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Facebook may fuel online bingo gaming in remote areas

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Facebook may fuel online bingo gaming in remote areasBingo games certainly claim their existence back to ages, however the internet breakthrough managed to take the industry to greater heights. A good reason to hang out with the fun of bingo play is playing it online from one’s comfort zone. Just with a computer and an internet connection, it is easy to get started playing bingo games anytime, anywhere. By all means, the games reflected its impressive side only via the internet gaming option.

Internet has proved to be the change agent for the growth of the online gaming industry; it has been a prime source for the penetration of online bingo in specific. To think that bingo has achieved its potential is natural, but with availability of internet in remote places, this game may see more people joining in.

As per a recent article in the UK’s Guardian revealed Facebook’s plans of expanding broadband coverage to the world’s most remote locations.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive has unveiled his plans to beam the broadband connections from the skies with the help of unmanned high altitude aircrafts, satellites and laser beams. He has purchased a Somerset based designer of solar powered drones worth $20m (£12M) that would help to connect the world’s most remote locations to the internet.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Ascenta consultancy will join in for Facebook’s not-for-profit venture that is teamed in with a group of scientists and engineers who have previously worked for Nasa and US National Optical Astronomy Observatory.

The aim is to connect billions of people who currently do not have access to internet. When it is all about race in the clouds, Google is already ahead of the curve. With the help of high altitude vehicles, Google intends to establish an uninterrupted internet signal around the 40th parallel of the Earth’s southern hemisphere.

Well, what this could do for the online bingo industry or the social media industry is something absolutely enormous. Online bingo gaming can be accessible to places where there were no signs of internet.

Opening of internet in such areas will be a doorway for international multimedia, communications and business purposes too. In such a scenario, online bingo will also take a front seat. As soon as this concept is implemented online bingo games will be accessible in areas around the world that none had expected, it could open up numerous opportunities for all.

A recent report stated that 75% of Europe has access to the internet in 2013, when this option comes up, 25% will join too.

The current trend in gaming is mobile bingo and smart phones have become omnipresent gadgets with one in every five owning a smart phone. This, coupled with internet accessibility, is certain to revolutionize socializing around the world and that will further enhance the growth and popularity of online bingo gaming too. There is more to come!