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Posts Tagged ‘Holiday’

Ways To Cut Down Summer Holiday Expenses

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Summer’s here and what’s a summer without holidaying with your loved ones right?

Unfortunately holidaying with your family or friends can be a costly affair. With so many people travelling around this summer, you are going to need all the help you can get to bring holiday costs down. I’m listing some tips that can help you bring down your holiday expenses.

First thing you need to be sure of is your holiday budget and this budget should not be flexible. If you have a flexible budget, it is likely that you would overspend and end up broke at the end of your holiday. After you decide on your budget, make a list of extra fees and miscellaneous charges that might come up. If you are travelling abroad, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to familiarise yourself with current exchange rates.

Next, always go for tour packages. Instead of just packing up and starting on your holiday, contact travel agents to check on various tour packages. Always prefer tour packages that have meals included because it will drastically cut down expenses. Some resorts or holiday inns even giveaway free stay for kids-something to keep in mind if you are travelling with your family. Most of these tour packages can be found online and if you are into social networking, you can check with fellow networkers in the area where you intend to visit and ask for recommendations on cheaper accommodation.

If you have family/ friends staying at your holiday destination, it would be a real saver if you can stay with them. The single biggest cost involved in a holiday comes from renting accommodation and if that is taken care of, you have the majority of your budget free for other fun activities. When travelling also remember to stock up on food items. Food costs vary from place to place and in the summer tourist rush, common tourist hot-spots tend to charge more for food.

Finally be flexible in your approach. In case your favourite tourist spot is booked full, instead of driving right into the mayhem, pick somewhere quieter and your holiday would be much more worthwhile. That’s it for now, happy holidaying everyone.