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Friendship pays a lot at Bingo MagiX

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Friendship pays a lot at Bingo MagiXThe power of words is truly incredible! Especially when the words are shared between the most trusted friends, you know how much that matters.

Like the other day, my best pal told me about this new salon in town and the very next day I was there after her recommendation. And believe me I got a fabulous makeover and that too with some attractive discounts. Having good friends is a big bliss in life. There can be so much to share and rejoice with.

Must say a good friend’s referral always counts, be it for anything in the world. At Bingo MagiX too, we do understand and honour the value of friendship. And, that is why we have an awesome “Refer a Friend” program for all our players.

To connect with this offer, you just need to invite your friends to join in for the crazy fun at Bingo MagiX. For doing this, you will receive a free £5 bingo bonus as soon as your friends confirm their deposit in the account. This is not all! Additionally, you can also claim a bonus equivalent to 100% of your friend’s first deposit. And, we are still not done yet! You can also claim 10% of all deposits made by your friend the first 60 days of registration. Therefore the more you refer the more bonuses you earn!

Well, if you are the little miss popular one in your circle, do not delay to pass on the word to everyone in the gang. Imagine the level of fun that you can get connected with when you are playing bingo along with your best buddies. Refer them all and also collect some good valued bonus prizes. Especially, with the warm weather upon us, whilst being busy with your outdoor parties and picnics – an addition of a bit of bingo entertainment can add more to your fun.

Nothing can be comparable to the joy of playing bingo with your pals, therefore refer today. To ease out things for you, please use the link mentioned below and send it to your friends.

Friendship pays a lot in the World of Online Bingo

Friday, March 28th, 2014

Friendship pays a lot in the World of Online BingoThe bingo industry apart from being an excellent zone of online gaming has also proven itself as interesting social platform too. The existence of chat rooms has facilitated the option of networking and interaction with players spanned across the globe. Chat rooms presence has allowed players to network easily and smoothly with gamers spread out across the bingo rooms. Bingo games as we all know has always been referred as a social game and in the online form too, the games have not lost its vintage value. Technological advancements have certainly allowed the online gaming option to extend quite a tremendous growth rate in the online bingo industry.

Bingo specials like Team Bingo and Refer a Friend add to the option of strengthening your friendship bond. Perhaps the makers behind the online gaming scene had intended to add to the community base by offering such game specials.

Join in for these bingo specials and you can get lucky to take away some fabulous prizes. Bingo MagiX gives its players the option of joining in for team bingo games and taking away the fabulous load of prize giveaways. According to the game, you need to form a team of 3 to 4 players and play bingo games for a whole month. Teaming up with your players is indeed an exciting option as you get the opportunity to interact and communicate with players you might not know. Players are free to form their own teams or they might even take assistance from the site to choose a team for them. Every team’s bingo score will be noted and at the end of the month, the team making the highest score will be awarded with the prizes. Scores will be accounted in accordance with every player’s bingo score made during the month. So, any player who makes a bingo the score will be accredited to their respective teams. Such bingo specials assist in building the team spirit across the players enhancing the community base. The other one is the option of Refer a Friend where in players on referring their friends to the bingo site can earn a good load of bonus goodies.

In addition to the above specials, even the social media boom put forth by social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and much more have assisted bingo sites to increase the aspects of communication. Now, we need to sit back what more the future of online bingo has in store.

Strengthen your Friendship with your Pet Dog

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Strengthen your Friendship with your Pet DogThere is a long old saying that a dog is a man’s best friend. And, this statement probably every dog on earth has been able to live up to it. However, to ensure that your dog manages to become your best friend, there are certain things that even you need to work on. The major requirements are providing a good diet, a healthy regime and exercising daily. Training the dog with appropriate behaviors is also imperative to make your pet well behaved. Dogs generally have this instinct of chasing around, digging on the ground, running in herds and barking unnecessarily. And, it is the onus of the master to free their pets from such habits and learn to behave appropriately.

The first and foremost important thing in taking care of your pet requires patience, hard working and commitment. You have to work on improving the well being of your dog from all possible dimensions and providing it in the best possible manner. Like, if you are providing your dog with healthy food then you must ensure to give your pet proper exercise. Just like humans, exercise is of paramount importance to dogs also. Simply eating and not burning out the calories will not be a healthy regime for your dog. Exercising your pet everyday will help to keep your dog energetic and mentally alert. Exercises could be anything like a morning walk, jogs in the morning, running around in the yard and a lot more stuff you can add to the schedule. You can initiate a proper program accordingly for your pet. Also, you can plan out the program according to your dog breed fro exercises vary from breed to breed. Like, a dog that is prone to sickness cannot afford to do strenuous exercise.

Hygiene is also another important aspect of taking proper care of your dog. In fact, it is the most important of all! Good health and hygiene are connected to each other. In case of pets, you got to be extra careful about their health; else even you might be affected with it. Ensure to keep your dog absolutely clean by scrubbing and brushing it every single day. Also, the place of rest for your dog should be proper and clean. It should be clean, cozy, warm and quiet. The dog’s bed must be cleaned regularly. As this will ensure that your dog sleeps in a clean environment and free from fleas.

A balanced diet, regular exercising, clean & hygiene will automatically keep your dog in a good state of health and also in a healthy state of mind. This in turn will automatically strengthen your relationship with your pet. If you will take the onus of taking complete care of your pet, it’s obvious for your pet to consider the most important person in their life. So, in short by taking good care of your pet, you can strengthen your relationship to the core. Enjoy your friendship with your pet J

By- Angelica Campbell

Friendship is the Secret to a Romantic Relationship

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Friendship is the Secret to a Romantic RelationshipHere is a piece of interesting news for all. A new study states that a long lasting friendship is a secret to a romantic relationship. So, if you have been waiting to build a good bonding with your partner and have tried various options and things have not turned out to be successful. Well, here is a fantastic way to ignite your relationship in a simple and healthy way. Recent research states that valuing your friendship with your partner helps to strengthen your relationship by creating more commitment and bonding between the two.

In a relationship, if people try to emphasize more on satisfying one’s personal needs or desires then the relationship is less likely to succeed or develop a good bonding. To enhance the quality of your romantic relationship, it is very important to value the friendship aspect of your friendship. As per the lead author of this study, Laura VanderDrift of Purdue University Indiana has said that- “Romantic relationships are, at their core, friendships.” Giving more importance to the friendship component in a relationship is relative to any other components (like sex) to promote a positive relationship.

According to researchers, friendship is a characteristic of love and hence should be strengthened in any relationship. The team to report these findings had conducted two experiments. One was on 190 students who were indulged in a relationship from the past 18 months. The students had to fill questionnaires that aimed to assess the amount of investment they had put in a relationship. (This also included the different aspects of their relationship and future plans)

On being contacted four months later for being questioned with more on their relationship, 27% of the couples were not together. And, the ones who had scored highly were the ones who had been more particular about the friendship aspect of their relationship and even seemed to be content with their romantic commitment. Over the four months of their study, they saw the increase in a few of things like: partners who had put in more efforts in building a strong friendship were less likely to break up.

The next experiment studied about the relationships of 184 students who had been dating for 16 months on average. These couples were asked to rate the different aspects of relationship like companionship, self-improvement, sex, security and new experiences. The people rating companionship proved to score higher in their romantic and sexual fulfillment. And, the ones who targeted more on their personal needs could not score higher in their level of commitment in realty too. Therefore, if you are planning for a happy and a long lasting relationship with your partner- remember Friendship first.

By- Angelica Campbell