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Posts Tagged ‘Home’

Relax and Bond with your Friends in a Spa Party

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Relax and Bond with your Friends in a Spa PartyMeeting up with friends is a common activity that most of us indulge in. Most of the time, it’s either coffee, dinner or may be in the pub. After a long week of busy schedule, we all wish to rejuvenate ourselves with something interesting and nice. How about the option of lying down a couch and enjoying some really good beauty rituals? May be, you can invite some of your best buddies to your place and plan up a small spa party. It would be really great fun enjoying the pampering massage session that would leave every muscle of your body absolutely rejuvenated. And, at the same time you could be talking out all that you had been wanting to from the past whole week.

Few tips whilst planning to Host a home spa party:

The first obvious thing is set a schedule so that accordingly you can ask all your friends to come over. Also, ask them to carry some good munchies that would contribute to your spa party. Fix it with the salon professionals so that they can come over to give the sessions.

Choose a secluded room in your house for the party and create the right ambience. In case, if you stay in a large apartment then you can use the living room as a venue for the party. Shift the furniture to another room so as to create more space, arrange scented candles, soft music and dim lights, and the party venue is all set to start. If possible, you can even arrange a relaxing tabletop fountain to set the mood.

Purchase home facial masks. You can even whip up your own, depending upon the time you have. You can even buy some handmade soaps made from natural ingredients that can be used to cleanse the face first and ahead to this, the masks can be applied.

You can create a small manicure and pedicure station as well. Ensure to lit up this area well, so that you can check out the different shades of nail polish and leave your toes all pampered. You can ask your friends to get the shades they have, as this will give a lot of options for all.

Ask your friends to get the samples of beauty products they have so all can experiment on the same. Each one will have a different one and this will give all various options to try. Other stuff also, you can ask them to carry especially if they have any new cosmetics sample as well like, lipsticks, soaps, lotions and other cosmetics as well.

Ensure to arrange some good snacks and drinks. After all that beautifying and relaxation time, it is bound for all to get hungry, so you need to arrange a bit of light snacks and drinks that you can have whilsy you chat.

It is one of the fantastic ways to bond with your friends whilst enjoy relaxing and soothing your body as well.

By – Angelica Campbell

Get More For Your Home

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Selling your home like anything else is an art and if you are not good at it, you won’t get the profit you are looking for. I’ve had many people complaining that they were really disappointed with their listing response so I’ve compiled a checklist that will be helpful if you are selling your home this summer. Without wasting much time, let’s get right into it.

First, price your home just right. Enquire how much the real estate market in your neighbourhood is worth and then set a price. Never set a price by yourself as it might be too high or too low. A couple of calls using the local listings can help you save a lot of time when negotiating with potential buyers. Next, brokers. Lot of people out there really don’t like involving brokers when they are selling their home but that is again a big mistake. Ask around for some good brokers and list your home with some of the best. Chances are that your broker will have a lot more contacts and they will be able to fetch you a great price even after paying off their commission.

Next comes the most important ‘four month’ rule. If your house has been listed for four months with no takers, take it off the list. Buyers specifically look for such houses to ensure that they get to haggle and reduce the price as much as possible. Taking off your listing after four months and then relisting it again after couple of months will get you new buyers and better profits.

If you do have some potential buyers, before they come see the place make sure it is clean and looks inviting. Most buyers decide the moment they first see the house so keeping it clean or may be even giving your home a fresh coat of paint will help you get through the sale quickly. Also remember to remove all unwanted belongings from different rooms so that new buyers can picture themselves living with their stuff. Trust me, this works. And also make sure there are no odours or pests within the house. If you have decided to sell off your home, go by this list and I’m sure you’ll strike a deal after a few buyers see your place.