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How to use Bingo Bonuses Appropriately?

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

How to use Bingo Bonuses Appropriately?Bingo bonuses are the most important ingredient of every online bingo site. Every player’s journey at an online bingo site begins with their greetings to the bingo bonuses showered on them. As a new player everyone is entitled to enjoy sign up bonus and Welcome Bonus offers. In fact these offers are truly an excellent option offered by bingo sites to get started with the bingo fun.

Ahead to these bonus offers there are numerous other options of earning bingo bonus rewards. Bingo bonuses are classified under the following categories:

  • Sign up (No deposit bonus) and Welcome Bonuses: The no deposit bonus is the bonus offered to players even without making a deposit. This bonus is offered soon after registration. On the other hand, Welcome Bonus is offered only after the player makes their first deposit. At Bingo MagiX we offer a first deposit bonus of 300% matched to each of the initial 3 deposits.
  • Promotional Bonuses: Additionally, this concept of free bingo bonuses is extended to promotional offers as well. It is common to find free bingo bonuses offered in the bingo promotions across bingo sites. Also like bingo bonus there is cash back bonuses offered by bingo sites.
  • Inclusive to the above, there are bonuses offered in chat games as well known as chat game bonuses.

Now the question is how to use the bingo bonuses intelligently?

Yes, it is very important to use bingo bonuses appropriately. The free bingo bonuses are a very important asset for all players and one must not just waste it unnecessarily. Experienced bingo players will know it well how to use the bonuses, it is the new players who have to be very careful about using their stack of free bingo bonuses. Here are a few tips to use free bingo bonuses wisely:

Tip 1: The most important step is not to use the sign up bonus immediately. A common mistake that most of us make is using the free bonuses too quickly. It is suggested to do so only if you are a vintage and a good player. As new players, one should first blend their gaming skills well before finishing the stock of free bonus. Do not spend it one go, but explore around the site and bingo rooms before finishing up the entire bonus.

Tip 2: Make the first deposit count – The Welcome Bonus offered is a onetime offer, thus players should ensure to utilize this bonus in a perfect manner and enjoy every ounce of the bonus goodies. Like at Bingo MagiX, the site offers a 300% Welcome Bonus matched for each of the first 3 deposits made at the site. Therefore in such a scenario, players must make their deposit accordingly so that they can avail the maximum value of bonus in the first go itself. This will let players stack in loads of free bingo bonuses and that further increases the options of playing and winning as well.

Tip 3: Learn to play bingo well: As long as you have these free bonuses, hone your gaming skills. It is easier to pick up the skills of bingo gaming with the free bonuses stacked in your account rather than spending on the bingo play.

Tip 4: Look out for cash back bonuses: Bingo MagiX gives the option of claiming cash bonus/bingo bonus for first deposit. This offer is not available across all bingo sites. Choosing to opt cash bonus will let you play bingo on slot games as well. Also, on fulfilling certain wagering requirements can allow you to withdraw the cash bonus.

Tip 5: Participate in for the chat games to earn free bonus prizes. It is fun to be a part of these games also the opportunity to load in lots of bonuses.

Thus, we can conclude on this fact that bingo bonuses are an important asset and utilizing it accordingly can add to player entertainment. Therefore use it wisely!!!