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Posts Tagged ‘Goals’

Are you an Optimist?

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Are you an Optimist?In a brand New Year that we have stepped in to, what is the most important thing that most of you are focusing on? Most of you would have already fixed your New Year resolutions and working towards fulfilling it. And, by now some of you would have even forgotten their resolutions also. Is it that difficult to live up to your words? What is it that is makes you back off from your words! I think, maintain a positive attitude.

All of us experience various kinds of thoughts in our heads – positive and negative. Positive thoughts generate a positive reality. On the other hand, negative thinking leads to negative outcomes. Both these thinking modes are in a constant tug of war in our minds. Positive thinkers tend to deal with life confidently, looking on the brighter side of things – unlike negative thinkers who tend to look at things non-constructively. It is obvious that most of us prefer to keep the positive element plugged to our minds, keeping negativity away. But, it is really difficult to do so! On a daily basis, thousands of negative thoughts at least for a second do run in our minds. And, to escape from such situations, what need to train our minds to focus on good things rather than the bad ones. At times, we do not realize on certain things unless we have lost it. So, instead of waiting for things to disappear, why not enjoy it in the moment. Therefore to train your minds, so that you focus on the brighter side of things you need to cultivate a positive aspect towards life. The below mentioned are a few tips of developing a positive mindset:

  • The first and foremost is love yourself: No matter what you experience in your life. Never hate yourself. If you do not respect yourself – others will not. Love yourself! I know we tend to pull out fault in ourselves, but do not over do it. Instead learn to improve yourselves by learning, cultivate new friendships, appreciate good work and pursue worthwhile causes. Praise yourselves as much as you praise others. When you start feeling confident about yourself, automatically positive thoughts will flow in.
  • Be Realistic: Make sure you aim for things that are possible. Hoping for unattainable things is a waste of time and energy. It will only bring disappointment. After fixing a goal, ensure that you work towards it as well. Miracles do not happen. Like if you wish to lose weight, ensure that you take appropriate measures to achieve it as well. You cannot get slim overnight. Likewise, for other things as well.
  • Know yourself: There is no person in the world who can tell you who you really are. Realize your passions, like, wants and principles. Ensure to fix up some time every week for self reflection in solitude. Only, if you know yourself too well, can you reach out to your goals physically, emotionally and mentally.
  • Balance your Desires: The world we live in is a place of opposites. Like there are rich and poor people, love and hate, rich and dark, male and female. Well, that is how life is. Everything cannot be perfect with everyone. So, we need to balance out or desires. You might find people around you are richer, happier or living a better life that you. But, you should not aim to have what they have, instead wish for what you can have.

-       To be continued!

I can do it- Wish to achieve something, yes it’s Possible

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

I can do it- Wish to achieve something, yes it’s PossibleThe beginning of the year is the time, when all of us feel so optimistic about life. Even the people who are easily prone to negative feelings become so motivated with their goals and seem to be all powered up with hope and optimism. All of us have experienced this, as soon as a brand New Year starts we seem to be very positive about life with our hearts filled with hope, irrespective of the stress and pain that we have undergone in the past. Well, that is the reason probably we make New Year resolutions. Whether we make a list of it by writing it down in a piece of paper or simply follow our mind by trying to accomplish new things or discarding off the old habits, the main idea behind all this is to make our lives better. However, unfortunately we tend to falter as we move on. Well, I think it happens with most of us.

“What is the difference between an obstacle and opportunity? Our attitude toward it. Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty has an opportunity.” -

J. Sidlow Baxter

What is the reason that at times we tend to falter mid-way before reaching out to our goals? Is it the lack of belief or self assurance that stops us from moving on? Well, I feel it is the lack of motivation.

What is motivation? The dictionary defines motivation as a psychological phenomenon that creates willingness amongst employees to perform in their best of abilities. It is the process of stimulating people to accomplish their goals. Motivation is what causes us to act and that could be even the simplest things to also, may be when we are thirsty and we want a glass of water or read a book to gain knowledge.

We all are aware that motivation leads to goal attainment and despite this knowledge, at times it is not easy for us to stay motivated day in and day out and that makes it difficult to reach to our goals. People who have trained their minds and can aspire to be motivated at all times have indeed achieved a lot. Here are a few steps that can actually help you stay focused towards your goals.

Take a small start: Do not make a big list of things to accomplish it all in one go. Like, if you make a list saying- lose 10 kilos, become a vegetarian, read a particular book, cut down on shopping and some more. With such a list there are chances that you might falter from fulfilling it all.

Introspect the Goal: You need to examine your goal well, before you make a move to accomplish it. If your goals are not though properly then there is a chance that attaining them might not be possible. Like, if you see a model wearing a particular dress on the front page of a magazine or maybe you wish to have long hair like that model, then it is likely that you might not stick to it. You really need to sit down and think over your goals as actually what do you want. A goal should be something that actually makes a big difference in your life and should not be things that you fancy.

Publicly announce your goals: If you tell your mates about the goals that you are aiming for and when you really do not achieve it all, they well certainly strip you with words publicly. Although Facebook is for fun, however someone posting on your wall about the number of drinks you took previous night, sometimes does give a terrible feeling- right? If you really wish to stick to your goals, make a public announcement so that in case if your motivation falters at least public humiliation can get you back on track.

Well, I’m not sure about your, however I certainly feel motivated about it all. And, a fantastic New Year has already begun, so why wait any longer, jot down all that you want and go on for it. At any point of time, if you feel tempted, just tell yourself- you are going to love whatever you get at the end of this practice. Just concentrate on the benefits, remove the negative thoughts and appreciate yourself for the small successes that you get.

By- Angelica Campbell