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Posts Tagged ‘Hobby’

Inexpensive Summer Hobbies You Can Pursue

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

The summer just gets to everyone.

After a while I know most of you ladies will be bored out of your mind so I’ve compiled a list of summer hobbies that’ll keep you occupied and lively all through this season. A friendly warning, some of these would require you to actually get out off the couch and go outside. If you are a couch potato to the core, no worries I’ve got some that won’t require you to even move an inch. So without further a due, let me present some of the best inexpensive hobbies you can pursue this summer.

Now, before you pick a hobby, ask yourself are you an outdoor or an indoor person? Either way, I have tried to include as many options as I possibly could so go nuts. So let’s start with the outdoors ones shall we? First my favourite-hiking. I love going into the wilderness and taking in all the fresh air. Start off your day with a little hiking and I promise you’d want to go out every morning. If hiking is a bit too much for you, go jogging. A little walk down the beach or the park perhaps? Its a great way to get in shape and also meet new people. If you have group of friends, let them join you.

Here are some more ideas camping, hosting BBQ’s, fishing, biking, swimming, bird watching, stargazing, gardening, aircraft spotting and one that is catching on really fast; metal detecting. Buy a good magnet, fix it at the end of a walking stick and start off on your adventure. There’s a whole world out there ready to be magnetised by your charm. You’ll be amazed to find out what all stuck to your magnet at the end of the day.

Now for those indoorsy ladies. Learn a new craft this summer. Stitching, beading, calligraphy, song writing, toy making, baking, painting, blogging and embroidery are fine options. If you have the change to spare, buy yourself a good digital camera and get into photography. This is like a crossover hobby which works indoors as well as outdoors. Take a great picture outside and then edit it indoors! There are too many hobbies in my head right now but I’ve only named the inexpensive ones. If none of these sound interesting, how about redecorating your home? That’ll keep you busy all summer and may be even longer. You can try even all of these and see which one is most fun and stick with it. Whichever hobby you do pick, have fun and make this summer count!

An unthinkable thinning alibi-Chocolate

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Everyone wants to stay thin and the desire is almost infectious. Don’t you start off lying that there hasn’t been a single moment in time when you saw someone on the street thinner and you didn’t even have the guts to take a look at yourself… No need to frown, it has happened to everyone. Do you feel guilty every time you reach out for that candy bar? Do you make a sad face when you go past the window of a bakery sending out sweet chocolate truffle cake aroma? Let out a scream, because do we have the news for you! A new study has shown that regular chocolate eaters are thinner than those who do not! Yup, it’s true. The study was conducted by Beatrice Golomb, a professor at the University of California and she even has statistics to backup her claim.

The findings will be published in the Internal Medicine so if you want, you can get yourself one of those and see all the facts for yourself. The new hypothesis put forth is that regular chocolate consumption is calorie neutral or helps the body better metabolize food intake. In other words, eating modest amounts of chocolate regularly leads to reduced deposition of fat which in turn makes you look thin. Talk about throwing out your whole belief system right?

Now before you get all judgemental and paranoid about the whole idea, know this too. The results were found out after careful examination of information provided by 1000 adult men and women so I think its a safe bet! A hundred, two hundred or may be even 500 could be wrong but when you see results with a 1000 people involved, there has to be something right, right? Note that those who did eat regular chocolate did not eat fewer calories nor did any special exercise. These people were just plain thin and that’s it! I know your eyes are gleaming and your hands are itching to get that fork out. But ladies, remember the study still says ‘In Moderation’ not gulping down two boxes of dark chocolate candy before sleeping off!