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Jump n Jive in the Big Wins at Bingo MagiX

Friday, September 26th, 2014
Jump n Jive in the Big Wins at Bingo MagiXDid you hear about the big fun happening at Bingo MagiX? Not yet, then hurry in! With every day passing, you are missing out on the fabulous bingo fun in store. We’ve got a big load of cash worth £21,000 to win in the bingo special known as Jump n Jive.

Every single day, you can make it to a cash winning worth £700. And, the fun of winning is rooted to the 80 ball bingo games. In every single game, you can make it to a winning worth £70. Catch up with 10 such games at the TOH everyday between 11AM and 8PM. Therefore in a day, it’s up to £70 to win. Ensure to jump and jive in the fun every single day! You might bingo this delectable value of cash worth £21,000. With no time to waste, rush in for this fun soon. Also, it’s a perfect time to win the big booty. Already we have moved into the month of September and that just means – soon the festive showers will be upon us. Our wallets are getting ready to be empty!

Therefore before they get empty, why not stack the big cash. Bingo MagiX is the perfect place to get it done alongside some good entertainment and games. Additionally, the site has another offering titled as Top of the Bingo. This bingo special is also associated with some valued winnings to take away. In accordance with this game special, irrespective of whether you win or lose, winning is a guarantee.

Every week, the top depositor, top wagerer and the top winner will each win receive an exclusive cash reward. The top depositor and the top wagerer will each take away cash worth £75. And, the top winner of the week will take away cash worth £50. Go ahead soon to deposit, play and win! To stack in your share of winning, move on to Bingo MagiX today – there is fun, games and magic!

An Awesome August of Gaming at Bingo MagiX

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

An Awesome August of Gaming at Bingo MagiX Welcome to an amazing August at Bingo MagiX! Are you ready for all the fun? For once you are at the bingo rooms, you just cannot back off from there. We’ve got some brilliant offerings for you to try out.

The, first and foremost you got to start off with is the daily log in bonus. Every day without a miss, you will receive free bingo bonus just for a simple log in. It’s called Playtime Beyond Primetime, where in for a daily log in you can claim free bonus. You just have to make a £10 deposit and enjoy the free bonus for the next 7 days. If you have not claimed your bonus yet, log in today and play bingo to the core.

Additionally, how about adding some Free Fun too? You can add loads of it to your bucket. There are 2 games to play every hour, round the clock. Just not games to play for free but there is a daily £150 bonus to win as well. Over the month, you can make it to a whopping winning of £4500 bonus. That is not all, you can even make it to the special jackpot cash worth £50. Go on soon and fix up your bingo tickets.

Inclusive to the above, you can even try out something exclusive in the promotion called Bingo Prize Podium. Indulge in this fun everyday, where in you can catch up with 5 special games. Games are scheduled in the hours – 11AM, 2PM, 5PM, 8PM and 11PM. Also, as you on you move ahead even the cash value increases. Over the month, you can make it to a winning worth £15400.

Also, with this fab weather upon us, why not try a few slot spins too? The rooms seem to look really hot with a vibrant section of slot games happening at Bingo MagiX. You just have to join in to spin your favourite slot games and reward yourself with a good value of cash. The top 10 wagerers can claim a share of cash from £1,000. To sum it all, there are numerous reasons Bingo MagiX is giving for you all to bask at the site.

So, join in for an awesome August – full of prizes, games and fun!

At 40, still look fabulous & have fun!

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Was returning from work on the underground when I happened to eavesdrop on a conversation between two women. Yeah, yeah, I know eavesdropping is just pathetic but I couldn’t help. Was an interesting conversation plus I had no other choice except read my boring book all over or listen to these two. The conversation was about this common friend who had put on a ton of weight once she hit 40 and these two were going on blabbering how it was their turns next. Being someone who closely follows nutrition, let me tell you ladies something, there is nothing wrong in hitting 40 and with the right diet and exercise you can in fact tone down and look even better than ever before. Let me give you a couple of tips for maintaining your figure and keeping that lively 20s look all through your 40s.

First of all, admit that you are 40. Yeah, seriously admitting that your body is 40 years old and that it is not what it used to be when you were 20 is the first step. When you reach 40, your lifestyle would have dramatically changed compared to previous years and if you keep eating like you were 20, you are obviously going to plump up. If you required 2000 calories a day when you were 20, you only need about 300 calories when you are 40. So that means lots of calories just waiting to be fat which brings me to my first point. Reduce calories! Try to reduce the calories that you intake during the course of the day. Include more fruits, vegetables and if you really really really have to snack, always go for non-fat snacks or better yet, snack on fruits.

Next comes stress. Contrary to common notion, stress cannot make you thinner but can actually get you fatter! Yeah, its true! Your 40s life would be full of stress with your kids, spouse, job, home making but amidst all of that you have to find time to reduce stress and take care of your body. Stress can make you crave food like never before which in turn becomes Stress Fat. Stress can also lead you on a road to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other ailments you don’t even want to know the names of. Just have some time to yourself and keep stress in check.

Finally Exercise. If you have been exercising and you just hit 40, exercise more. Just because you are older doesn’t mean you have to reduce your exercise regime and lay off. According to studies, a 40 year old woman should exercise for at least 45 minutes, six days a week. Cycling, walking, jogging all are fine options if you can find the time that is. Don’t think of turning 40 as going to war with your body. This just another phase and with a little bit of work, could be the most beautiful phase yet. Stay fit, stay beautiful.