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Posts Tagged ‘Halloween’

Bunch of Halloween Surprises at Bingo MagiX

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Bunch of Halloween Surprises at Bingo MagiX Just some more time to go and all of us can break off our Halloween surprises – food, costumes, decorations and much more. At Bingo MagiX too we await with baited breath for the Halloween day. A simple log in at the bingo rooms depicts the level of the fun and fiesta stacked at the bingo rooms.

Whilst you wait for the day, why not indulge in for loads of Halloween specials. First get started with your favourite slot games and bulk in loads of cash. You just need to make a deposit and claim up to 30% cash back. The next big fun in the list is the Scary Tree House. The fun is fitted in with the 75 ball bingo fun. You just have to step in for the fun at the 75 ball room to collect the special Halloween patterns and win bonus up to £100. The Halloween patterns to make are Explosion, Cornered, Hangman and Blackout. Just play any 2 special pattern games every hour. Collect the patterns and race to the top and win loads of good valued bonus.

Adding to the above, indulge in the fun of the bingo special – Jumping Halloween Jamboree and win anything between £5 and £500. Play 1 game every Top of the Hour from 1PM till 11PM. In all, you can indulge in the fun of 11 games. Inclusive to this, you also have the chance to double your winnings every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You just have to call bingo on the special pattern Pumpkin and you may double your winnings in bonus. Now that sounds quite a lot to bulk into your account. So, whilst you wait for the Halloween day, join in for some good spooktacular sprees at Bingo MagiX.

Bingo MagiX gets Spooky for Halloween

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Bingo MagiX gets Spooky for HalloweenCan anyone honestly say that they do not like the festive fun? Hardly there would be anyone who can say that! In fact we at Bingo MagiX are more than excited in indulging in these festive sprees. We love the chillness in the air that hints us that Winter is on its way and soon we can dress up in our fashionable winter wear. And topping it all, there is a big list of festive sprees – Halloween, Christmas and New Year lined up. The fun follows one after the other! Also to sizzle the fun even more, get ready for some good Halloween action at Bingo MagiX. Play a good load of guaranteed jackpot games and win yourself a good amount of cash.

There are 3 variants of bingo jackpots. One is the 75 ball Daily Deadly Jackpots happening everyday at 11PM with cash worth £250 to take away. Next is the 80 ball Weekly Wicked Jackpots that takes place every Monday at 9 PM. You can pool in cash worth £500 in the weekly fiesta. And, finally the most important one known as the 90 Bumper Halloween Jackpots scheduled for 31st October. Playing the games, you can bulk in a whopping value of cash worth £1500. You can also avail free tickets for the games by abiding by the deposit requirements.

Additionally, you can also catch up with a good load of spooky pot games on a daily basis. There are games worth £75 to play every day. Check out the schedule of the games at the site. Log in to Bingo MagiX today, if you have not yet. Just for a simple daily log in, you can claim £1 bonus for free. That means over the month, you can claim £31 free bonus. Sounds amazing right! Rush in as we at Bingo MagiX await to welcome you in for the big excitement to celebrate the festive sprees to full core.