive a free £5 bingo bonus as soon as your friends confirm their deposit in the account. This is not all! Additionally, you can also claim a bonus equivalent to 100% of your friend’s first deposit. And, we are still not done yet! You can also claim 10% of all deposits made by your friend the first 60 days of registration. Therefore the more you refer the more bonuses you earn!

Well, if you are the little miss popular one in your circle, do not delay to pass on the word to everyone in the gang. Imagine the level of fun that you can get connected with when you are playing bingo along with your best buddies. Refer them all and also collect some good valued bonus prizes. Especially, with the warm weather upon us, whilst being busy with your outdoor parties and picnics – an addition of a bit of bingo entertainment can add more to your fun.

Nothing can be comparable to the joy of playing bingo with your pals, therefore refer today. To ease out things for you, please use the link mentioned below and send it to your friends.

Bingo MagiX Celebrates Easter with the Big Valued Cash

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Bingo MagiX Celebrates Easter with the Big Valued Cash It’s been a while that we have stepped into the bright and sunny season that already we can hear the jingle of the festive bells. And, without wasting even a second, Bingo MagiX ensured to keep all the festive treats ready for all its players

This online bingo site is accredited with the fame of offering its players some seriously good winnings via its jackpot specials. There are tons up for grabs for this month too. The Easter Wonderland Jackpots is a happening one amongst the big lot of specials. You can make it to an incredible winning up to £11,000. To get lucky for the cash, ensure to join in for the daily, weekly and the monthly specials. In the daily jackpot fun, you can get lucky to win yourself cash worth £250 at 11PM. Connecting in for the weekly fun, there is cash up to £500 to take away every Monday in the games happening at 9PM. And, finally there is the big game scheduled for 30th April at 10PM with an exhaustive cash prize worth £1500 up for grabs. To fix in your luck for the fun as soon as possible, get a hold of your bingo tickets. The tickets are already on sale at Bingo MagiX via the pre-buy option and collecting them in advance will also let you bag free tickets as well. A single ticket for the daily jackpot is priced for a 50p, £1 per ticket for weekly jackpot and £2 for bumper jackpot.

Bingo MagiX also gives you the option to collect free tickets for the games. For every £10 deposit, players can claim 10 free tickets for the daily jackpot, 5 free tickets for the weekly jackpot and 2 free tickets for the bumper jackpot. Now with no delays, players must take a quick rush in to the rooms of Bingo MagiX as early as possible. Additionally, there is cash up to £1000 to win on a daily basis. Every day in the hours between 10AM and 10PM there is cash worth £1,000 up for grabs with £100 guaranteed to take away. Plus if you are busy to log in every day for the fun, fix up your bingo tickets via the pre-buy option. Day on day the fun seems to get even more magical. Join in for this fabulous bingo world – Bingo MagiX today!

Twilight Brides for Guinness Pride

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

My friend Ellie is getting married and she was going on grumbling about how she just couldn’t find a good wedding dress. The excuse she found that was of the Guinness Record attempt by HMV over the weekend that ruined her shopping plan. I have no idea if this has anything to do with her not able to find a good wedding dress (God knows she’s picky) but here goes. The news was that HMV is releasing the DVD of Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 1, in Oxford Street.

So what’s the connection between wedding dresses and this show you ask? I say have some patience and keep reading! The catch of this event is that they are trying to set the world record for the longest chain of brides in one location. Considering how popular Twilight is with girls, the bride frenzy could have just take things out of hand. I mean every Twilight fan in the country (especially around Oxford Street) would be at the event dressed up as a bride. Although I still cannot believe this is the reason why Ellie could not find her wedding dress, I think this reason is much better than some of the others I’ve had to hear (rain, weight gain, shop closures so on and so forth).

I heard the gathering at the event was pretty good and even saw some pictures but no confirmation on whether the attempt was successful or not. For the rare few who do not follow the Twilight saga, Bella is getting married to Edward (I think) in the new Breaking Dawn movie and that is the theme behind this whole bride-Guinness record thing. I would have loved to have taken part in the event but I was away for the weekend. The pics really do seem like a lot of fun- I mean endless stretch of brides one after the other. The advertisement for this event had offered attendees an opportunity to buy the DVD and get a sneak preview of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. It even mentioned that homemade veils are accepted for setting up the record and I was just wondering how many brides actually did come in homemade veils (must have stayed out of picture frames). Anyways since the event is over, we are going shopping. Hoping the stores would be stocked with at least a few good dresses this weekend!