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Bingo MagiX Rewards all Players with an Easter Redeposit Bonus

Friday, April 18th, 2014

Bingo MagiX Rewards its Players with an Easter Redeposit Bonus The Easter celebration is certainly at its full spirits everywhere.

And, whilst our players are busy with their festive plans, even we at Bingo MagiX have not missed on rewarding our players with some out of the ordinary bingo treats.

We’ve got an interesting Easter bonus for all our players. According to this offer, players can claim an extra 100% redeposit bonus for a minimum deposit of £10.

This bonus is offered exclusive to the regular redeposit bonus of 150%. That means, on making a minimum deposit of £10, you can claim a redeposit bonus up to £35. To avail the bonus, players need to use the bonus code: EASTER after depositing a minimum of £10. Also, we are giving our players the opportunity to enjoy this bonus on any day in a time frame of four days (18th to 21st April). So, for those who are busy for Good Friday and Easter, must ensure to collect them on any of the promotional offer days. Do not miss out on this!

Additionally, Bingo MagiX has a special offer plugged in to their welcome package as well. As we all know, the fun at this bingo site begins with the £15 no deposit bingo bonus. And, ahead to it is a whopping value of Welcome Bonus up to 900% bifurcated for the first 3 deposits made across this bingo site. Well, currently making your first deposit, you can claim 300% Welcome Bonus and also a £10 cash voucher. This cash voucher can be even used for your next deposit at Bingo MagiX. Therefore, players who aren’t a member of Bingo MagiX yet – the time is right to become a member of this magical online bingo site. Amidst all these fabulous bonus deals, players also have the opportunity to indulge in for interesting promotional offers stacked across the bingo rooms. To explore the fun, move on today!

Get out all you scardey cats, its just a date!

Friday, April 13th, 2012

Another Friday the Thirteenth is here. I personally do not believe that any particular day of the year can bring you bad luck and if bad luck is on its way, then there ain’t a thing in the world that’ll prevent it from breaking into your home and finding you even if you are hiding in the closet. I don’t mean to sound so negative but hey, it’s my blog. So my point is that just because Friday comes on the thirteenth of a month doesn’t mean you have to panic right? If you are one of those in the superstitious lot, I got bad news for you. This is only the first of the three Friday the thirteenth this year.

Nobody actually knows why this is the most dreaded year of the calendar but it seems the day gets to everyone. People scared of Friday the thirteenth even have a name for their phobia-Friggatriskaidekaphobia and if that wasn’t enough they came up with another one recently, Paraskevidekatriaphobia. Try saying any of those aloud a quick five times and I promise facing the fear would seem much better. But I don’t think Friday the thirteenth is all that bad. There have been few good things that have happened on this day in the past. As this is not a very common day, the list might not be long but it is there nonetheless. I’ll name out a few so you’ll feel better going out tonight. Friday the thirteenth saw The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers forming in New York City and First Woman Flight Instructor in the history of world aviation was licensed on the same date. And the big one of course, the opening ceremony of historic 2004 Olympics in Athens was held on a Friday the thirteenth. The event went by without any trace of bad luck whatsoever.

So is all this irrational fear nonsense? I’ll give you something to think about. A study in 1993 held on the same subject proved that the risk of hospital admission as a result of meeting with a traffic accident on this day was up by 52 percent. This could be because people generally tend to get extra panicky on this date which affects their driving. But the way I see it,  with more people getting scared and staying home, you could very well have less traffic out on the roads tonight. So I say enjoy your night out! For all the Friggatriskaidekaphobics and everyone else out there, I wish you a very special Happy Friday the Thirteenth!